1999 Proceedings – 24th Biennial Conference

Held in Charleston, SC
July 11-16, 1999

Monday, July 12

Plenary Lecture: Electric Arc Growth and Physical Properties of Bundles of Single Walled Nanotubes

Peter C. Eklund, University of Kentucky, USA

Session BO1 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Morphology and Porous Structure

(Jim Olivier, Chair)

Agglomeration of Solid Particulates

S. Sigrist, J. Lahaye, and R. Jullien

Adsorption Properties and Pore Structure of Carbon Aerogel

Y. Hanzawa, H. Hatori, N. Yoshizawa, and Y. Yamada

Modification of the Pore Structure of Carbon Aerogels and Xerogels for Energy Storage

J. A. Ritter, B. J. Zanto, C. E. Holland, and B. N. Popov

Magnetic Properties and Porosity of Novel Porous Carbons

K. Kaneko, Y. Higaonna, H. Nishikawa, and Y. Hanzawa

Morphology of Carbons Deduced From Physisorption Isotherms: I. Nuclear Grade Graphite

B. L. Fuller, Jr.

Morphology of Carbons Deduced From Physisorption Isotherms: II. Activated Carbons

B. L. Fuller, Jr.

Session BO2 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Surface Physics and Chemistry

(Jim Ritter, Chair)

Adsorbed States of Supercritical Xe in Carbon Micropores With Cluster Analysis

M. Aoshima, T. Suzuki, K. Kaneko

Heat of Adsorption of Toluene on Ambersorb 563

P. J. Reucroft and D. Rivin

VOC Adsorption-Desorption Cycle With Activated Carbon Cloth: Regeneration by Joule Effect

A. Subrenat, P. Le Cloirec, and B. Subrenat

Application of Solid State NMR Techniques to Studies of Adsorption Processes on Activated Carbon

P. R. Norman, R. K. Harris, J. A. Shaw, and T. V. Thompson

Inverse Gas Chromatographic Approach of Adsorbents Obtained by Chemical Treatment

L. Cossarutto (S), T. Zimny, and J. V. Weber

Determination of Dependencies Between the Net Retention Volumes and Parameters Characterizing the Adsorbent Properties

H. Grajek

Session BO3 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Adsorption Kinetics

(Neville Pinto, Chair)

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Water Uptake and Release by Carbon Adsorbents

A. J. Groszek

Adsorption of Gases on a Carbon Molecular Sieve Used for Air Separation: Linear Adsorptives as Probes for Kinetic Selectivity

C. R. Reid and K. M. Thomas

Sorption on a Microporous Carbon Measured With the Novel Technique TEOM

M.J.G. Linders, L.J.P. van den Broeke, J.J.G.M. van Bokhoven, F. Kapteijn, and J.A. Moulijn

A Study on the Preparation of Carbon Molecular Sieves by Chemical Vapor Deposition

C. G. de Salazar, A. Sepúlveda-Escribano, and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

Kinetics of n-Octane Vapor Adsorption and Desorption on an Activated Carbon

A. J. Fletcher (S) and K. M. Thomas

Session DO1 - Carbon Fiber Composites: Processing of Carbon Composites

(Maurice Wright, Chair)

Isothermal CVI of Carbon: Side Reaction Limitation of Production Infiltration Rates

J. G. Pruett and S. Awasthi

Carbon/Carbon Composites With Pyrolytic Carbon Coated Carbon Fibres

O. P. Bahl, R. B. Mathur, T. L. Dhami, H. Dwivedi, R. K. Seth, and M. Monthioux

Single-Step Processing of Pitch-Based Carbon-Carbon Composites

T. Ferguson, C. Lin, D. D. Edie, A. A. Ogale, S. Manocha, and L. M. Manocha

Control of Thermal Properties of C/C Composites by Optimisation of Structure

S. P. Appleyard, E. Zhang, B. Rand, H. Q. Ly, and R. Taylor

Low-Cost C/C Composites

W. Kowbel and J. Withers

Gasphase Impregnation by the Pyrocarbon of Porous Mediums by Methods of a Radially Driven Pyrolysis Zone

V. F. Zelensky, V. A. Gurin, and I. V. Gurin

Session DO2 - Carbon Fiber Composites: Properties of C/C Composites

(Jim Zimmer, Chair)

Stabilization of Mesophase-Matrix Composites at Oxidation Temperatures Below 270°C

B. Fathollahi and J.L. White

Thermal Diffusivity Mapping of Carbons Using Photo-Thermal Technique

K. M. Teo and K. Lafdi

Structural Studies of Chemical Vapor Infiltrated Pyrolytic Carbon

B. Reznik, D. Gerthsen, K. J. Hüttinger

Surface Treatments for Improving the Properties of Vapor-Grown Carbon Fiber/Polypropylene Composites

G. G. Tibbetts, J. C. Finegan, D. G. Glasgow, J-M Ting, and M. L. Lake

The Fracture Features of 2-D C/C Composites

H-J Li, S-P Wu, and X-H Hou

The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 3D Carbon/Carbon Composites Prepared by Rapid CVD

R. Luo

Session DO3 - Carbon Fiber Composites: Oxidation Protection of C/C Composites

(Gary Pruett, Chair)

Oxidation Study of Carbon-Carbon Composites for Accelerated Lifetime Testing

I. Golecki, L. Xue, D. M. Dewar, A. F. Anderson, C. K. Duncan, J. van Horik, K. Eubank, and T. Walker

Carbon Fiber Composites with Ceramic Added Carbon Matrix Through Sol-Gel Route

L. M. Manocha, S. Manocha, A. M. Patel, Y. Tanabe, and E. Yasuda

Thermal Stability of Carbon-Carbon Composites Filled With Molybdenum Disilicide

S. J. Park, M. S. Cho, J. R. Lee, and P. K. Pak

One Step Oxidation Resistant C/C Composites

W. Kowbel, J. C. Withers, and K. Bowman

The Mechanical Properties of C/C Composites as Related to its Resistance to High Temperature Erosion

H. Weisshaus, Y. Haimovitch, and I. Engelberg

Session GO1 - Fullerenes and Nanotubes: Carbon Nanotube Growth: Models and Experiment

(Gary Tibbetts, Chair)

Formation Mechanisms for Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

J. G. Lavin, P. L. Gai, E. D. Boyes, and S. Subramoney

Continuous Production of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes

A. M. Rao, R. Andrews, D. Jacques, S. Villian, F. Derbyshire, D. Qian, X. Fan, and E. C. Dickey

Nanotube Synthesis Using Hydrocarbon Precursors and Induction-Coupled Plasma Technology

J. W. Hager, R. Knight, R. R. Guddeti, E. D. Grossmann, and K. Lafdi

The Molar Fraction of Carbon Nanotubes in Soot

T. Tachibana, U. D. Venkateswaran, S. Fang and P. C. Ekiund

X-Ray Diffraction Studies on Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes

S. Cui, C. Z. Lu, Y. L. Tian, Y. L. Qiao, L Cui, X. Z. Qi and H. M. Kang

The Effect of Sulfur on the Synthesis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Electic Arc Method

C. Liu, H. T. Cong, Y. L. Wei, G. Su, and H. M. Cheng

Session GO2 - Fullerenes and Nanotubes: Physical Properties of Nanotubes and Nanotube Arrays

(Peter Eklund, Chair)

Porosity of Carbon Nanotubes

M. Jagtoyen, F. Derbyshire, J. Pardue, and T. Rantell

Experimental Measurements of Nitrogen Adsorption in Carbon Nanotubes

E. Alain, B. McEnaney, and T. J. Mays

Computer Simulations of Nitrogen Adsorption in Carbon Nanotube Arrays

Y. F. Yin, T. Mays, and B. McEnaney

Nanocapillarity: Wetting of Carbon Nanotubes

A. V. Neimark

Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Under High Hydrogen Pressure

S. N. Klyamkin, K. Metenier, D. E. Sklovsky, S. Bonnamy, and F. Béguin

Uniaxial Stress Effects for Single- and Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

A. Charlier, E. McRae, R. Heyd, and M.-F. Charlier

Session GO3 - Fullerenes and Nanotubes: Synthesis: Nanotubes, Fullerenes and Carbynes

(A. M Rao, Chair)

Formation of Nickel Nanowire in the Cavity of Carbon Nanotubes

B. K. Pradhan, T. Kyotani, and A. Tomita

Raman- and 13C-NMR-Investigations in C60-Interhalogen Compounds

L. Carta-Abelmann, P. Scharff, F. Béguin, and P. Lauginie

Fullerenes in the Carbon Black Furnace

M. P. Johnson, D. T. Norman, J. B. Donnet, T. K. Wang, C. C. Wang, M. Monthioux, and P. Bertrand

A Trial of Electrochemical Synthesis of Carbon from Acetylene in Nonaqueous Electrolytes

S. Shiraishi, Y. Onuma, D. Hiruma, A. Oya, Y. Soneda and Y. Yamada

Pentagon at Atomic Resolution on Surface of Carbon Nano-Particle by STM

B. An, S. Fukuyama, K. Yokogawa, M. Yoshimura, T. Araki, M. Egashira, Y. Korai, and I. Mochida

Session JO1 - Mesophase, Carbonization and Graphitization: Mesophase Rheology and Microstructure

(Bahram Fathollahi, Chair)

The Pergamon Prize Lecture: The Viscoelastic Behavior of Pitches

O. Fleurot and D. D. Edie

The Viscoelastic Behavior of Pitches (Continued)

O. Fleurot and D. D. Edie

A Viscoelastic Constitutive Equation for Mesophase Pitch

A. D. Cato (S) and D. D. Edie

Periodic Disclination Arrays in Carbonaceous Mesophase Pitch

A. K. Didwania, B. Fathollahi, and J. L. White

A Novel Morphology in an Anisotropic Pitch Originated by Thermal Treatment

K. Oshida, M. Endo, and S. Bonnamy

Stabilization Behavior of Carbon Fibers Melt Spun From Mesophase Pitch Mixtures

M. E. Beauharnois (S), M. S. Zhuang, M. C. Thies, and D. D. Edie

Session JO2 - Mesophase, Carbonization and Graphitization: Carbon and Graphite Structure

(Richard T. Lewis, Chair)

Development of Self-Associations During Primary Carbonization

S. Bonnamy and S. Delpeux

XRD and TEM Analysis of Disordered Structure of Carbon Materials with Low Crystallinity

N. Yoshizawa, Y. Yamada, and M. Shiraishi

Effect of Iron on Structural Change of Grafoil

Y. Kaburagi, T. Onodera, and Y. Hishiyama

Effect of Boron Addition and Heat Treatment on Microstructure of Petroleum Pitch and Pitch-Derived Carbon

H. Sano, H. Tanno, A. Baba, K. Kobayashi, and Y. Uchiyama

Effect of Heat Treatment Time on Graphitization of Kapton-Derived Carbon Film at Various Heat Treatment Temperatures

Y. Hishiyama, H. Irumano, S. Natori, T. Onodera, and Y. Kaburagi

Nano Particles in Ground Graphite

R. H. Bragg and J. B. Aladekomo

Session JO3 - Mesophase, Carbonization and Graphitization: Processing and Thermal Conductivity

(Frank Dillon, Chair)

Thermal Conductivity of Porous Carbon Foam

C. C. Tee, J. W. Klett, D. P. Stinton, and N. Yu

High Thermal Conductivity Mesophase Pitch-Derived Carbon Foams: Effect of Precursor on Structure and Properties

J. Klett, C. Walls, and T. Burchell

Numerical Simulation of the Carbonization Process in the Manufacture of Carbon-Carbon Composites: I. Material Characterization

J. Kim, K. Lafdi, and W. I. Lee

Numerical Simulation of the Carbonization Process in the Manufacture of Carbon-Carbon Composites: II. Numerical Analysis

J. Kim, K. Lafdi, and W. I. Lee

Research on Carbons from Coal

A. V. Cugini, B. C. Bockrath, K. S. Rothenberger, D. V. Martello, J. W. Zondlo, L. Laureano-Perez, P. G. Stansberry and R. M. Enick

Tuesday, July 13

Plenary Lecture: Novel Forms of Adsorbent Carbons

Brian McEnaney, University of Bath, UK

Session BO4 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Liquid Phase Adsorption

(Fred Cannon, Chair)

Hydrogen Bonding in the Adsorption of Liquid Aromatics on Oxygen-Containing Activated Carbon

H. A. Arafat (S) and N. G. Pinto

Adsorption of 4-Chlorophenol on Active Carbon Grains and Carbon Fabrics

D. Richard, P. Fouilloux, V. Felis, F. do Vale de Souza, and J. P. Reymond

Regeneration of Ultrafiltrate by Novel Synthetic Pyrolysed Carbon Adsorbents

K. A. Scorgie, S. Mikhalovsky, J. G. Davies, C. Olliff, A. Lloyd, G. J. Phillips, M. Street, and C. Kingswood

Pore Size Distribution is Important: A Molecular Probe Study of Competitive Adsorption

C. Pelekani and V. L. Snoeyink

The Progression of GAC Pore Structure Through Six Cycles of Water Treatment and Thermal Reactivation: A Full-Scale Study at Cincinnati, Ohio

B. C. Moore (S), F. S. Cannon, J. A. Westrick, D. H. Metz, and J. DeMarco

Heavy Oil Sorption by Different Carbon Materials

M. Inagaki, H. Konno, N. Tazumi, and M. Toyoda

The Adsorption Researching of Polymeric Adsorbents on the Base of General Equation of Polymeric Adsorption

V. V. Pidlisnyuk and R. M. Marutovsky

Session BO5 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Surface Chemistry

(Phil Reucroft, Chair)

Nano-Spaces and Adsorption Properties of the Nestled Graphite Intercalation Compound C14AsF6

F. Okino, K. Maruyama, M. Kawawaki, S. Kawasaki, and H. Touhara

Overcoming Calcium Catalysis During the Thermal Reactivation of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

D. W. Mazyck (S) and F. S. Cannon

Mesopore Formation in Carbon From Polyimide Containing Nickel Compounds

H. Hatori, S. Hishiki, Y. Hanzawa, Y. Yamada, T. Nishio, and M. Shiraishi

Surface Chemical Functionality of Activated Carbons and Adsorption of Polar Molecules at Low Relative Pressure

I. I. Salame and T. J. Bandosz

Modification of Activated Carbon Fibers by Direct Oxidation With Air

Z. Ryu, J. Zheng, M. Wang, and B. Zhang

Removal of CH3SH Over Modified PAN-ACF of High Specific Area by Heat-Treatment

Q. Yang, J. Zheng, Y. Li, M. Wang, and B. Zhang

Session CO5 - Carbon Fibers

(Chris Levan, Chair)

Experimental Verification of the End-Effect Weibull Model

J. A. Newell and M. T. Sagendorf

Circular and Ribbon Shaped Carbon Fibers: Comparative Analysis of Strength and the Effect of Surface Oxidation

M. C. Paiva, C. A. Bernardo, and D. D. Edie

Highly Oriented Carbon Filaments From Mesophase Pitch for Thermal Management Applications

S. Lu and B. Rand

Angstrom's Method for Thermal Property Measurements of Carbon Fibers and Composites

G. Wagoner, K. A. Skokova, and C. D. Levan

Transport Properties of Ribbon-Shaped Carbon Fibers

N. C. Gallego (S) and D. D. Edie

Correlation Between Carbon Fiber Raman Linewidth and Crystallite Size Determined by X-Ray Diffraction

S-C. Lui, Z. Iqbal, N. S. Murthy, K. Zero, and N. Murdie

Session DO4 - Carbon Fiber Composites: Application of C/C Composites/Novel Carbons

(Joe Strizak, Chair)

Performance of C/C Composite Components Fabricated for the Control Rod Use in HTGR

M. Eto, S. Ishiyama, and K. Fukaya

Properties of High Thermal Conductivity Carbon-Carbon Composites for Thermal Management Applications

I. Golecki, L. Xue, D. M. Dewar, A. F. Anderson, C. K. Duncan, J. van Horik, K. Eubank, and T. Walker

Carbon Fiber Structural Composites as Thermistors

S. Wen. S. Wang, and D. D. L. Chung

Piezoresistivity in Continuous Carbon Fiber Polymer-Matrix and Cement-Matrix Composites

S. Wen, S. Wang, D. D. L. Chung

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Cement Improved by Using Silane Treated Carbon Fibers

Y. Xu and D. D. L. Chung

Nanotube Carbon-Carbon Composite

R. Andrews, F. Derbyshire, E. Dickey, X. Fan, D. Qian, T. Rantell, A. M. Rao, and F. Vilain

Development of Electrically Conductive Nylon 6,6 and High Temperature Nylon

J. A. King, M. L. Clingerman, E. H. Weber

Session JO4 - Mesophase, Carbonization and Graphitization: Pitches and Resins

(Semih Eser, Chair)

High Temperature In-Situ 1H NMR Studies on the Fluidity Interactions Between Solvent Fractions of Coal Tar Pitch

J. M. Andrésen, C. E. Snape, and H. H. Schobert

Characterization of Ultrafme Pitch Particles Prepared by Anti-Solvent Method

M. Kodama

Molecular Modeling of the Stages of Carbonization of Phenanthrene and Anthracene

P. J. Pappano, J. P. Mathews, H. H. Schobert

Effect of Boron Loading on Orientation and Bonding Strength of Graphite Block From Polyimide Films

Y. Uchiyama, F. Nakao, K. Kobayashi, and H. Sano

Pyrolysis of a Silicon Doped Petroleum Residue

P. Carreira, M. Martinez-Escandell, A. M. Rodrigues-Valero, and F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

Carbonization of Glassy Carbon Derived from Furan Resin and its Microstructural Analyses

I. Mochida, O. Kubota, T. Okano, and Y. Korai

Curing Process of Furan Resin With Carbonaceous Fine Particles Applying the High Power Ultrasound

K. Hoshi, T. Akatsu, Y. Tanabe, and E. Yasuda

Session JO5 - Mesophase Carbonization and Graphitization: Pitch Reactivity

(Rosa Menéndez, Chair)

Change in Glass Transition Temperature During Carbonization of Thin Films of Pitch Supported on Cokes

P. Ebrburger, P. Deparis, and C. Vix

Properties of Gas Sparged Coal Tar Pitches

S. F. Myram, J. W. Patrick, M. Turpin

Mesophase Development in Air-Blown Pitches. Comparison With Thermally Treated Pitches and Their Isolated Phases

V. Prada, C. Blanco, R. Santamaria, J. Bermejo, and R. Menéndez

Differences in the Molecular Structure of Air-Blown and Thermally Treated Coal-Tar Pitches

C. Blanco, R. Santamaria, J. Bermejo, and R. Menéndez

Kinetics of Pitches Non-Isothermal Heat Treatment

X. Py, F. Nauguier, and E. Daguerre

Thermal Studies of Petroleum Pitches

B. Singh (S), M. Srivastava, and I. D. Singh

Session KO4 - Reactivity and Gasification

(Akira Tomita, Chair)

Characterisation of Chars From the Combined Cycle Gasification of Coal

N. Neal (S), T. J. Mays, and B. McEnaney

Comparison of Caking and Non-Caking Coals in Relation to Their Pyrolysis Behavior and Char Pore Structure

Y. H. Li, G. Q. Lu, and V. Rudolph

Variation of Electrical Resistivity of Coal Char During Gasification

B. Feng and S. K. Bhatia

Char-Oxidation Reactivity at Early and Late Stages of Bum-Off

M. A. Wójtowicz, R. Bassilakis, and M. A. Seno

The Role of Microporosity in Carbon Oxidation Reactions

I. Aama and E. M. Suuberg

The Kinetics and Mechanism of the NO-Carbon Reaction: Effects of Oxide Gases

I. Aarna and E. M. Suuberg

Gasification of Low-Grade and Salty Coals

L. V. Pashchenko, V. I. Saranchuk, L. Ya. Galushko, and T. G. Shendrik

Session KO5 - Reactivity and Gasification

(Pierre Ehrburger, Chair)

On the Molecular Modeling of Carbon Gasification Kinetics

L. R. Radovic and K. A. Skokova

A New Approach to Modelling Carbon Reactivity

S. K. Bhatia

Ab Initic Molecular Orbital Calculation for the Analysis of Carbon/Nitrogen Oxide Reaction

T. Kyotani and A. Tomita

Novel Oxidation Resistant Carbon Alloys

A. V. K. Westwood, B. Rand, S. Lu, and K. Dickinson

Modification of Carbon Surface with Monolayers of s, p, d -- Elements and the Reactivity in Oxidation Gasification

E. P. Smirnov

Carbon Dioxide as Oxidizing Agent for Ethylbenzene Dehydrogenation with Metal Doped Fe Supported Active Carbon Catalysts

Th. Badstube, H. Papp, P. Kustrowski, and R. Dziembaj

Wednesday, July 14

Plenary Lecture: Processing Carbonaceous Pitches in Dense Supercritical Fluids: Opportunities and Challenges

Mark Thies, Clemson University, USA

Session AO6 - Activated Carbons: Sythesis of Activated Carbons and Fibers

(Gene Harlacher, Chair)

Preparation of Activated Graphitized Carbons

W. Lu and D. D. L. Chung

Activation of Mesophase Pitch Based Chopped Carbon Fiber Using Potassium Compounds

T. Ogawa, Y. Kawabuchi, Y. Korai, and I. Mochida

The Catalytic Activation of Phenol-Resin Based Carbon Fiber Using Potassium

H. Jin, J. M. Lee, and P. Ebrburger

Mixture Activation of PAN Fiber by KOH and CO2

Y. Z. Zhang, F. He, M. Z. Wang, and B. J. Zhang

Characteristics of Activated Carbons Controlling CH4 and CO2 Separations

D. Lozano-Castelló, J. M. Garcia-Cortés, M. J. Illán-Gómez, C. Salinas-Martinez de Lecea, and A. Linares-Solano

Influence of the Precursor's Composition on the Preparation of Pitch-Based Carbons with Molecular Sieve Properties

E. Daguerre, A. Guillot, H. F. Stoeckli

Carbon Porosity Development Via Small Angle Scattering

J. M. Calo, P. J. Hall, S. Brown, J. Fernandez, and M. M. Antxustegi

Session AO7 - Activated Carbon: Adsorption From Aqueous Solutions and Catalytic Carbons

(Nick Pollack, Chair)

Adsorption of Copper Ions From Aqueous Solution by Active Carbons

R. H. Bradley and R. Daley

Lithium Electrosorption on Activated Carbons

A. Alfarra, E. Frackowiak, and F. Béguin

The Effect of Activated Carbon Surface Acidity on Competition Between Natural Organic Matter and Trichloroethylene

J. E. Kilduff, A. Wigton, M. Kitis, and T. Karanfil

Utilization of Reactivated Carbon in Stabilization of Organics in Solidification/Stabilization Processes for Hazardous Waste Treatment

H. A. Arafat, (S) V. Hebatpuria, H. S. Rho, N. G. Pinto, P. Bishop, and R. Buchanan

Activated Carbon Honeycombs for Chemical Reactions Applications

Y. L. Peng, T. Tao, and J. L. Williams

The Effect of the Catalytic Activity of Various Activated Carbons on Methyl Bromide Hydrolysis Rate

N. E. Megonnell, J. Gan, and S. R. Yates

Session BO6 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Adsorption Modelling

(Jacek Jagiello, Chair)

Remarkable Freezing Behavior in Activated Carbon Fibers: Comparison Between Simulation and Experiment

S. A. Gavalda, R. Rodhakrishnan (S), S. McGrother, K. Kaneko, M. Sliwinska-Bartkowiak, and K. E. Gubbins

Theoretical Water Isotherms of Active Carbon Derived From Nitrogen Isotherms

P. Lodewyckx and E. F. Vansant

Unified Approach to Pore Size Characterization of Activated Carbons and Carbon Fibers from N2, Ar, and CO2 Adsorption Isotherms

P. I. Ravikovitch, A. Vishnyakov, R. Russo, and A. V. Neimark

Characterisation of Amorphous Materials

S. Scaife, P. Kluson, and N. Quirke

Molecular Modeling of Chemical Reaction Equilibria in Pores: Effects of Confinement on Equilibrium Yield

C. H. Turner and K. E. Gubbins

On Deriving Thermodynamic Properties From the Adsorption Isotherm

J. A. Ritter, C. E. Holland, and S. A. Al-Muhtaseb

Improved Model of Activated Carbons Using Molecular Simulation

K. T. Thomson and K. E. Gubbins

Session BO7 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Adsorption of Inorganics

(Teresa Bandosz, Chair)

Energetic Heterogeneity of Acid and Basic Sites on Carbon Adsorbents

A. J. Groszek

Sorption Performance of Activated Carbon After Oxidation and Subsequent Treatments

M. H. Tai, B. Saha, and M. Streat

Adsorption of Cadmium Cations on Surface Oxygen Sites of Oxidized Activated Carbon

Y. F. Jia and K. M. Thomas

Adsorption of Chromium Ions From Aqueous Phase Onto Activated Carbons: Effect of Surface Oxygen Complexes

B. K. Pradhan and N. K. Sandle

The Effect of Nitrogen Functionality in Activated Carbon on the Adsorption of Transition Metal Cations

Y. F. Jia and K. M. Thomas

Adsorption of Ni(II) Ions From Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbons

R. C. Bansal, M. Goya, and D. Aggarwal

Session CO6 - Carbon Fibers

(Mark Thies, Chair)

Computational Modeling of Carbonaceous Mesophase Rheology

A. P. Singh and A. D. Rey

Capillary Flow of Carbonaceous Mesophase and Its Stability

A. K. Didwania, B. Fathollahi, and J. L. White

The Effect of Mesophase Composition on Rheology and Final Fiber Properties

S. Sheikh (S), M. S. Zhuang, M. C. Thies, and D. D. Edie

Nanotubular Microstructures in As-Spun and Heat-Treated Mesophase Filaments

B. Fathollahi, J. L. White, S. Subramoney, and J. G. Lavin

Evolution of Microstructure in Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers During Heat Treatment

A. A. Ogale, D. P. Anderson, and K. M. Kearns

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Goynuk Oil Shale and Avgamasya Asphaltite Derived Pitches Using CO2

E. Apak, A. B. Ross, M. F. Yardim, E. Ekinci, K. D. Battle, and B. Rand

Properties and Molecular Structure of Pitches From Copyrolysis Products of Goynuk Oil Shale and Avgamasya Asphaltite

E. Apak, A. B. Ross, M. F. Yardim, E. Ekinci, K. D. Bartle, and B. Rand

Session CO7 - Carbon Fibers

(Girish Deshpande, Chair)

Onset of Mechanical Properties in Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers

H. Francois-Saint-Cyr, X. Bourrat, and R. Naslain

Mesoscopic Texture at the Skin Area of Mesophase Pitch-Based Carbon Fiber

Y. Korai, S-H. Hong, and I. Mochida

Structure and Properties of High Compressive Carbon Fiber from Heat-Treated Isotropic Pitches

F. Watanabe, Y. Korai, I. Mochida, and O. Kato

Effect of Steam and Carbon Dioxide Activation on the Microstructure of Activated Carbon Fabrics

T-H Ko and C-H Hu

Structural Characterization of Boron-Doped Submicron VGCFs

K. Nishimura, Y. A. Kim, T. Matushita, T. Hayashi, and M. Endo

Synthesis of SiC Whiskers From Rayon Fibres and Sol Gel Derived Silica

V. Raman, V. K. Parashar, S. R. Dhakate, M. Bhutani, and O. P. BahI

Session IO6 - Intercalation

(Michio Inagaki, Chair)

Enhancement of the Biodegradability of Graphite Fibers by Intercalation

J. R. Gaier, J. M. Smith, and G. K. Gahl

Effect of Particle Size on the Synthesis of Copper Chloride-Graphite Intercalation Compounds

S-S. Tzeng, Y-H. Chen, and P-L. Wang

Stability of GICs of CrVI Compounds

J. Mittal, R. B. Mathur, O. P. Bahl, and M. Inagaki

Carbon Fiber Polymer-Matrix Composite Interfaces as Thermocouple Junctions

S. Wang and D. D. L. Chung

Electrical Characterization of Pristine and Intercalated Graphite Fiber Composites

J. R. Gaier and S. P. Berkebile

Discussion on the Mechanism of the Intercalation Into Carbon Materials From Organic Solutions

O. Tanaike and M. Inagaki

Intercalation of Lithium in Pitch Based Carbon Fibers Chemically Modified by Fluorine

C. Hung and A. Prisko

Thursday, July 15

Plenary Lecture: Electric Energy Storage Applications

Morinobu Endo, Shinshu University, Japan

Session AO8 - Activated Carbon: Air Purification

(Timothy Gotsick, Chair)

Prediction of Break-Through Profiles for Organic Vapors in Activated Carbon at Dry and Humid Conditions. A Multivariate Approach

I. Fängmark, L-G Hammarström, P. R. Norman, A. L. Ness, S. L. McFarlane, N. M. Osmond, and H. Keel

The Influence of Deposition Rate on Impregnant Utilisation

M. J. Chinn, P. R. Norman, P. A. Barnes, and E. A. Dawson

Development of Impregnated Sorbents for the Control of Vapor-Phase Elemental Mercury Emissions

R. D. Vidic, S-J Kwon, and D. P. Siler

Influences of Oxygen Concentration on the Removal of SO2 Over Pitch-Based Activated Carbon Fibers

T. Hada, M. Yoshikawa, A. Yasutake, K. Kawano, M. Shirahama, Y. Korai, and I. Mochida

Activated Char From Bituminous Coal for Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide From Hot Coal Gas

A. A. Lizzio, B. W. Stickler, M. P. Cal, M. J. Rood, and M. A. Kelly

Activated Carbon Cloth in Electrical Applications

S. M. Klara and G. Palmgren

New Method of Calculation of Kováts Rentention Indices for Substances Chromatographed on Carbon Adsorbents

H. Grajek, Z. Witkiewicz, H. Jankowska, and A. Swiatkowski

Session EO8 - Carbons for Energy Storage: Lithium Ion-Battery Carbons

(Ed Buiel, Chair)

Minimization of the Irreversible Li+ Capacity of Hard Carbons

S. R. Mukai, T. Masuda, T. Tanigawa, T. Harada, and K. Hashimoto

Anodic Performance of Modified Submicron Carbon Filaments in Lithium-Ion Secondary Battery

W. Lu (S) and D. D. L. Chung

Electrochemical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes

E. Frackowiak, K. Méténier, T. Kyotani, S. Bonnamy and F. Béguin

Lithium Storage in Hard Carbons Prepared Under Mechanical Strains

F. Béguin, S. Gautier, J. N. Rouzaud, and E. Frackowiak

Effect of Liquid Phase Oxidation on the Reversible Performances of Hard Carbon for Lithium Ion Battery

I. Mochida, C-H. Ku, and Y. Korai

Electrochemical Properties of PAN(polyacronitrile)-Based Carbon Fiber for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Anode

J. K. Lee, K. W. An, J. B. Ju, B. W. Cho, W. I. Cho, D. Park, and K. S. Yun

Safety of Carbon Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

D. MacNeil (S) and J. R. Dahn

Session FO8 - Diamond and Vapor Deposited Carbon

(Jyh-Ming Ting, Chair)

An Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) and X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Study of CVD and Natural Diamonds

J. Y. Howe, L. E. Jones, and D. N. Braski

Analysis of Carbon Deposition on Superalloy Surfaces by Combined XPS-AES, AFM, and SEM

O. Altin and S. Eser

Deposition of Pyrolytic Carbon From Methane and Methane-Hydrogen Mixtures at Various Substrate Surface Area/Reactor Volume Ratios

Z. J. Hu and K. J. Hüttinger

Why Carbons of Different Structure are Deposited in Chemical Vapor Infiltration of Porous Structures

W. Benzinger and K. J. Hüttinger

Formation of Carbon From Methane - Tetrachloromethane Mixtures in Wide Temperature Range

A. V. Kropachev and J. P. Smirnov

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Rapidly Grown Vapor Grown Carbon Fibers

S. R. Mukai, T. Masuda, and K. Hashimoto

Vapor Phase Deposited Sub-micron

J-M. Ting and N. Z. Huang

Session HO8 - Industrial Applications: Mechanical Properties

(Motokuni Eto, Chair)

Study of Mechanical Properties of Hip-Processed Bulk Graphites

G. Savignat, J. Lahaye, D. Rousselle, and A. Cosculluela

Crack Growth in Nuclear Graphites Using R-Curve Analysis

P. Ouagne (S), G. B. Neighbour, and B. McEnaney

The Effect of Spherical Flaws on the Fracture Behavior of H-451 and IG-11 Graphites

G. R. Romanoski

Effect of Argon Ion Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Carbon Materials

T. Oku, A. Kurumada, M. Nakata, K. Takeda, K. Kawamata, T. Arai, and M. Ishihara

Effect of Compressive Prestress on the Thermal Conductive Properties of Carbon Materials

T. Oku, M. Nakata, A. Kurumada, K. Kawamata

Image Analysis of Porosity in S0derberg Anodes

S. Rorvik, K. R. Kvam, H. Schreiner, M. Sørlie, and H. A. Øye

Coke Size Degradation and the Influence of Some Structural Factors

J. W. Patrick, E. R. Daw, and A. Walker

Friday, July 16

Session AO9 - Activated Carbons: Synthesis of Carbons From Biomass

(Marit Jagtoyen, Chair)

Production of Macadamia Nut Shell and Coconut Shell Activated Carbons by Air Activation

M. S. Tam and M. J. Antal, Jr.

Activated Carbon From Vacuum Pyrolysis Charcoal

N-Z Cao, F. Soutric, H. Darmstadt, and C. Roy

Carbonaceous Combustion Waste as Precursor for Activated Carbons

M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, and H. H. Schobert

Preparation and Characterization of Carbon Molecular Sieves from Lignin

C. Pedrero, T. Cordero, J. Rodriguez-Mirasol, and J. J. Rodriguez

Modelling of the Pyrolysis of Biomass in Rotary Kilns

W. Klose and A.-P. Schinkel

Activated Carbon from Corn-to-Ethanol By-Products for Automotive Emissions Control

S. Desai, M. J. Rood, and A. A. Lizzio

Session BO9 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Surface Chemistry and Catalysis

(Carlos León y León, Chair)

Effect of Surface Characteristics of Wood Based Activated Carbons on Adsorption of Hydrogen Sulfide

F. Adib, A. Bagreev, and T. J. Bandosz

Cellulose as a Precursor of Catalyst Support: New Aspects of Thermolysis and Oxidation--a DRIFT, XPS, and TGA Study

B. Azambre (S), O. Heintz, A. Krzton, J. V. Weber, J. Zawadski

S.T.M. Studies on Nanoscopic Defects Created by Slight Oxygen Plasma Treatment on Natural Graphite Surface

E. Bourelle, H. Konno, and M. Inagaki

Transient Kinetics Study on the Mechanism of SO2 Oxidation by Active Carbon and Active Carbon Fibres

E. Raymundo-Piñero, D. Cazorla-Amorós, and A. Linares-Solano

Characterization of Bimetallic Pt-Sn Catalysts Supported on Unmodified and Modified Activated Carbon

A. E. Aksoylu, M. M. A. Freitas, and J. L. Figueiredo

Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide Over Copper-Dispersing Pan-Based ACF

Q. Yang, J. Zheng, Y. Li, M. Wang, and B. Zhang

Session BO10 - Adsorption and Surface Science: Surface Chemistry and Electrochemistry

(Ljubisa Radovic, Chair)

Performance of Conductive Carbon-Ceramic Composites as Electrocatalyst Support

E. Morallón, J. L. Vázquez, F. Vicent, J. Alcañiz, D. Cazorla-Amorós, and A. Linares-Solano

Electrochemical Behavior of Surface-Modified Carbon Fibers

Yu. V. Basova, Y. Yamada, and H. Hatori

Relationship Between Cyclic Voltammetry and TPD of Activated Carbons

N. H. Nguyen, J. P. Joly, and O. Vittori

Acidity of Surface Functional Groups and Electrophoretic and Ion-Exchange Properties of Carbons Oxidised in Different Conditions

V. Strelko, Jr., M. Streat, and V. V. Strelko

Effects of Carbon Surface Chemistry on para-Chiorophenol Adsorption

R. H. Bradley, S. Rigby and R. A. Daley

Surface Groups of Carbon-Composite Adsorbents Characterized by Proton Affinity Distribution

A. M. Puziy, O. I. Poddubnaya, S. A. Khainakov, A. I. Bortun, J. A. Ritter, A. D. Ebner, and C. E. Holland

Session EO9 - Carbons for Energy Storage: Hydrogen/Methane/Gas Storage on Activated Carbons

(David Quinn, Chair)

Hydrogen Adsorption by Filamentous Carbon Synthesized from Carbon Monoxide

Y. Soneda, K. Takahashi, and M. Makino

The Use of Carbon Nanofibres as Hydrogen Storage Materials

I. M. Mellor, R. J. Mortimer, and M. Turpin

Interaction of Hydrogen with Nanoporous Carbon Materials

T. D. Jarvi, J. Sun, L. F. Conopask, and S. Satyapal

Methane Storage at Commerically Attractive Levels in Superactivated Carbons and Commercial Activated Carbon Fibers

D. Lozano-Castell6, M. A. de la Casa-Lillo, D. Cazorla-Amorós, and A. Linares-Solano

Carbon Nanofilaments Under High Hydrogen Pressure

S. N. Klyamkin, K. Metenier, D. E. Sklovsky, S. Bonnamy, and F. Béguin

Synthetic Carbons Derived From Lignosulphonate Waste as New Materials for Gas Storage

E. Alain, B. McEnaney, T. J. Mays, V. Strelko, and O. Kozynchenko

Session EO10 - Carbons for Energy Storage: Li-ion Continued/Thermal Conductivity/Capacitors/Fuel Cells

(Jane MacDonald, Chair)

Use of Carbon From Nanocomposites for the Storage of Energy

L. Duclaux, R. Benoit, T. Gibinski, F. Béguin, and E. Frackowiak

Thermal Conductivity of Microparticles: Carbon Blacks and Solid Solutions of C. B. N.

B. Maquin, J. M. Goyeheneche, A. Derre, P. Chadeyron, and P. Delhaes

On the Reduction of Temperature Drop During Discharge of Adsorbed Natural Gas Storage Systems in Vehicular Applications

J. P. B. Mota

Carbon Fiber Polymer-Matrix Composites as Capacitors

X. Luo and D. D. L. Chung

Carbonaceous Bipolar Plates in Fuel Cells

S. J. Rowen, M. C. Turpin, P. Adcock, and D. P. Davies

Carbon in Light Energy Conversion Device: Opto-Electrical Properties

K. M. Krishna, K. Hagimoto, S. M. Mominuzzaman, T. Soga, T. Jimbo, and M. Umeno

Session HO9 - Industrial Applications: Characterization and Applications

(John Chang, Chair)

Elemental Analysis of Graphite

H. K. Mayer

SiC Coated Graphite in Semiconductor Applications

J. Norley

New Superfine Grain Graphite for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Applications

D. Huang

Magnetic Field Dependence of Galvanomagnetic Effect of Very Thin Graphite Crystals

Y. Ohashi, T. Kubo, and K. Shiiki

Methanol Adsorption on Activated Carbons for Adsorption Heat Pump Applications

J. Sun and S. Satyapal

Thermal Waves Induced by Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Adsorption Onto Activated Carbon Filters

F. Delage, P. Pré, and P. Le Cloriec

Session HO10 - Industrial Applications: Processing and Characterization

(Glenn Romanoski, Chair)

Porosity Formation in Pyrolytic Carbon Coatings

G. Hofmann, M. Wiedeumeier, M. Freund, and A. Beavan

Microstructure Effect on Mechanical Properties of Flexible Graphite Sheet

J. L. Gu, Y. Leng, Y. Gao, F. Y. Kang, and W. C. Shen

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Investigation of Pyrolytic Carbons

M. Wiedenmeier, O. Hofmann, M. Freund, and A. Beavan

Research on the Development of Gasphase Methods for Carbon-Carbon Items Manufacturing

V. A. Gurin, I. V. Gurin, V. V. Kolosenko, Yu. E. Murin

Synthesis of Graphite Intercalation Compounds with Low Sulfur Content

F. Kang and D. Yang

Shungite Carbon Effect on Heat Destruction of Polymeric Matrixes

N. N. Rozhkova

Poster Session 1, Monday July 12, 11:50 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.

D: Carbon Fiber Composites

(James Klett, Chair)

The Microstructure Controlling of Carbon Fiber in C/SiC Composites

W. Zou, L. Yang, M. Song, and T. Wang

The Influence of Matrix Content on the Properties of 2D Carbon/Carbon

C. Li, B. Ma, X. Huo, and Z. Jin

Durability and Fracture Properties of Various Shape Carbon Fiber Reinforced Light-Weight Cement Composites

T. J. Kim, Y. S. Lee, S. J. In, and B. S. Rhee

Preparation of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites

R. Andrews, B. Dickey, D. Qian, B. Knutson, B. Safadi, B. Moore, F. Derbyshire

The Effects of Carbon Matrix Toughening Modification on the Mechanical Properties of C/C Materials

D. Hongbing, M. Boxin, L. Hejun, and K. Mokuang

Tensile, Thermal, and Electrical Properties of Carbon Filled Nylon 6,6 Conductive Resins

M. L. Clingerman, E. H. Weber, K. H. Schulz, and J. A. King

Role of Surface Energy in Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Matrix Composites

I. Singh and O. P. Bahl

An Investigation on the Interfacial Microdebonding Properties in C/C Composites and the Relation to the Macroscopic Mechanical Properties

Z. H. Xu, J. S. Wang, and C. L. Yang

Mesoscopic Change of Furan Resin Derived Glass-like Carbon by the Graphitization in the Presence of Carbon Fibers

I. Mochida, O. Kubota, T. Okano, and Y. Korai

Influence of Temperature on the Resistivity of Carbon Fiber/ABS Resin

X. Liang, L. Ling. C. Lu, and L. Liu Composites

The Resistivity of Carbon Fiber/ABS Resin Composites

X. Liang, L. Ling, C. Lu, and L. Liu

Inertia Dynamic Friction Properties of Pitch-Based Carbon-Carbon Composites and J-K Park

J. Lee, D-S Suhr, G-D Kim, Y-S Lim,

Effects of Reaction Parameters on the Properties of SiC/C Fiber Composites

J. C. Lee, M. J. Park, Y. J. Choi, H. I. Shin, and M. S. Hong

The Effects of SiC Doping by Pack-Cementation on Carbon/Carbon Composites

J. I. Kim, B. N. Noh, I. S. Oh, I. S. Park, and H. J. Joo

Research of Multi-Functional C/C/Al2O3 Composites

H. Liu, X. Huo, X. Zeng, and Y. Li

On the Antioxidation and Gas-tightness Properties of C/C Combustion Chamber Material

S. Zhou, J. Su, H. Cui, R. Li, Z. Su and Y. Li

Development of C/C Composite Thruster

R. Li, J. Su, H. Cui, Z. Su, S. Zhou, and Y. Li

Carbon-Carbon Pins

C. Li, W. Cui, and X. Huo

The Bonding Method of C/C Composite Material

Z. Xiao, F. Meng, H. Deng, J. Zhang, P. Ren, and J. Su

G: Fullerenes and Nanotubes

(Peter Eklund, Chair)

Enthalpy-Dependent Size Distributions of Carbon Nano-clusters Produced by Laser Ablation of Graphite

S. I. Kudryashov, S. G. Ionov, S. V. Kuvshinnikov, and N. B. Zorov

Analysis of σ and π Bond in the Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Bundles

F. Li, L. He, H-M. Cheng, and G. Su

Doped Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes - Pressure Effects

D. E. Sklovsky, A. D. Bozhko, V. A. Nalimova, and J. E. Fischer

Research on Infrared Absorption and Conductive Properties of Fullerene- Iodine Compound Films

A. S. Berdinsky, Yu. V. Shevtsov, A. V. Okotrub, Y. A. Yuanovsky, J. H. Lee, L. T. Chadderton

J: Mesophase, Carbonization and Graphitization

(Bahram Fathollahi, Chair)

Fractionation and Thermodynamic Modeling of Petroleum Pitch With Supercritical Toluene

M. S. Zhuang (S) and M. C. Thies

The Influence of Heat-Treatment Conditions on the Mesophase Transformation Behavior of a Flashed Coal Tar

Y. Lu, C. Liu, L. Ling, and L. Liu

Influence of Solvent Fractions on Viscosity of Modified Pitches

L. Zhi, J. Song, L. Ling, and L. Liu

Characterization of High Softening Point Pitches by Catalytic Oxidation With RuO4

A. Méndez, C. Blanco, R. Santamaria, J. Bermejo, and R. Menéndez

Carbonization by Irradiation of Microwave

K. S. Yang, H. J. Hong, and Y. J. Yoon

Structural and Chemical Transformation of Low Coal During Activated Carbonization Process

V. N. Shevkoplyas and T. G. Shendrik

Foam Core Sandwich Panels Made From High Thermal Conductivity Mesophase Pitch-Based Carbon Foam

L. Klett and J. Klett

Liberation of Nitrogen Atoms from Two-Dimensional Graphite Lattice of Kapton-Derived Carbon

Y. Hishiyama, H. Irumano, Y. Kaburagi, and A. Yoshida

Characterization of Kapton-Derived Carbon Film Obtained by Pulse YAG Laser Irradiation

Y. A. Kim, C. Kim, Y. J. Kim, T. Hayashi, T. Matushita, T. Kasai, and M. Endo

Poster Session 2 and Exhibits, Tuesday July 13, 3:30 p.m. to 5:50 p.m.

B: Adsorption and Surface Science

(Jim Olivier, Chair)

The Role of Active Surface Sites in the Effectiveness of Military Carbon

N. V. Beck, S. E. Meech, P. R. Norman, and L. A. Pears

Carbon Fibre Monoliths: A Study of Water Adsorption and Surface Chemistry

S. Hellebust, R. A. Daley, R. H. Bradley, and T. D. Burchell

Pore Structure, Adsorption Parameters and Catalytic Properties of Some Transition Metal-Doped Carbon Fibrous Materials

I. Y. Petrov, R. S. Vartapetyan, A. M. Voloshchuk, Y. G. Kryazhev, and G. P. Khokhlova

Sorption Activity of Ukrainian Salty Coals Toward Polyvalent Metals

T. G. Shendrik, V. V. Simonova, S. B. Lyubchik, and V. I. Saranchuk

Adsorption of Ammonia on Surface Modified ACF

C. S. Shin, K. H. Kim, B. K. Choi, J. W. Shim, and S. K. Ryn

The Radial Dependence of the Cr-Cu-Ag Catalyst Content Within the Active Carbon Carrier Granule

B. Buczek, S. Zietek, and A. Swiatkowski

Adsorption of Platinum Complex Compounds by Carbon Sorbents

S. V. Rosokha, N. V. Kulik, I. A. Tarkovskaya, and L. P. Tikhonova

Bilirubin Adsorption and Catalytic Oxidation on Activated Carbons

E. A. Fesenko, J. D. S. Gaylor, E. M. Smith, O. P. Kozynchenko, J. M. Courtney and S. V. Mikhalovsky

Acid-Base Interaction of Active Carbons With Noble Metals

Yu. A. Tarasenko, A. A. Bagreev, V. F. Lapko, L. I. Zarubitskaja

Influence of Carbon Surface on Surfactant Adsorption Behavior

J. Diaz-Terán, D. M. Nevskaia, J. L.G. Fierro, J. de D. López-González, A. López-Peinado, and A. Jerez

SO2 Adsorption on Active Carbon: The Effect of Certain Metals

P. Davini

Influence of Water Vapour on the Adsorption of SO2 on Activated Carbon Fiber

K. Li, L. Ling, Z. Liu, and L. Liu

Adsorption and Surface Properties of Metal Ion Treated Activated Carbon Fiber

W-C. Oh, B-S. Kim, Y-H. Lee, J-G. Kim, M-K. Kim, and S-H. Cho

Virgin versus Caustic-Impregnated Carbons for Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions from Sewage Plants

T. J. Bandosz, A. Bagreev, F. Adib, and A. Turk

Sorption of Cadmium on Modified and Conventional Granular and Fibrous Activated Carbon

J. R. Rangel-Mendez and M. Streat

Uptake of Copper by Activated Carbons in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter

M. H. Tai and M. Streat

When and How is Surface Chemistry Important in Water Vapor Adsorption on Active Carbons?

J. Phillips, L. R. Radovic, B. Xia, and F. Xie

Co-adsorption of Cyanogen Chloride and Chloropicrin on Cu-Cr-Ag Impregnated Carbon

S.H.C. Liang

Preparation of Silicalite Membranes Supported on Graphite Discs

J. García-Martínez, D. Cazorla-Amorós, A. Linares-Solano

Removal of Methyl Mercaptan by Impregnated ACF

C. S. Shin, K. H. Kim, B. K. Choi, and S. K. Ryu

The Role of Carbon in Radiation-Stimulated Processes in Heterogeneous Systems

D. I. Shvets

Catalytic Dehydrohalogenation of 1,2-dichloroethane over Activated Carbons. The Effect of Surface Chemical Nature on Carbon Catalytic Activity

G. S. Szmanski, G. Rychlicki, and A. Swiatkowski

C: Carbon Fibers

(Dan Edie, Chair)

The Formation of +2 π Disclination Arrays During Flow of Mesophase Pitch Through a Screen Mesh

B. Fathollahi, A. K. Didwania, and J. L. White

Structural Study of Carbon Fiber from Mesophase Sphere-Containing Pitch - Influence of Spinning and Annealing Conditions -

F. Watanabe, Y. Korai, I. Mochida, and O. Kato

Study on Spinning of Non-circle Shape Mesophase Pitch-based Carbon Fibers

W. Chi, Z. Shen, and J. Liu

Preparation of Hollow Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers

C. Y. Wang, M. Zhang, M. W. Li, and L. P. Feng

New Thornel® K-800X Fiber with High Thermal Conductivity

K. A. Skokova, D. C. Greene, and C. D. Levan

On the Mechanical Characteristics of Commercial Carbon Fibers

D. Hartman, J. McHugh, S. Smith, and C. A. Leon y Leon

Preparation of Carbon Fibers From the Isolated Isotropic Phase of a Thermally Treated Coal-Tar Pitch

V. Prada, C. Blanco, R. Santamaria, J. Bermejo, and R. Menéndez

Preparation of Metal Containing Carbon Fiber from Coal Tar Pitch

H. J. Hong and K. S. Yang

Pyrolysis and Characterisation of PSS-400 Fibres

S. J. Rowen, B. Rand, G. C. East, and V. Kalyvas

Carbon Nanofibers

H. Fong, I. Chun, and D. H. Reneker

The Effect of Boron Additives Upon the Properties of Carbon Fibers

B. N. Noh, J. I. Kim, H. J. Joo, D. M. Choi, and K. S. Kim,

Study of the Microstructure of Carbon Film Developed From Cobalt Chloride Modified PAN Filmpolyacrylonitrile

T-H Ko

Effect of Inorganic Filler on Carbon-Carbon Composites to Enhance Their Surface Free Energy and ILSS

S. J. Park, M. S. Cho, and J. R. Lee

Studies on Friction Property of C/C Composites Under Low Energy Load

Z. Yang and Z. Wei

D: Carbon Fiber Composites

(Neil Murdie, Chair)

Research of Media-Pressure Carbonization on 2D Winding C/C Composites

X. Hou, H. Lui, and H. Deng

The Fabrication Technique of a New Axial Rod 4D Flexible-Rigid Mixtured Woven C/C Composite

Y. Li, J. Su, H. Cui, R. Li, Z. Su, and S. Zhou

Investigation on the New Needled Carbon Cloth Reinforced C/C Composite

J. Su, H. Cui, R. Li, S. Zhou, Z. Su, and Y. Li

3D Coarse Weave C/C Composite Moulded at Super High Temperature

Z. Su, J. Su, H. Cui, S. Zhou, R. Li, and Y. Li

Microstructure and Properties of C/C Material Moulded at Super High Temperature

J. Su, Z. Su, S. Zhou, R. Li, H. Cui, and Y. Li

The Fabrication of Carbon-Carbon by a Rapid Densification Process--Chemical Liquid-Vapor Infiltration

X. Zhang, B. Ma, and X. Huo

Chemical Vapor Infiltration of Thin Carbon Bodies

J. G. Pruett

Carbon-Carbon Composites Fabricated by Mesophase Injection: Second-Cycle Injection and Stabilization

B. Fathollahi and J. L. White

Rapid Fabrication of Carbon Fibers Reinforced Silicon Carbide Composites

L. Yan, W. Zou, M. Song, and T. Wang

Bench Reactor for Fast Densification Processing of Carbon-Carbon Composite Materials

M. Trinquecoste, D. Rovillain, A. Derré, E. Bruneton, P. David, and P. Delhaès

Resin Impregnating Method to Make Multi-Matrix Anti-Ablation C/C Composite

H. Cui, J. Su, R. Li, H. Li, and M. Kang

K: Reactivity and Gasification

(Wesley Hoffman, Chair)

Reactivity of Aluminum-Doped Binder Cokes

M. Aanvik, M. Sorlie, H. A. 0ye

CO2 Reaction with Activated Carbon

S. A. Carabineiro, F. B. Fernandes, A. M. Ramos, J. S. Vital, and I. F. Silva,

Thermal Annealing of Chars From Diverse Organic Precursors Under Combustion-Like Conditions

H-S Shim, J. Andriotis, and R. H. Hurt

The Role of Substitional Boron in the Oxidation of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon (CFRC) Composites

Y. J. Lee (S) and L. R. Radovic

On the Chemistry of Nitrogen in Graphene Structure

R. H. Bradley, S. Hellebust, and R. Daley

Poster Session 3, Wednesday July 14, 11:50 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.

A: Activated Carbon

(Marit Jagtoyen, Chair)

The Preparation of PAN-Based Activated Carbon Fiber by Chemical Activation

K. W. Kim, S. H. Jung, D. Cho, M. S. Kim, Y. J. Chung and Y. S. Lim

Thermally and Chemically Activated Carbon

S. I. Kudryashov, S. V. Borisov, S. G. Ionov, S. V. Kuvshinnikov, and N. B. Zorov

Catalytical Properties of Active Carbons and the Main Factors Determining Them

S. S. Stavitskaya

Preparation and Properties of Phenolic Resin-Based Spherical Activated Carbon by Adding PEC

J. Yang, L. Ling, Y. Fan, and L. Liu

KOH Recycle Process for Repeating Activation of Mesophase Pitch Based Chopped Carbon Fiber

T. Ogawa, Y. Kawabuchi, Y. Korai, and I. Mochida

Effect of Hydrogen on the Activation of Pitch Sphere Containing Metals

Z. Liu, L. Ling, Y. Fan, and L. Liu

Economical Monolithic Coal Molecular Sieves

J. Alcañiz-Monge, D. Lozano-Castelló, D. Cazorla-Amorós, and A. Linares-Solano

Particle Size Effect on the Production of Activated Carbons from Anthracites

M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, J. M. Andrésen, and H. H. Schobert

Carbon Molecular Sieves from CVD Over Activated Carbons

R. Manso, J. A. Pajares, E Broniek, A. Jankowska, and J. Kaczmarczyk

Preparation and Characterization of Coal-Based Activated Carbons Supporting TiO2

J. Przepiórski, N. Yoshizawa, and Y. Yamada

Study of Activated Carbons Obtained from Food Industry By-Products Applying Thermoanalytical, BET and Electron Microscopy Methods

I. Dranca, K. Vogelsang, T. Lupascu, and L. Monahova

Modeling of Porosity Development in Active Carbons

A. Bagreev, A. Ledovskikh, and Yu. Tarasenko

B: Adsorption and Surface Science

(Jim Olivier, Chair)

Comparative Study of Phenol and Nonyiphenol Adsorptions on Activated Carbons

D. M. Nevskaia and A. Guerrero-Ruiz

Modified Carbon-Mineral Materials with Complexing Additives and Possibility of Their Application for Purification of Drinking Water and Technological Solutions

D. I. Shvets and E. G. Mametyeva

Adsorption of Phenols from Aqueous Phase Onto Activated Carbons: Effect of Surface Oxygen Complexes and pH of the Solution

B. K. Pradhan and N. K. Sandle

Humic Compounds Uptake From Tap Water by Granular Activated Carbons of Various Nature

T. Ye. Mitchenko, N. T. Kartel, A. Mitchenko, and E. A. Shevchuk

Carbon-containing Sorbents in the Processes of Phytoremediation of Radio-polluted Soils

V. V. Strelko, N. M. Openko, E. A. Diyuk, O. A. Glushachenko, D. I. Shvets

Sorption of Methyl Substituted Toxic Phenols on Coal Fly Ash

B. K. Singh

H: Industrial Applications

(Glenn Romanoski, Chair)

Microstructural Features That Control the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Nuclear Graphites

P. J. Hacker, (S) G. B. Neighbour, and B. McEnaney

Mechanical Properties and Oxidation of Nuclear Graphites

J-M. Vidal (S) and T. J. Mays

Morphology Changes of Carbon Spheroid Structures With Deposition From Molecular Species

G. Hofmann, M. Wiedenmeier, M. Freund, and A. Beavan

Characterization of Gas Pressure Fluctuations for a Pyrolytic Carbon Reactor

M. Freund, G. Hofmann, M. Wiedenmeier, A. Beavan, H. Jiang, and A. Sterling

Acoustic Properties of Isotropic Silicon Alloyed Pyrolytic Carbons

M. Wiedenmeier, G. Hofmann, M. Freund, and A. Beavan

Carbon Materials Application in Polyaromatics Abatement

A. M. Mastral, R. Murillo, M. S. Callen, and T. Garcia

Structural Changes and Strength Considerations of Cathode Carbon During Electrolysis

J. G. Hop and H. A. 0ye

Intercrystallite Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Polycrystalline Carbons Heat Treated at High HTT

F. G. Emmerich and K. M. B. Alves

Structural Characterization of Anode Binder Pitches

J. M. Andrésen, H. H. Schobert, and F. J. Rusinko, Jr.

Economic Analysis of Mesophase Production by Supercritical Extraction

R. T. Pigott and M. C. Thies

Implementation of R&D Carbon Product During Crisis in Indonesia

T. I. Pudiyanto and S. Nurlatifah

Use of Carbon Molecular Sieves for Chromatographic Separation of Permanent and other Gases

W. R. Betz and M. J. Keeler

Use of Graphitized Carbon Blacks for the Chromatographic Separation of Light Hydrocarbons and Other Volatile Gases

W. R. Betz and M. J. Keeler

Effect of Irradiation Creep Strain on the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of AGL IM1-24 and UCAR GCMB Nuclear Graphite Moderator Bricks

D. A. J. Carter

Poster Session 4, Thursday July 15, 11:50 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.

A: Activated Carbon

(Nick Pollack, Chair)

Peculiarity of Heavy Metal Ions Adsorption by Oxidized KAU CarbonsG. Levchenko From Aqueous Media

N. T. Kartel, L. A. Kupchik, and I.

Association of Activated Carbons of Different Origins with Titania in the Photocatalytic Purification of Water. Use of Solar Energy

J. Matos, J. Laine, and J.-M. Herrmann

Observation of Activated Carbon Fibers With SEM and AFM Correlation with Adsorption Data In Aqueous Solution

C. Brasquet, B. Rousseau, H. Estrade-Szwarckopf, P. Le Cloriec

Electrochemically Modified Activated Carbon for Increasing the Amount of Ion Exchange Properties

S. J. Park and K. D. Kim

Sorption of Platinum Metals Compounds by Carbons with Different Porosity and Surface Nature

I. A. Tarkovskaya, S. V. Rosokha, N. V. Kulik, S. S. Stavitskaya, and L. P. Tikhonova

Sorption of Heavy Metal Ions by Active Carbon-Clay Combined Enterosorbent "Ultrasorb" from Multicomponent Solutions

S. S. Stavitskaya, N. T. Kartel, V. M. Vikarchuk, T. P. Petrenko, and L. A. Kupchik

Physico-Chemical Properties of Activated Carbons Modified by Organic Functional Groups

V. L. Budarin, J. H. Clark, S. V. Mikhalovsky, V. K. Yatsimirsky

About Mechanism of Antiseptic Action of Modified Carbon Materials

T. A. Khalyavka, N. M. Openko, T. I. Denisova, and D. I. Shvets

Adsorption and Desorption of SO2 on Active Carbon

A. Gregório, D. Boavida, I. Gulyurtlu, and I. Cabrita

Application of Sulfur-Impregnated Activated Carbons for the Control of Elemental Mercury Emission From Coal-Fired Power Plants

R. D. Vidic and W. Liu

Effect of Adsorbate Properties on Adsorption Rates in Dry and Pre- humidified Activated Carbon

L-G Hammarström, I. Fängmark, P. R. Norman, A. L. Ness, S. L. McFarlane, N. M. Osmond, and H. Keel

Characteristics of Paulownia Char by Air Treatment and Gamma-Irradiation

Y. Nakayama, T. Ueda, T. Kaida, W. Kawamoto, and Y. Tanimoto

B: Adsorption and Surface Science

(Ljubisa Radovic, Chair)

The Importance of Micropore Size in Eliminating Competitive Adsorption

C. Pelekani and V. L. Snoeyink

Kinetics of Methanol Vapor Adsorption and Desorption on an Activate Carbon

A. J. Fletcher (S) and K. M. Thomas

Multicomponent Adsorption Dynamics Calculations Employing Adsorption Potential and Ideal Adsorbed Solution Theories

J. P. B. Mota, and I. A. A. C. Esteves

Molecular Simulation of Capillary Condensation of N2 on Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes

T. Suzuki, S. Inoue, K. Kaneko, and W. A. Steele

Direct Force Measurement Between Carbon Sphere and HOPG Using AFM

M. Kodama and S. Nishimura

Study on Adsorption Ability of Pitch-Based Spherical Activated Carbon With Different Pore Size Distribution

Z. Liu, L. Ling, Y. Fan, and L. Liu

Calculation of Binary Adsorption Equilibria: Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide on Activated Carbon

L. Marcussen and A. E. W. Krøll

Preparation of Activated Carbons From Sisal by Chemical Activation

D. M. Nevskaia, M. Rosell, A. López-Peinado, J. de D. López-González, and A. Jerez

The Influence of Heat Treatment Temperature on the Interaction of Pitch- and Resin-Based Carbons With Bromine

C. J. Hindmarsh, S. P. Appleyard, and B. Rand

Adsorption and Conversion of H2S Over Modified PAN-based ACF in Presence of H2O and O2

Q. Yang, J. Zheng, Y. Li, M. Wang, and B. Zhang

E: Carbons for Energy Storage

(Ed Buiel, Chair)

Hydrogen Storage in Activated Carbons

M. A. de la Casa-Lillo, D. Cazorla-Amorós, A. Linares-Solano, P. Malbrunot, and D. Vidal

Adsorption Behavior of Methane on High Surface Area Active Carbon

H. Liu, L. Ling, Y. Fan, and L. Liu

Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanotube Arrays

Y. F. Yin, (S) T. Mays, and B. McEnaney

Multicomponent Discharge Dynamics of Adsorbed Natural Gas Storage Systems

J. P. B. Mota and I. A. A. C. Esteves

Anodic Performances and Insertion Mechanism of Hard Carbons Prepared From Synthetic Isotropic Pitches

I. Mochida, C-H. Ku, and Y. Korai

Effects of Cross-Linking Conditions of Precursor Pitch on the Charge-Discharge Performance of Hard Carbon for Lithium Ion Battery

I. Mochida, C-H. Ku, and Y. Korai

Characteristics and Modification of Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Battery

Y-D. Park and S-M. Oh

Anode Performance of PPP-Based Carbons

C. Kim, T. Fujino, K. Miyashita, T. Hayashi, and M. Endo

Structure and Anode Performance of Various Types of Graphitized and B-Doped Materials

C. Kim, T. Fujino, M. Miyashita, and M. Endo

Natural Crystallite Graphite Used as Anode Material in Secondary Lithium Ion Battery

J. Dong, W. Shen, F. Kang, and X. Zhang

How to Avoid the Exfoliation of Microcrystallites in the Graphitized Petroleum Coke Used as the Negative Electrode of the Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Z-Y. Xu, Y-C. Su, Z-C. Zhou, and D-H. Yu

Studies of Charge/Discharge Properties of Mesocarbon Microbeads Carbonized at Low Temperature for Long Times as Negative Electrode for Li-ion Batteries

H. Song, Z. Shen, H. Li, and L. Chen

Ozone Oxidation of Graphite Powder for Electrochemical Applications: Infrared Spectroscopy Characterization

N. A. Asrian, G. N. Bondarenko, G. I. Yemelianova, L. Ye. Gorlenko, R. Marassi, V. A. Nalimova, and D. E. Sklovsky

Carbon-Supported Ruthenium Oxide for Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor Electrodes

E. Halliop and M.J.B. Evans

Electric Double Layer Capacity of Activated Carbon Fiber Containing Meso/Macro Pores

S. Shiraishi, L. Shi, T. Nakayama, and A. Oya

Preparation of Activated Carbon Fiber for Electrodes of Electric Double-Layer Capacitor from Heavy Oil

Y. O. Choi, K. S. Yang, J. H. Kim, and K. H. An

F: Diamond and Vapor Deposited Carbon

(Linda Jones, Chair)

Molecular Modeling of CVD of (111)-Oriented Diamond Film Using a Kinetic Monte Carlo Method

M. Grujicic, R. J. Diefendorf, and S. G. La

Effects of Thermal Stressing Conditions on Carbon Deposition from Jet Fuel Decomposition

F. Zhang, O. Altin, and S. Eser

Deposition of Diamond Film from Fullerenes: Primary Nucleation Density

G. Croissant and S. T. Dimitrijevic

PyC-SiC-Coating on Cardiovascular Stent Materials by CVD

B. S. Rhee, M. Y. Rhee, Y. S. Lee, T. J. Kim

A Novel Catalytic Method to Prepare Silicon Carbide Nanometer Whiskers From SiO2-Mg*-CH4 Systems

S. Cui, C.Z. Lu, H. Z. Wu, Z. Q. Han, Y. L. Qiao, L. Cui, X. Z. Qi and H. M. Kang

Preparation of Advanced Functional Carbon Films by Plasma Processing

T. Terai and H. Kakiuchi

Properties of Carbonaceous Films Prepared by Plasma CVD Method

H. Kakiuchi and T. Terai

I: Intercalation

(Ching-che Hung, Chair)

Structural Analysis of Acceptor Graphite Intercalation Compounds by TEM Combined with Image Processing

T. Miyazaki, K. Oshida, M. Endo, and M. S. Dresselhaus

Changes of Magnetization and Microtexture of Nickel Clusters in Polyimide Film by Heat Treatment

Y. Kaburagi, H. Wakabayashi, T. Toriyama, A. Yoshida, Y. Hishiyama, and H. Hatori