1997 Proceedings – 23rd Biennial Conference

Held at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
July 18-23, 1997


SESSION 1A - Industrial Applications: Pitches

(D. Smith, Chair)

Measurement and modelling of reactivity of industrial pitches

S. C. Martin, A. N. Adams, H. H. Schobert and F. Rusinko, Jr.

Thermal cracking of low-temperature carbonization tars to produce anode binder pitch

R. A. Knight and D. D. Banerjee

Laboratory vacuum distillation simulation and verification of QI increase

B. Gerber and M. C. Botha

SESSION 1B - Industrial Applications: Batteries

(R. Winans, Chair)

PPP (poly p-phenylene)-based carbons: structure and anode performances in a Li ion battery

M. Endo, R. Ismail, T. Hiraoka, T. Karaki, T. Kasai, M. J. Matthews, S. D. M. Brown and M. S. Dresselhaus

Mechanism of lithium insertion in mesocarbon microbeads used as anodes

S. Gautier, E. Frackowiak, J. Machnikowski, J. Conard, J. N. Rouzaud and F. Béguin

Structure of carbons prepared with pillared clay templates

R. E. Winans, G. Sandi, K. A. Carrado and P. Thiyagarajan

SESSION 1C - Adsorption and Surface Science: Carbon as a catalyst

(J. Phillips, Chair)

Quantification of the catalytic effect of activated carbon on the removal of monochloramine

R. W. Farmer and S. L. Kovacic

Activated carbon fibers from PAN. II. Catalytic activity for SO2 oxidation

I. Martin-Gullón, M. Jagtoyen, C. Kimber and F. Derbyshire

Surface-treated activated carbons as catalysts in the dehydrogenation and dehydration reactions of alcohols

C. Moreno-Castilla, F. Carrasco-Marín and A. Mueden

SESSION 1D - Carbonization, Mesophase and Graphitization

(I. Mochida, Chair)

Surface morphology of carbon aerogels before and after heat treatment

B. Pevzner, M. S. Dresselhaus, T. D. Tran and R. W. Pekala

Microcellular graphitic foam

H. J. Anderson, K. M. Kearns and D. P. Anderson

Anisotropy development through liquid crystals and gels

S. Bonnamy and A. Oberlin

SESSION 2A - Industrial Applications: Pitches

(H. K. Mayer, Chair)

Viscosity testing of pitches: shear rate and time dependence

W. D. Smith

Determination of the capability of pitch viscosity and softening point measurement systems

K. C. Krupinski

Elasticity of isotropic pitches observed by dynamic and creep rheology

J. Daji and B. Rand

α-relaxation of an isotropic petroleum pitch: controlled stress and strain oscillatory rheometry study

X. Py and E. Daguerre

SESSION 2B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage. Production of carbon molecular sieves

(A. A. Lizzio and M. B. Rao, Chairs)

Granular carbon molecular sieves from lignocellulosic materials

C. Gómez de Salazar, F. Coloma, A. Sepúlveda-Escribano and F. Rodríguez-Reinoso

Modified activated carbons as molecular sieves for gas separation

J. L. Figueiredo and M. M. A. Freitas

A new method for controlling the pore structure of porous carbon using pillar effect

K. Miura, H. Nakagawa, K. Watanabe and Y. Harada

Carbon molecular sieves from acidified coconut shell char

S. Vijayalakshmi and S. R. Patwardhan

SESSION 2C - Adsorption and Surface Science: Carbon as a catalyst

(A. Gaffney, Chair)

Catalytic activity of carbon-enriched fly ash

P. B. Kaufman, D. H. Finseth and M. Farcasiu

Influence of nitrogen content of activated carbons on their aging behavior

S. Matzner, T. Kuretzky and H. P. Boehm

Active carbons as catalysts for the oxidation of hydrogen sulfide

V. Meeyoo, D. L. Trimm and N. W. Cant

Hydrodehalogenation of substituted chlorobenzenes mediated by activated carbon

D. Santoro and R. Louw

SESSION 2D - Carbonization, Mesophase and Graphitization

(S. Eser, Chair)

Microstructures and some properties of meso-carbon microbeads

I. Mochida, S. Ishida, Y.-G. Wang, F. Watanabe and Y. Korai

Preparation of meso-carbon microbeads by dispersing anisotropic pitch in the isotropic pitch in the presence of inert materials

I. Mochida, S. Ishida, Y.-G. Wang and Y. Korai

Effect of addition of Sm2O3 and Nd2O3 on the graphitization of phenolformaldehyde-resin carbon beads

Y. Uchiyama, R. Namikawa, M. Tomimatsu, H. Sano and K. Kobayashi

The effects of the primary PI in raw material on the yield and structure of MCMBs

Y.-G. Lu, L.-C. Ling, L. Liu and B.-J. Zhang

SESSION 3A - Intercalated and Chemically Modified Graphites

(D. D. L. Chung, Chair)

Energy components in K(THF)xC24 lattices

A. Charlier, R. Setton, M.-F. Charlier and A. Laurent

Electrochemical behavior of flexible graphite

C. A. Frysz and D. D. L. Chung

Intercalation compounds of alkali metal in boron substituted carbons BxC1-x

L. Duclaux, B. Ottaviani, L. Piraux, E. Grivei, J. P. Issi, F. Beguin and S. Flandrois

Microstructure study of residue H2SO4 intercalated graphite

J. Gu, F. Zhang, H. Liu, T. Zhang, F. Kang and W. Shen

SESSION 3B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage. Characterization of carbon molecular sieves

(M. B. Rao and A. A. Lizzio, Chairs)

Adsorption of gases and vapours on carbon molecular sieves

C. R. Reid, I. P. Okoye, M. Benham and K. M. Thomas

Binary adsorption kinetics and equilibrium measurement on CMS using the isotope exchange technique

R. M. Rynders, M. B. Rao, J. M. Shabrach and S. Sircar

Kinetics of air adsorption on CMS studied by TPD-MS-SMB

I. Avraham, A. Danon and J. E. Koresh

Quantum modeling of the diffusion of gases in carbon molecular sieves

N. H. Morgon, A. G. Soares and D. G. Pinatti

SESSION 3C - Industrial Application: General

(L. Lenze, Chair)

Electrical sliding contacts impregnated with magnesium and magnesium alloys

U. Ringleb, U. Wiessler, K. Frisch and R. Wolf

Resin bonded carbon ring for mechanical components

K.-J. Kim, K.-Y. Cho and H.-N. Youm

Correlation of fracture parameters with graphite electrode performance on an arc furnace

H. Jozavi and B. Bowman

Prebaked carbon electrode from Indonesian green petroleum coke

T. I. Pudiyanto, S. Nurlatifah and P. Sulaksana

SESSION 3D - Carbonization, Mesophase and Graphitization

(P. L. Walker, Jr., Chair)

The estimation of the rotational misorientation by the projected probability function of a displacement of carbon layer planes

H. Fujimoto, A. Mabuchi, H. Tokumitsu and T. Kasuh

Synthesis and characterization of novel boron-containing carbon (B/C) materials prepared by 9-chloroborafluorene

T. C. Chung and R. Hu

Synthesis and application of boron-substituted polyaromatic mesophase

J. Gremmels and K. J. Hüttinger

Discussion on the acceleration of graphitization by boron

M. Inagaki, T. Nakahashi, K. Nakajima, T. Sogabe, T. Matsuda and K. Kuroda


I-1c - Surface science of carbon and related materials

Surface properties of carbon-mineral adsorbents as examined by 1H NMR spectroscopy

R. Leboda, V. V. Turov, J. Skubiszewska-Zieba and V. I. Bogillo

Measurement of the ion reflection rate of carbon surfaces

N. Nishino, Y. Ishitani, T. Fujimoto, H. Akita and K. Goda

Surface Oxidation of boron-doped carbons

W. Cermignani and C. G. Pantano

XPS analysis for the thermal conversion of a vinylpyridine resin into active carbon

J. Lahaye, C. Nanse, P. Fioux, A. Bagreev, A. Broshnik and V. Strelko

Effective temperature of amorphous carbon studied using nuclear resonance photon scattering

R. Moreh, O. Beck, D. Jager, Y. Finkelstein, U. Kneissl, J. Margraf, H. Maser and H. H. Pitz

I-1d - Carbon as a catalyst

Diffusion of n-hexane and its oxidation products in porous media of activated carbon

J. Barkauskas, A. Kareiva and K. Jansson

Effects of activated carbon surface on thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons

P. H. Chang and S. Eser

Transition metal-doped carbon fibrous materials: preparation, characterization and dehydrogenation activity

Y. C. Kryazhev, I. Y. Petroy, C. P. Khokhlova and Y. F. Patrakov

Carbon molecular sieve films as catalysts for fine chemical production: an efficient synthesis of α,β-unsaturated nitriles

J. M. Lopez-Pestafla, H. Hatori, S. Sihishiki, R. M. Martin-A randa, A. J. López-Peinado and Y. Yamada

Norit activated carbon as acid catalyst for the ring opening of epoxides

R. M. Martin-Aranda, D. M. Nevskaia, A. J. López-Peinado and J. D. López González

Catalyzed regeneration of activated carbons used for nonylphenol adsorption from aqueous solutions

D. M. Nevskaia, C. Barthelemy and A. Guerrero-Ruíz

Pitch-based activated carbon fibers containing K2CO3 as catalyst: autocondensation of cyclohexanone

J. Przepiorski, A. Oya, Y. Abe, A. J. López-Peinado and R. M. Martin-Aranda

Alkaline carbon as base catalysts: convenient route to α,β-unsaturated ketones

J. Rubio, R. M. Martin-Aranda, J. D. Casquero-Ruiz and J. D. López-González

Catalytic dehydrohalogenation of alkyl halides over activated carbons. The effect of surface functional groups on carbon catalytic activity

C. S. Szymanski, C. Rychlicki and A. Swiatkowski

Oxidation of isobomeol over carbon catalysts

H. Valente, J. Vital, I. F. Silva, A. M. Ramos, A. M. Botelho do Rego and M. J. Reis

I-1f - Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage

Supersonic molecular beams - TPD-MS - a novel high sensitive device for surface characterization

I. Avraham, A. Danon and J. E. Koresh

Molecular sieve properties of carbons obtained from coals

T. A. Centeno, R. Manso, J. A. Pajares and H. F. Stoeckli

SO2 adsorption on active carbon: the effect of certain metal compounds

P. Davini and C. Stoppato

Gas sorption techniques for characterizing carbon fiber composite molecular sieves

E. L. Fuller, Jr., T. D. Burchell and M. R. Rogers

Physical properties of activated carbon aerogels

Y. Hanzawa and K. Kaneko

Preparation of porous carbon from organic polymer/silica nano composite

T. Kyotani, D. Kawashima, T. Aihara, Y. Kobayashi and A. Tomita

SO2 interaction with a Ca-exchanged-coal

M. C. Román, T. Takarada, Y. Suzuki and A. Linares

A study of the effects of air preoxidation and burnoff on the preparation of granular activated carbons from a semianthracite

B. Ruiz, J. J. Pis, J. B. Parra and J. A. Pajares

A model for microporosity development during char activation

C. A. Simons and M. A. Wojtowicz

Preparation of carbon molecular sieves for oxygen separation from air

K. J. Slota, M. P. Cal, A. A. Lizzio and M. J. Rood

Pore size distribution of activated carbon fibers determined by a model isotherm equation

J. Sun. S. Chen, M. Rostam-Abadi and M. J. Rood

Activated carbon ammonia and natural gas adsorptive storage

L. L. Vasiliev, L. E. Kanonchik, V. V. Khrolenok, D. A. Mishkinis and A. S. Zhuravlyov

I-2 - Carbonization, Mesophase and Graphitization

Image analysis of mesophase spheres

S. Bonnamy, C. Clinard, K. Lafdi and A. Oberlin

Synthesis of B/C materials from boron-containing phenyl acetylides

T. C. Chung and M. Chasmawala

Activation of mesophase by oxygen plasma

A. R. Coutinho, C. Otani, S. Otani, M. Massi, H. S. Maciel and C. A. Luengo

Production of mesophase from a coal tar pitch in a semi-pilot polymerization reactor

A. T. Gontijo, C. Otani, S. Otani and C. A. Luengo

Study on control of mesophase spherulite diameters

Z. Hu, L. Ling, L. Liu and B. Zhang

Fractionation of pitches by gel permeation chromatography

H. K. Mayer, E. J. Nanni and I. C. Lewis

Rheology and kinetics of coke formation evaluated using a simple, high pressure viscometer

B. A. Newman and W. M. Kalback

Growth and development of anisotropic phase in pitch and ultrasonic properties

A. Tanaka, C. Yamaguchi, J. Mondori and H. Matsui

Effects of carbon black addition on the microstructure of meso-carbon microbeads

Y.-C. Wang, S. Ishida, M. Egashihara, Y. Korai and I. Mochida

Preparation and characterization of Goynuk oil shale derived pitch precursors

M. F. Yardim, A. Almughery, S. Eser and E. Ekinci

I-5b - Batteries

Characterization of porous structure and electrochemical properties of synthetic active carbons for electric double-layer capacitors

A. Bagreev, Y. Tarasenko, Z. Kovalyuk and I. Grigorchak

Characterization of oxygen electrodes with carbon black containing as catalyst metal oxide

K. Horita, S. Fujiwara and X. Li

Anodic performances of carbon prepared from synthetic mesophase pitches

C.-H. Ku, Y. Korai, K. Sakanishi and I. Mochida

Anodic performances of carbons prepared from isotropic quinoline pitch

C.-H. Ku, Y. Korai, K. Sakanishi and I. Mochida

Novel synthetic carbon materials as supercapacitors

C. Lin, J. A. Ritter and B. N. Popov

Characterization of carbon fibers by electrochemical impedance spectrometry in sulfuric acid

I. Tomizuka, A. Miyazaki and T. Meguro

Charge/discharge characteristics of meso-carbon microbeads prepared from synthetic isotropic pitch

Y.-G. Wang, C.-H. Ku, S. Ishida, Y. Korai and I. Mochida

Study on lithium ion charge and discharge mechanism in disordered carbon electrode

C. Yamaguchi, S. Wang, J. Mondori and H. Matsui

I-5f - Industrial Applications: General

Evaluation for the influence of impurities in graphite parts on single crystal silicon

T. Arahori, M. Kano, D. Gilmore and H. Murakami

On anisotropy of apparent density and porosity of fine-grain graphites

C. M. Butyrin, A. S. Bakman and A. V. Demin

Effect of composition of graphite-containing crucible and muffle masses on structure of samples based thereon

C. M. Butyrin, O. A. Demin and A. I. Snegirev

Studies of pre-baked industrial electrodes

M. M. Coser, W. A. G. Oliveira, A. G. Cunha, K. M. B. Alves, E. J. Lourenço and F. C. Emmerich

Petrographic characterization of carbon and other components in automobile brakes

J. C. Crelling, P. Filip and M. A. Wright

Characterization of carbon and other components in automobile brakes with density gradient centrifugation

J. C. Crelling, P. Filip and M. A. Wright

The effect of porosity on the blunt indentation fracture of graphite

M. Hartley and B. McEnaney

Nanoindentation determinations of elastic modulus and hardness of PyC samples

G. Hofmann, J. Hay, M. Wiedenmeier, M. Freund, A. Beavan and G. M. Pharr

Fracture toughness tests of nuclear graphites

S. Ishiyama and M. Eto

Low-cost C-C composites for electronic packaging applications

W. Kowbel, F. Demeree, K. T. Tsou and J. C. Withers

Influence of composition of reaction medium of process sulphuric acid alkylation of isoalkanes by alkenes on isobutane solubility and alkylate octane number

A. I. Lutsyk, E. S. Rudakov and G. G. Gundilovich

Evaluation of needle coke appearance by illumination by reflected light

K. Matsuoka, T. Fujii, Y. Fujii, T. Miura, T. Oyama and E. Kitajima

Studies of electrodic Soderberg paste

W. A. G. Oliveira, M. M. Coser, A. G. Cunha, K. M. B. Alves, E. J. Lourenço and F. G. Emmerich

Properties of carbon graphite materials for seal ring application

G. Rinn and R. Wolf

Structure investigations for PyC samples fabricated at several fluidized bed axial positions using x-ray diffraction

M. Wiedenmeier, G. Hofmann, M. Freund and A. Beavan

Small angle x-ray scattering investigation of pyrolytic carbon

M. Wiedenmeier, C. Hofmann, M. Freund, A. Beavan and R. Ortega

Shungite effect on some properties of elastomers

A. B. Solovieva, L. E. Neschadina, N. N. Rozhkova and A. Z. Zaidenberg

I-6 - Intercalated and Chemically Modified Graphites

Negative magnetoresistance in boronated graphite

Y. Kaburagi and Y. Hishiyama

Synthesis and properties of a new carbon/nitrogen material of composition C3N3.6-4.5O1.1-1.2H4.1-4.2

M. Kawaguchi, K. Nozaki, Y. Kaburagi and Y. Hishiyama

Deintercalation of Na-graphite intercalation compounds and their thermal stability

W.-C. Oh, M.-K. Kim and Y.-H. Lee

Dynamic of transformation under the heat treatment of a new carbon phase carbolite studied by calorimetry

A. V. Palnichenko, A. F. Gurov, V. N. Kopylov, K. Kusano, S. Tanuma and E. I. Salamatov

Anomalous conduction with the phase transitions in SbCl5-GICs

K. Sugihara, K. Matsubara, M. Suzuki and I. S. Suzuki

SESSION 4A - Intercalated and Chemically Modified Graphites

(C. C. Hung, Chair)

Surface structure investigations of tantalum(V) chloride-graphite by scanning tunneling microscopy

J. Walter, H. Shioyama, Y. Sawada and S. Hara

Carbonaceous materials chemically modified by sulfur and fluorine

C-C. Hung

Synthesis of a new graphite-like material of composition BC6N2(H) and the structure of its precursor

M. Kawaguchi, A. Sugiyama, Y. Wakukawa, K. Tatsumi and H. Shioyama

a- and c-axes resistivity and magnetoresistance of stage 2-9 SbCl5-GICs

K. Matsubara, S. Higano, K. Kawamura, K. Sugihara, M. Suzuki and I. S. Suzuki

SESSION 4B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage. Gas storage

(M. J. Rood and A. A. Lizzio, Chairs)

A theoretical study of the impact of heavy impurities on the performance of natural gas adsorptive storage systems

J. P. Barbosa-Mota

Modification of active carbons for natural gas storage systems

B. Buczek and L. Czepirski

Tire-derived activated carbons for gas separation, storage and cleanup

C. M. Lehmann, M. Rostam-Abadi and M. J. Rood

Microporous carbons for gas-storage applications

M. A. Wojtowicz, W. W. Smith, M. A. Serio, C. A. Simons and W. D. Fuller

SESSION 4C - Industrial Application: General

(H. H. Schobert Chair)

Low-cost C-C composites for cylinder liners

W. Kowbel, J. C. Withers, F. Demeree and P. O. Ransone

Fabrication of near net shape C-C engine components

J. C. Withers, R. Vaidyanathan, W. Kowbel, M. Oroz, R. O. Loutfy and P. O. Ransone

Research of the carbon/carbon (C/C) nozzle

X. Huo and H. Liu

The research and application of copper impregnated coarse grain graphite throat

J. Su, C. Li, Z. Hao, W. Cheng and Y. Zhang

SESSION 4D - Carbonization, Mesophase and Graphitization

(I. C. Lewis, Chair)

Kinetics of pyrolysis of petroleum residues

M. Martinez-Escandell, P. Torregrosa, F. Rodríguez-Reinoso, H. Marsh, E. Romero and C. Gómez de Salazar

Reactions of hydrocarbons and sulfur compounds during early stages of carbonization

R. M. Filley and S. Eser

Isotope analyses of compounds produced from carbonization of 13C labeled 4-methyldibenzothiophene with FCC decant oils

T. R. Filley, R. M. Filley, S. Eser and K. H. Freeman

Chemical- and mesophase-forming characteristics for an extract from hydrotreated coal

R. T. Lewis and I. C. Lewis


SESSION 5A - Adsorption and Surface Science: Surface science of carbon and related materials

(C. C. Pantano, Chair)

Chemical transformations resulting from pyrolysis and carbon dioxide activation of Kevlar

R. H. Bradley, A. Cuesta, A. Martínez-Alonso and J. M. D. Tascón

Adsorption of N2 on Grafoil in the fluid and vapor phases

Y. Finkelstein, R. Moreh and O. Shahal

Characterization of activated carbon (Norit R1 Extra) by adsorption equilibria, impedance spectroscopy and ESCA measurements

R. Staudt, F. Dreisbach and J. U. Keller

SESSION 5B - Industrial Applications: Batteries

(R. E. Winans, Chair)

Preparation and performance of coke from coals as an anode of lithium ion secondary battery

I. Mochida, S. Ishida, Y.-C. Chang, Y. Korai, Y. Nitta and S. Kasamatu

Relation between discharge capacity of carbon anode for Li secondary battery and carbon structure

H. Fujimoto, A. Mabuchi, K. Tokumitsu and T. Kasuh

Electric-double-layer capacitance and chronological variation of sodium content of ex-lignin carbon fibers

I. Tomizuka, A. Miyazaki and T. Meguro

SESSION 5C - Adsorption and Surface Science: Carbon as a catalyst support. Carbon surface chemistry

(C. A. Leon y Leon, Chair)

Further insights into the basicity of carbons

J. A. Menéndez, J. Phillips, B. Xia and L. R. Radovic

Activation of an active carbon by irreversibly adsorbed CO2 and SO2

A. J. Groszek

Regularities in the temperature-programmed desorption spectra of CO2 and CO from activated carbons

C. Moreno-Castilla, J. Rivera-Utrilla, M. A. Ferro-García, F. Carrasco-Marín, S. Haydar, A. Perrard and J. P. Joly

SESSION 5D - Carbonization, Mesophase and Graphitization

(R. T. Lewis, Chair)

Preferred orientation of coke particles

R. Tiwari, S. L. Strong and I. C. Lewis

Automated digital image analysis of semi-coke texture

C. L. Qiao and S. Eser

Carbonization in geometrically restricted spaces

J.-N. Rouzaud, D. Chaudré, F. Béguin and C. Moneger

SESSION 6A - Industrial Applications: Pitches

(J. T. Baron, Chair)

Molecular weight characterization of isotropic and mesophase pitches by matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry

W. M. Southard, T. A. Snow, C. N. McEwen, J. C. Lavin, H. E. Romine and E. J. Nanni

The viscoelastic behavior of air-blown coal-tar pitches

O. Fleurot, R. Menéndez, C. Blanco, R. Santamaría, J. Bermejo and D. D. Edie

Properties and molecular structure of pitch produced in air-blowing reaction

C. Yamaguchi, H. Matsuyoshi, J. Mondori, H. Matsui, H. Kumagai and Y. Sanada

Characterization of coal tar pitches in air-blowing reaction by ultrasonic method

A. Tanaka

SESSION 6B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage. Modeling

(S. Chen and M. B. Rao, Chairs)

Modeling the mass transfer of air-phase volatile organic compounds through GAC during loading and advanced oxidant regeneration

P. D. Paulsen and F. S. Cannon

Numerical modeling of adsorption dynamics through activated-carbon-fiber cloth

M. Lordgooei, M. J. Rood and M. Rostam-Abadi

Determination of pore size distribution using a modified DR equation

J. Sun, M. J. Rood and M. Rostam-Abadi

Fractal networks of carbon nanopores

P. Pfeifer, F. Ehrburger-Dolle, T. Rieker, P. W. Schmidt, D. J. Voss, F. Rodríguez-Reinoso, M. Molina-Sabio and M. T. Gonzalez

SESSION 6C - Adsorption and Surface Science: Carbon as a catalyst support. Carbon support pretreatment

(C. A. Leon y Leon, Chair)

Sorptive properties of activated carbons with different degrees'of surface oxidation

V. Strelko Jr., M. Streat and V. V. Strelko

Fruit stones carbons: optimization of processes to prepare active and oxidized forms

N. T. Kartel

Uniform activation of large carbon fiber composites

M. Jagtoyen, C. Kimber and F. Derbyshire

Adsorption properties of fluorinated carbon

T. M. Roshchina, N. K. Shoniya and A. V. Burobina

SESSION 6D - Fibers and Composites

(L. E. Jones, Chair)

Preparation of carbon fiber from coal tar reacted with nitrogen-containing compounds

K. S. Yang, K. S. Shin, Y. A. Kim and K. H. An

Conversion of a co-polyimide fiber into carbon fiber

C. S. Bhat and R. Schwanke

Carbonization study of stabilized PAN fibres

J. Mittal, H. Konno, M. Inagaki and O. P. Bahl

Effects of shear rate and capillary entry angle on fiber properties

W. D. Nothwang, T. R. McCormick, S. Sheikh, B. Starks, C. C. Fain and D. D. Edie

SESSION 7A - Growth of Carbon: Vapor grown carbon fibers

(C. A. Bernardo, Chair)

The production of silicon included vapor grown carbon fibers using the liquid pulse injection technique

S. R. Mukai, T. Masuda, T. Harada and K. Hashimoto

Producing vapor grown carbon fibers with high sulfur coal

R. L. Alig and D. J. Burton

Crowing carbon fibers near the iron-graphite eutectic

G. G. Tibbetts and M. P. Balogh

Surface effects of copper on deposit formation from jet fuel range hydrocarbons

J. Li and S. Eser

SESSION 7B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage. Gas cleanup

(M. B. Rao and A. A. Lizzio, Chairs)

NO reduction by nitrogen-doped model carbons

S. Matzner and H. P. Boehm

Metal catalyzed NOx reduction by activated carbons

E. Raymundo-Piñero, M. J. Illán-Cómez, A. Linares-Solano and C. Salinas-Martinez de Lecea

Preparation of activated char for combined SO2/NOx removal

A. A. Lizzio and C. A. Murphy

Development of combined NO and SO2 removal processes

B. B. Park, Y. S. Lee, S. K. Ryu and B. S. Rhee

SESSION 7C - Adsorption and Surface Science: Carbon as catalyst support. Carbon-supported catalyst preparation

(C. Q. Lu, Chair)

Activated carbon as support for Ni catalyst for methane reforming with carbon dioxide

S. Wang and C. Q. (Max) Lu

Surfactant-enhanced catalyst dispersion on carbonaceous materials

C. M. K. Abotsi, Y. D. Yeboah, K. B. Bota, S. Mayes, C. Saha and F. E. Porbeni

Oxidized graphites as catalyst supports

N. I. Kovtyukhova and A. Chuiko

Preparation and investigation of selective metal- and metal-complex/active carbon catalysts for hydrogenation

Y. Tarasenko, A. Bagreev and V. Strelko

SESSION 7D - Fibers and Composites

(I. Harrison, Chair)

Formation and change of pleat structure in mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber

S.-H. Hong, Y. Korai and I. Mochida

Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure of mesophase fiber

S. Subramoney, J. C. Lavin, B. Fathollahi and J. L. White

Modeling of structure development during flow of mesophase pitch through capillaries

O. Fleurot and D. D. Edie

Microstructure development in PANox fibers during fabrication of particulate carbon matrix composites

L. M. Manocha and S. B. Shah


II-1d - Carbon as a catalyst

Synthetic active carbons with immobilized complex compounds

Y. V. Basova, A. V. Palchik, O. A. Varzatskiy and E. C. Oksamitnaya

Oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane catalyzed by activated carbons

M. Domingo-Garcia, I. Fernández-Morales, F. J. López-Garzón and C. Moreno-Castilla

Topography and morphology of carbon deposits on carbonized adsorbents and mineral catalysts

R. Leboda and B. Charmas

Acid activated carbon for the acetalization of carbonylic compounds

R. M. Martin-Aranda, D. M. Nevskaia, A. Jerez and J. D. López González

Catalytic properties of activated carbons in liquid phase oxidation of organic compounds

S. V. Mikhalovsky and V. B. Vol kov

Norit carbon as catalyst: esterification of benzoic acid with alcohols

D. M. Nevskaia, R. M. Martin-Aranda, J. D. Casquero-Ruiz and J. D. López González

The effect of surface carbon functional groups on acrylonitrile, styrene and pinenes polymerization

A. M. Ramos, I. F. Silva J. Vital, D. McKee, A. M. Botelho do Rego and M. J. Reis

Catalytic properties of proton and cation-substituted forms of oxidized carbons in reactions of hydrolysis, esterification, reesterification

S. S. Stavitskaya, I. A. Tarkovskaya and V. V. Strelko

II-1e - Carbon as a catalyst support

Characterization of exhausted carbons used for air purification in sewage systems

T. J. Bandosz and Q. Le

The estimation of oxidation degree of active carbons by sorption and thermogravimetric methods

B. Buczek

Study of superficial groups of several graphite oxides in helium and hydrogen

J. Díaz-Terán, D. M. Nevskaia, A. López-Peinado, E. Cantero, J. D. Casquero-Ruíz, J. D. López-González and A. Jerez

Characterization of oxygen plasma-treated activated carbon

A. B. García, A. Martinez-Alonso, C. A. Leon y Leon and J. M. D. Tascón

Functional group of carbon fibers and activated carbon fibers treated with ozone

K. R. Ko, C. C. Kim and S. K. Ryu

Effect of carbon on the porosity texture of alumina support on its impregnation with amphiphilic carbonaceous material

R. N. Nickolov and D. R. Mehandjiev

Characterization of nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing carbon

A. M. Puziy and O. I. Poddubnaya

The thiophene conversion on carbon-supported molybdenum catalysts

A. A. Spojakina, N. C. Kostova and V. Minkova

II-1f - Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage

Use of carbon molecular sieves for chromatographic separations of permanent and other gases

W. R. Betz and M. J. Keller

New fossil precursors for active carbon

N. V. Bodoev, R. Gruber, V. A. Kucherenko, J.-M. Cuet, A. P. Kozlov, N. Cohaut and O. Heintz

N20 reductions by coals and chars

W.-Y. Chen and X. Zhang

Molecular sieve properties of general purpose carbon fibers

M. de la Casa-Lillo, J. Alcañiz-Monge, D. Cazorla-Amorós, A. Linares-Solano and A. Oya

Effects of acid treatment on the pore and surface structural evolution during carbonization of coal-based material

F. Haghseresht and C. Q. (Max) Lu

Structure and properties of carbon films prepared from polyimide containing metal compounds

H. Hatori, S. Hishiki, R. M. Martin-Aranda, Y. Yamada, M. Shiraishi, T. Nishio

Activated char from Illinois coal for VOC control

B. H. Howard, A. A. Lizzio, A. M. Chang and M. P. Cal

Radon adsorption in activated carbon by open system

Y. Nakayama, H. Wada, K. Shiraishi, H. Nagao, E. Tanaka and I. Abe

Effect of oxygen on the adsorption of SO2 on activated carbon

J. Rodriguez-Mirasol, T. Cordero and J. J. Rodriguez

II-2 - Carbonization, Mesophase and Graphitization

Influence of naphthalene based coal tar derived oils on mesophase characteristics

A. T. Gontijo, C. Otani, S. Otani and C. A. Luengo

Thermodynamics of carbonaceous mesophase

R. Hurt and Y. Hu

Biomass carbonization: Rotary kiln experiments and reaction modeling

W. Klose and W. Wiest

Carbonization of coals restructurized via intercalation-like reactions

V. A. Kucherenko, T. V. Khabarova, R. Gruber, O. Heintz and C. J. Chotiy

Relation between texture and reactivity in metallurgical cokes obtained from coal using petroleum coke as additive

J. J. Pis, J. A. Menéndez, R. Alvarez, M. A. Diez and J. B. Parra

Porosity and thermal expansion of calcined cokes

C. L. Qiao and S. Eser

Evolution on the structure of PI film-derived carbon products during carbonization by WAXD method

C. X. Zhao, S. A. Qian and L. Liu

Study on the thermostructuralization of PAN thin film

C. X. Zhao, S. J. Jia and J. B. Yang

II-3 - Fibers and Composites

The preparation and characterization of isotropic carbon fiber from chemically modified coal-tar pitch

K. S. Yang, D. J. Lee, Y. J. Kim, K. H. An and I. Mochida

Carbon fibers from a partially oriented polyvinyl alcohol fiber

S. Natesan and C. S. Bhat

Direct graphitization of stabilized PAN fibers

J. Mittal, O. P. Bahl and R. B. Mathur

Raman spectrum of modified PAN-based carbon fibers during graphitization

T.-H. Ko

Origin of microstructures found in mesophase pitch based carbon fiber

S.-H. Hong, Y. Korai and I. Mochida

TEM observation of VGCF produced by a continuous process

J.-M. Ting, M. Saqib and D. J. Burton

Disclination arrays formed in spinning mesophase pitch

B. Fathollahi and J. L. White

Fiber-matrix bonding and microstructure of PANox-derived carbon-carbon composites

L. M. Manocha and K. C. Patel

High thermal conductivity carbon fibers from supercritically extracted mesophase pitch

F. M. Dauché, A. B. Barnes, N. C. Gallego, C. C. Fain, D. D. Edie and M. C. Thies

Direct measurement of carbon thermal diffusivities using optical beam deflection (OBD)

J. W. Monzyk, K Lafdi, K. W. Johnson and R. D. Holland

Effects of stabilization conditions on mechanical properties and electrical resistivity of mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers

Y. Zhang, L. Ling and L. Liu

Preparation and mechanical properties of mesophase pitch-based hollow carbon fibers

C.-Y. Wang, M.-W. Li and C.-T. Cuo

The effect of carbonization temperature of PAN fiber on the properties of activated carbon fiber composites

J. C. Lee, B. H. Lee, B. C. Kim, M. J. Park and D. Y. Lee

Pitch-based carbon/carbon composites with discontinuous reinforcements

C. Blanco, R. Santamaría, J. S. Canga, J. Bermejo and R. Menéndez

2D carbon/carbon composites produced with mesophase pitch using high pressure

H. J. Chung, Y. S. Lim, H. S. Ha, J. Y. Lee, J. K. Park, B. I. Yoon and D. Cho

II-5d - Carbon Blacks

Neutron spectroscopic investigations on different grades of modified furnace blacks and gas blacks

P. Albers, K. Seibold, C. Presher, B. Freund, S. F. Parker, J. Tomkinson, D. K. Ross and F. Fillaux

Surface energy of commercial and pyrolytic carbon blacks by inverse gas chromatography: comparison with surface chemistry

H. Darmstadt, H. Cormier, C. Roy and S. Kaliaguine

Distribution analysis of carbon black aggregate anisometry

T. C. Gruber and C. R. Herd

Analysis of carbon black microstructure at different TEM goniometer tilt angles

C. R. Herd and P. C. Vegvari

II-5e - Pitches

The study of QI extraction from coal tar pitch using coal-tar-derived oils as solvent in a centrifugation process

A. T. Gontijo, C. Otani, S. Otani and C. A. Luengo

Characterization of cokes derived from various industrial pitch binders

K. C. Krupinski, W. E. Saver, E. R. McHenry, J. T. Baron, T. A. Mutschler and G. D. Wall

Toward the development of a superior binder for carbon materials

S. C. Martin, A. N. Adams, H. H. Schobert and F. Rusinko, Jr.

The influence of thermal treatment on the rheology of coal tar pitches

R. Menéndez, A. Figueiras, J. Bermejo, O. Fleurot and D. Edie

Studies on making pitches from clarified oil

H. Singh, M. Srivastava and I. D. Singh

SESSION 8A - Growth of Carbon: Vapor grown carbon fibers

(S. R. Mukai, Chair)

Structure and reactivity of vapor-grown carbon fibers

J. L. Figueiredo and P. Serp

The effect of the morphology on the mechanical and interfacial properties of vapour grown carbon fibres

F. W. J. van Hattum, P. Serp, J. L. Figueiredo, A. Madronero and C. A. Bernardo

The strength and stiffness of vapor-grown carbon fiber/thermoplastic composites

J. J. McHugh and G. G. Tibbetts

Vapor grown carbon fiber composites with epoxy and poly(phenylene sulfide) matrices

C. U. Pittman, Jr., L. Wang and R. D. Patton

SESSION 8B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Novel carbons for gas separation, cleanup and storage. Gas cleanup

(M. Cal and A. A. Lizzio, Chairs)

Adsorption of organics present in air onto activated carbon fibers

A. Subrenat, E. Subrenat and P. Le Cloirec

Influence of water on the adsorption of VOCs on activated carbon

J. Rodriguez-Mirasol, T. Cordero and J. J. Rodriguez

Hot gas cleanup with carbon-based sorbents

B. W. Strickler, M. P. Cal, A. A. Lizzio and M. J. Rood

Parameters, kinetics and mechanisms of heterogeneous rebuming

W.-Y. Chen and L. Tang

SESSION 8C - Adsorption and Surface Science: Carbon as a catalyst support. Carbon-supported catalyst performance

(C. M. K. Abotsi, Chair)

Carbon-supported Ni-W sulfide catalysts for hydroprocessing diesel feedstocks - dramatic activity improvements by boron promotion

C. Sudhakar

Transition metal oxides supported on active carbons as catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3

J. Pasel, P. Kaessner and H. Papp

Cobalt catalysts supported on activated carbons with different surface properties

M. Huertemendia, F. Coloma, A. Sepúlveda-Escribano and F. Rodríguez-Reinoso

A kinetic and DRIFTS study of crotonaldehyde hydrogenation over carbon-supported copper

A. Dandekar, R. T. K. Baker and M. A. Vannice

SESSION 8D - Fibers and Composites

(D. D. L. Chung, Chair)

Thermal conductivity and electrical resistance of radiation damaged pitch-based fibers

J. H. Barkyoumb, J. V. Foltz, N. A. Guardala and J. L. Price

Electromechanical behavior of carbon fiber

X. Wang and D. D. L. Chung

Tensile strength and electrical conductivity of activated carbon fibers

C. M. Kimber, A. Vego, T. D. Rantell and C. C. El Seaidy

Dual viscose and PAN-based carbon filaments: mechanical and porous properties

P. Ehrburger, D. Chéret, A. Choserot, P. Dziedzinl and S. Gransard


SESSION 9A - Adsorption and Surface Science: Surface Science

(C. G. Pantano, Chair)

Chemical reactions on the surface of carbon

E. P. Smirnov

Effect of boron-doping on the electronic state of graphite surface and its implications on the oxidation mechanism

Q. Wang, X. Ma, L.-Q. Chen, W. Cermignani, C. G. Pantano and H. H. Schobert

Direct thermal fluorination of diamond surfaces

F. Okino, M. Matsuzawa, H. Touhara, T. Ando and Y. Sato

SESSION 9B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Gas-phase adsorption processes

(K. Kaneko, Chair)

Computer simulation approach to adsorption of CCl4 on activated carbons

T. Suzuki, T. Iiyama and K. Kaneko

Modeling of carbon dioxide adsorption in carbon pores

V. Y. Gusev and A. V. Neimark

Adsorption potentials and simulations in carbon slits and cylinders

Y. F. Yin, T. J. Mays and B. McEnaney

SESSION 9C - Industrial Applications: General

(A. F. Nielsen, Chair)

High yield carbons from Eucalyptus wood at elevated pressures

C. Bezzon, X. Dai, M. J. Antal, Jr. and C. A. Luengo

Improving the electrochemical behavior of carbon black and carbon filaments by oxidation

C. A. Frysz and D. D. L. Chung

Novel process for carbon coating of ceramic particles

M. Inagaki and H. Miura

SESSION 9D - Fibers and Composites

(T. D. Burchell, Chair)

One-step densification of carbon/carbon composites: Is it feasible?

C. S. Rellick

Influence of primary QI material on the structure and properties of pitch-based unidirectional C/C composites

R. Menéndez, A. Figueiras, E. Casal, M. Cranda, J. Bermejo and J. Bonhomme

Effects of pressing conditions on sintering of carbon

C. S. Hill, D. P. Anderson and W. A. Price

SESSION 10A - Growth of Carbon: Diamonds

(W. Yarbrough, Chair)

Characterization of phosphorus-doped diamond prepared by microwave plasma CVD

M. Kamo, S. Koizumi, S. Mita, A. Sawabe and R. Kalish

Synthesis and characterization of nanodiamonds from different carbon precursors: diamond and diamond-like carbons

J. B. Donnet, C. Le Moigne, T. K. Wang and M. Samirant

Craphitization of diamond

Y. Hishiyama, A. Yoshida, T. Enoki and M. Inagaki

Carbon dimer deposition on diamond (111) surfaces from molecular dynamics simulations

S. M. Valone

SESSION 10B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Gas-phase adsorption processes

(F. Derbyshire, Chair)

Measurements of multicomponent adsorption equilibria of N2, CH4, CO2 and H2S and some of their mixtures on activated carbon Norit R1 Extra

R. Staudt, F. Dreisbach, M. Loehr and J. U. Keller

Binary gas adsorption equilibria from gravimetric adsorption data

R. van der Vaart, C. Huiskes, H. Bosch and T. Reith

Equilibrium and kinetic properties of hydrocarbon vapour adsorption on activated carbon under dry and humid conditions

M. J. G. Linders, L. J. P. van den Broeke, E. P. J. Mallens, J. J. G. M. van Bokhoven, F. Kapteijn and J. A. Moulijn

The production of various carbons from Northern Ireland spruce bark, and the validity of Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms for nitrogen at low pressures

S. C. McCarroll, S. J. Allen and P. L. Spedding

SESSION 10C - Reactivity

(J. M. Calo, Chair)

Effects of CO, CO2 and O2 on the reactivity of NO with carbons

I. Aarna and E. M. Suuberg

Role of oxygen in NO reduction by carbon

P. Chambrion, T. Kyotani and A. Tomita

NO reduction by char: effects of coal rank, burnout level and burnout conditions

F. Guo and W. C. Hecker

NO reduction over Ru-tailored activated carbon fibers at ambient temperature

Y. Nishi, T. Suzuki and K. Kaneko

SESSION 10D - Fibers and Composites

(W. P. Hoffman, Chair)

Effect of temperature and resident time in carbon infiltration by pulse-CVI

C. H. Kim and H. D. Park

Influence of acetylene doping in the chemical vapor infiltration of pyrocarbon in porous carbon substrates

C. West, D. Narasimhan, D. Nelson, T. B. Walker and A. Waghray

Sintered carbon vapor grown carbon fiber composites

D. L. Ciminelli

Materials based on Pyrograf-III™ carbon fiber

J.-M. Ting, R. L. Alig and K. Lafdi

SESSION 11A - Growth of Carbon: Chemical vapor deposition

(R. L. Alig, Chair)

The influence of residence time in the chemical vapor deposition of pyrocarbon from C1- to C6-hydrocarbons

A. Becker and K. J. Hüttinger

The influence of partial pressure in the chemical vapor deposition of pyrocarbon from Cl- to C6-hydrocarbons

A. Becker and K. J. Hiittinger

Carbonaceous deposit formation from jet fuel and NORPAR-13

J. Atria, J. Li, S. Eser, H. H. Schobert and W. Cermignani

Study of incipient carbon deposition from tetradecane in the presence of additives

P. C. Sanghani and A. L. Boehman

SESSION 11B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Gas-phase adsorption processes

(M. Rostam-Abadi, Chair)

Use of regularization for estimation of pore size distributions

S. K. Bhatia

Pore structure analysis based on helium adsorption under cryogenic condition

J. Kobayashi, F. Watanabe, H. Matsuda and M. Hasatani

CO2 as an adsorptive to characterize active carbon and carbon molecular sieve

J. Alcañiz-Monge, M. de la Casa-Lillo, D. Cazorla-Amorós and A. Linares-Solano

Binary adsorption of hydrocarbons and CO2 in a series of chemically activated carbons

A. Ahmadpour, K. Wang and D. D. Do

SESSION 11C - Reactivity

(R. Hurt, Chair)

Heat treatment of carbons: Effects on gasification reactivity, organic and inorganic structure

O. Senneca, P. Salatino and S. Masi

Stochastic modeling of carbon gasification

W.-Y. Chen, A. Kulkarni, J. L. Milum and L. T. Fan

On the evolution of oxygen surface complex of a single char particle during oxidation

X. Zhang and E. Bar-Ziv

The effects of the "quench process" on measurements of oxygen surface complex populations

W. Lu and J. M. Calo

SESSION 11D - Fibers and Composites

(R. Menendez, Chair)

The investigation on molded carbon-carbon composite in super high temperature

J. Su, Z. Su, H. Cui, C. Guo, R. Li and Y. Li

Pyrolysis behavior of PANEX based polymer composites

T. L. Dhami, R. B. Mat hur, H. Dwivedi, O. P. Bahl and M. Mont hioux

Carbon-carbon composites from a new class of high-char yield resins

D. P. Anderson, M. I. Martinez, A. K. Roy, C. J. Tregre and L. J. Mathias

Phenol-formaldehyde resin structure for the synthesis of glassy carbon

K. K. Johnson and L. E. Jones


III-1a - Liquid-phase adsorption processes

Adsorption of zinc and cadmium ions on activated carbon cloth

B. Babic, S. Milonjic, S. Cupic, M. Polovina and B. Kaludjerovic

Adsorption of organics in water onto activated carbon fibers: Correlation between adsorption parameters and molecular structure

S. Brasquet, E. Subrenat and P. Le Cloirec

Anoxic diffusion of phenolic compounds in granulated activated carbon: batch studies

E. O. Ekhator, K. F. Loughlin, M. M. Hassan and G. Nakhla

Adsorption of metal ions from decontamination liquid waste using activated carbon fibers

C. H. Jung, S. M. Lee, W. Z. Oh, B. S. Rhee and S. K. Ryu

Preparation of mesoporous carbon adsorbents for adsorption of explosive nitro-compounds from the aqueous solutions

R. Leboda, J. Skubiszewska-Zieba and W. Tomaszewski

Modeling the adsorption of phenol and aniline on active carbon

X. Liu and N. C. Pinto

Adsorption of low molecular solutes of biological importance on polymer-pyrolysed carbons

T. Murray, A. P. Kozynchenko, V. I. Davidov, J. D. S. Caylor, S. V. Mikhalovsky and J. M. Courtney

Adsorption from aqueous solutions in relation with the surface properties of activated carbons

D. M. Nevskaia, A. Santianes, V. Muñoz and A. Cuerrero-Ruíz

III-1b - Gas-phase adsorption processes

Dimer-mediated micropore filing of Xe in a carbon nanospace

M. Aoshima, T. Suzuki and K. Kaneko

Development of microporosity in synthetic active carbons by activation of steam and carbon dioxide

A. Bagreev and J. Lahaye

The radial dependence of the porous structure and ash content within the active carbon granule

B. Buczek, A. Swiatkowski and S. Zietek

High-pressure adsorption equilibria and kinetics of gases on carbonaceous adsorbents

L. Czepirski and B. Laciak

Characterisation of activated carbon fiber by CO2 adsorption at high pressure and N2 adsorption isotherm at 77 K

A. Guillot and S. Follin

A structural analysis of water-adsorbed activated carbons with x-ray diffraction

T. Iiyama, K. Nishikawa, T. Suzuki and K. Kaneko

Chromatographic determination of regeneration effects of active carbon by supercritical extraction with carbon dioxide

H. Jankowska, H. Grajek, Z. Witkiewicz and A. Swiatkowski

Adsorption characterization of active carbons modified by deposition of silica

M. Jaroniec, Y. Bereznitski, M. E. Gangoda and R. K. Gilpin

Activation and n-butane adsorption properties of activated carbon from cokes

I.-K. Kim, H.-J. Oh, Y.-H. Lee, W.-C. Oh and Y.-S. Ko

Preparation and properties of activated carbon from rice hulls

M. S. Kim, J. C. Hong and Y. S. Lim

Assessment of validity of Horvath-Kawazoe method for micropore analysis on the basis of adsorption isotherms obtained from density functional theory

M. Kruk, M. Jaroniec and J. P. Olivier

High-resolution micropore analysis of synthetic porous carbons

M. Kruk, K. P. Gadkaree and M. Jaroniec

Evaluation of micropore analysis methods using nitrogen adsorption isotherms for model porous carbons

M. Kruk, W. R. Betz and M. Jaroniec

Graphitized carbon black in GC/MS: perspectives in the structure elucidation of novel isomers

N. S. Kulikov and M. S. Bobyleva

Modelling of single gas sorption processes in shallow fixed bed adsorbers

M. J. G. Linders, L. J. P. van den Broeke, E. P. J. Mallens, J. J. G. M. van Bokhoven, F. Kapteijn and J. A. Moulijn

Influence of the dynamics of adsorption on the water isotherm for activated carbons

P. Lodewyckx, E. F. Vansant, P. R. Norman and L. Pears

Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from banana stem

S. M. Manocha, J. Bhagat, L. M. Manocha and R. V. Jasara

Activated carbon fibers from PAN. I. Steam and KOH activation

I. Martin-Gullón, M. Jagtoyen and F. Derbyshire

III-1e - Carbon as a catalyst support

The chemical meaning of the term ao in the Dubinin-Serpinski equation

R. H. Bradley

Systematic investigation on the interface of carbon-carbon composite. I.

H. Deng, W. Cui, X. Huo and B. Ma

Adsorption of formaldehyde on carbon materials

M. Domingo-Garcia, I. Fernández-Morales, F. J. López-Garzón and C. Moreno-Castilla

Influence of surface chemistry on the preparation of a stable, blister-free flexible graphite

R. A. Greinke and R. I. Bretz

Tungsten catalysts supported on activated carbons

C. Moreno-Castilla, M. A. Alvarez-Merino and F. Carrasco-Marín

Role of oxygen and nitrogen functional groups in the performance of carbon gasification catalysts

M. C. Palma, I. F. S. Silva, J. A. Menéndez, C. A. Leon y Leon and L. R. Radovic

Compensation of the sink effect by reaction pressure in activated carbon supported HDS catalysts

F. Severino, M. Labady, J. Laine, S. Yunes and A. López-Agudo

High resolution adsorption and thermogravimetric characterization of basic active carbons

V. Volkov, M. Jaroniec, J. A. Menendez, J. Phillips and L. R. Radovic

III-3 - Fibers and Composites

Carbon fiber felts densified by CVI process

T. Kajita and L. C. Pardini

The fabrication of C/C composites with plasma chemical vapor infiltration

Y. Chen, C. Li, L. Han and Y. Wei

On the improvement of impregnation efficiency in the fabrication of carbon-carbon composites

D. Cho, Y. S. Ahn and Y. S. Lim

Formation and development of carbon matrix in fine weave pierced C/C composite

J. Wang and L. Zhu

Fabrication of PAN-based superthick carbon felt

B.-C. Sun and B.-Z. Huo

Block composite materials based on the active carbon and polymers

S. Z. Marushko, N. T. Kartel and Y. V. Savelyev

Enhancement of the oxidation resistance of carbon fibres in C/C composites via surface treatments

S. Labruquere, R. Pailler, X. Bourrat and R. Naslain

The self-protection behavior of C/SiCn/B4C composites

W. G. Zhang, H. M. Cheng, L. J. Zhou, Z. H. Shen and B. L. Zhou

Oxidation resistance of B4C-SiC/C composites

Q. Guo, J. Song, L. Liu and B. Zhang

Catalytic oxidation of carbon/carbon composite friction materials

T. B. Walker, L. A. Booker and R. Donaldson

The surface properties of carbon fibres and their influence on the void structure of carbon/carbon composites

F. Gao, J. W. Patrick and A. Walker

The effect of fiber size on properties of permeable carbon fiber composites

G. M. Kimber, T. D. Rantell and A. Vego

Surface temperature measurements of carbon/carbon composite friction materials during dynamometer tests

J. G. Pruett, R. Felice, M. Ngo, R. Molina and W. H. Mills

Wear model hypothesis for carbon/carbon composite brakes

J. G. Pruett

Development of a pneumatic spreading system for Kevlar-based SiC-precursor carbon fiber tows

J. A. Newell and A. A. Puzianowski

Electrical resistance measurement for residual stress monitoring during fabrication of carbon fiber epoxy-matrix composite

S. Wang and D. D. L. Chung

Sintering behavior of carbon/ceramic particulate composites

L. M. Manocha, J. Patel, N. M. Batra and S. M. Manocha

Effect of curing age on the self-monitoring behavior of carbon fiber reinforced mortar

X. Fu and D. D. L. Chung

Mechanical properties of C- and hollow-type carbon fiber reinforced cement composites

T. J. Kim, B. J. Oh, Y. S. Lee and B. S. Rhee

Ozone treated carbon fiber for reinforcing concrete

X. Fu, W. Lu and D. D. L. Chung

III-4a-c - Growth of Various Forms of Carbon

Structure and electronic properties of nano-graphite

T. Enoki, O. E. Andersson, H. Sato, Y. Hishiyama, Y. Kaburagi and M. Yoshikawa

Self-assembled closed curved graphite-like structures (CCGS) formation on diamond surfaces

V. L. Kuznetsov, Y. V. Butenko, A. L. Chuvilin, A. I. Boronin, R. Kvon, S. V. Kosheev, S. V. Stankus and R. A. Khairulin

Quenchable transparent phase of carbon

E. D. Miller, D. C. Nesting and J. V. Badding

Diamond structure observed in Pyrograf-III™ vapor-grown carbon fibers

D. P. Anderson and A. W. Phelps

Production of vapor grown carbon fibers from hydrocarbons using atomized liquid technique

X. Chen, Z. Shen and X. Wang

Pseudo in-situ transmission electron microscopy investigation of vapor-grown carbon fiber from nickel catalyzed pyrolysis of methane at 773 K

S. Cui and L. Zhang

Peculiarities of formation of granulated porous filamentous carbon in methane decomposition on Ni-containing catalysts

G. G. Kuvshinov, Y. I. Mogilnykh, D. G. Kuvshinov, V. I. Zaikovskii and L. B. Avdeeva

Microstructure and graphitic crystallinity of vapor-grown carbon nanofibers

F. Li, Y. Fan, Y. Yu, H. Cheng, S. Ge and Z. Shen

Rate of carbon filament growth from CO disproportionation over FeCo supported particles

P. Pinheiro, S. Herreyre and P. Gadelle

Structural development of heat-treated polyparaphenylene-based carbons

M. J. Matthews, S. D. M. Brown, M. S. Dresselhaus, M. Endo, T. Hiraoka and T. Karaki

Thermal analysis of diesel particulate matter

M. Vittal and A. L. Boehman

Doping and annealing amorphous carbon films for electronic applications

A. P. Burden and S. R. P. Silva

III-7 - Reactivity

The reactivity behavior of 13C-labelled phenol-formaldehyde resin char

M. M. Antxustegi and J. M. Calo

Non-dissociative and dissociative adsorption of oxygen on carbon: a theoretical comparison

R. H. Essenhigh and H. E. Klimesh

Porous structure evolution and fragmentation of highly porous chars under oxidation

I. I. Kantorovich and E. Bar-Ziv

Soots from coal fluidized bed combustion

A. M. Mastral, M. S. Callen and R. Murillo

Chemical resistivity of graphite materials for metal powders. II.

Y. Nakayama, Y. Murata, H. Hirano and K. Hosokawa

Role of carbon-oxygen complexes in the CO/CO2 ratio during carbon oxidation

K. Skokova and L. R. Radovic

Laser microscopic observation of oxidation behavior of polyimide film doped with boron

Y. Uchiyama, Y. Nagaishi, H. Sano and K. Kobayashi

Selective adsorption of NO on activated carbon treated in hydrogen

B. Xia, J. Phillips, J. A. Menendez and L. R. Radovic

Removal of NOx or its conversion into harmless gases by charcoals and their composites of transition metal oxides or zeolite

S. Ishihara and T. Furutsuka

SESSION 12A - Growth of Carbon: Chemical vapor deposition

(G. G. Tibbetts, Chair)

Some new results on isothermal, isobaric chemical vapor infiltration of pyrocarbon

W. Benzinger and K. J. Hüttinger

Boronated carbons: characterization of disordered solid solutions

B. Ottaviani, A. Derré, M. F. Cuimon, S. Flandrois and P. Delhaes

Pyrolysis of acetylene: primary products, induction period and influence of impurity

P. D. Pacey, S. Paterson and S. T. Dimitrijevic

Investigation of carbon deposition of methane decomposition on highly active magnesium powder of nanometric size

S. Cui, Y.-L. Tian, C. Z. Lu, H. M. Kang and L. Zhang

SESSION 12B - Adsorption and Surface Science: Liquid-phase adsorption processes

(F. Cannon, Chair)

Interaction of gold compounds with graphitic carbons - new facts and mechanisms

A. J. Groszek, S. Lagerge, S. Partyka and J. Zajac

The undesirable adsorption of concrete surfactants on porous carbon in coal combustion fly ash

R. Hurt, E. Suuberg, Y.-M. Gao, A. Burnett and N. Sabanegh

New flow methods for the determination of gold adsorption capacity and kinetics on active carbons

A. J. Groszek, C. J. Steele, Y. F. Jia and K. M. Thomas

Experimental and theoretical analysis of the surface chemical effects in the adsorption of aromatics containing electron-withdrawing and electron-donating functional groups

L. R. Radovic and J. I. Ume

SESSION 12C - Reactivity

(E. M. Suuberg, Chair)

Identification of oxygen functional groups in carbonaceous materials using oxygen K-edge XANES spectroscopy

J. A. Turner, A. E. Russell and K. M. Thomas

The effect of NOx and CO on the catalytic soot oxidation activity of transition metal oxides

G. Mul, F. Kapteijn and J. A. Moulijn

Catalytic effect of alkaline and alkaline-earth metals in reactions of carbon gasification as a result of formation of intermediate intercalation compounds

V. Strelko, I. Khanasyuk and V. Kuts

Kinetics of catalyzed CO2 coal gasification reactions

F. F. Prinsloo and M. Schneider

SESSION 12D - Fibers and Composites

(J. F. Byrne, Chair)

Densifying carbon-carbon composites with sugar

R. J. Price, G. H. Reynolds and K. M. Kearns

Producing net-shaped carbon composites using wood precursors

C. E. Byrne and D. C. Nagle

Isothermal oxidation resistance of various coated C/BN composites

D.-P. Kim and J. Economy

Thermal shock resistances of chemically vapor deposited SiC coatings on non-circular carbon fibers for high temperature application

Y. S. Lee, D. H. Lee, S. K. Ryu, B. S. Rhee, N. Popovska and G. Emig


SESSION 13A - Adsorption and Surface Science: Liquid-phase adsorption processes

(P. D. Paulsen, Chair)

Low-field DNP studies of solvent molecules at the carbon char/liquid interface

B. M. Odintsov, R. L. Belford, P. J. Ceroke, A. B. Odintsov and R. B. Clarkson

Calcium accumulation by GAC in the presence of NOM

H. T. Frederick and F. S. Cannon

The role of surface characteristics on the uptake of organic macromolecules by GAC

T. Karanfil, J. E. Kilduff and W. J. Weber, Jr.

SESSION 13B - Reactivity

(F. Kapteijn, Chair)

Synthesis and thermal stability of graphite oxide-like materials

C.-C. Hung and J. Corbin

Anode binder coke reactivity

M. Sørlie and T. Eidet

Carbothermal reduction of a freeze gel silica-carbon artefact

C. Vix-Guterl, P. Ehrburger and B. McEnaney

SESSION 13C - Industrial Applications: General

(D. P. Struble, Chair)

Thermal diffusivity behavior in carbon films following a short period of oxidation

J. W. Monzyk, K. Lafdi, K. W. Johnson and R. D. Holland

Effect of metallic element addition on thermal conductivity of carbon/copper composite materials

T. Oku, T. Sogabe, T. Oku and A. Kurumada

A novel approach to determine thermal conductivity of micron-sized fuel particles

X. Zhang and E. Bar-Ziv

SESSION 13D - Fibers and Composites

(C. S. Rellick, Chair)

Influence of boron on structure and oxidation behavior of graphite fiber, P120

J. Y. Howe and L. E. Jones

(PyC/SiC) multilayer as fibre coating: oxidation protection and improved mechanical behavior

F. Heurtevent, R. Pailler and X. Bourrat

Oxidation resistance of novel carbon-silicon alloy fibers

S. Lu, B. Rand and K. D. Bartle

SESSION 14A - Adsorption and Surface Science: Liquid-phase adsorption processes

(H. Frederick, Chair)

Regeneration of activated carbons loaded with nitro compounds

K. Misra, S. K. Kapoor and R. C. Bansal

Preparation of mesoporous activated carbon fibers and their adsorption

H. Tamai, S. Kojima, M. Iikeuchi, J. Mondori, T. Kanata and H. Yasuda

Determination of isosteric adsorption heats of methylene blue, vitamin B-12, ovalbumin and bovine serum albumin (BSA) by synthetic active carbons of SCS type

O. N. Bakalinskaya, N. M. Koval, N. T. Kartel and V. V. Strelko

The modified carbon fibres as selective adsorbents for color and noble metals from water solutions

I. A. Tarkovskaya, L. P. Tikhonova, S. V. Rosokha and E. A. Bakay

SESSION 14B - Growth of Carbon: Fullerenes andnanotubes

(P. C. Eklund, Chair)

Structure and thermal behavior of two fullerene derivatives

M. R. Stetzer, P. A. Heiney, A. R. McGhie, J. E. Fischer, R. M. Strongin, B. M. Brandt, A. B. Smith III, R. E. Dinnebier, P. W. Stephens, C. M. Bendele and Q. Zhu

Momentum density in KxC60

M. Marangolo, C. Loupias, J. Moscovici, S. Erwin, S. Rabii, C. Herold, J. F. Mareche and P. Lagrange

Phase transition and isotope effect in NaxHyC60 superconductor

K. Imaeda, C. Nakano and H. Inokuchi

Metal-carbon clusters: new evidence for high stability of neutral metallocarbohedrenes

H. Sakurai and A. W. Castleman, Jr.

SESSION 14C - Industrial Applications: Environmental cleanup

(N. R. Pollack and S. Clara, Chairs)

Predicting the performance of liquid phase fixed bed granular activated carbon adsorbers

J. L. Bulloch, D. W. Hand, J. C. Crittenden, D. R. Hokanson and M. Ulmer

Production of high density activated carbon fiber by use of hot briquetting method

K. Miura, H. Nakagawa, H. Okamoto and A. Shudo

Nitrogen versus steam regeneration in activated carbon adsorption systems

R. C. Nattkemper

The reduction of gas phase air toxics from combustion and incineration sources using the GE-Mitsui-BF Activated Coke process

D. G. Olson, K. Tsuji and I. Shiraishi

SESSION 14D - Fibers and Composites

(B. J. Sullivan, Chair)

Self-monitoring of strain and damage by a carbon-carbon composite

S. Wang and D. D. L. Chung

Toughening mechanisms in C/C minicomposites with interface control

B. Trouvat, X. Bourrat and R. Naslain

The formation of surface films on carbon-carbon composites in response to surface stresses and blunt indentation

B. Leigh and B. McEnaney

High thermal conductivity of carbon/carbon composites made from PBO-based carbon fibers

C. M. Mundt and D. D. Edie


IV-1a - Liquid-phase adsorption processes

Survey of equilibrium models for the prediction of MeBr-H2O vapor adsorption on activated carbon

A. G. Richardson and J. C. Craig

Development of a 1-D adsorption kinetic model to describe MeBr recovery from a high-humidity fumigation effluent stream

A. G. Richardson and J. C. Craig

Variation of surface properties of an activated carbon with the adsorption of humic substances: influence on the Cr(III) ions adsorption

J. Rivera-Utrilla, M. A. Ferro-García, L. Bautista-Toledo and C. Moreno-Castilla

The investigation of silver and copper(II) sorption from water solutions by chlorine-containing coals of Ukraine

T. C. Shendrik, V. V. Simonova, Y. V. Demko and V. I. Saranchuk

The adsorption of metal ions on surface treated activated carbon fiber

J. W. Shim and S. K. Ryu

Preparation and sorptive properties of phosphorus-containing carbons

V. Strelko, Jr., O. Kozynchenko, M. Streat and S. Mikhalovsky

Investigation of the state of adsorbed silver ions on modified active carbons

A. Swiatkowski, S. Biniak, G. S. Szymanski and L. Bogdan

Surface acidity of activated carbon and its relation to metal ion adsorption

L. R. Takiyama and C. P. Huang

Selective sorption of platinum metal microamounts by carbon materials

I. A. Tarkovskaya, L. P. Tikhonova, S. V. Rosokha, N. V. Kulik, Y. F. Korovin, V. P. Komarov and V. A. Kadochnikov

Adsorption of VB12 on mesoporous activated carbon fibers

Y. Zhang, F. Hu, M. Wang and B. Zhang

IV-1b - Gas-phase adsorption processes

One-step pyrolysis/activation of cornelian cherry and oleaster stones

M. G. Ucak and S. Eser

FMC thermal response profiles from vapor adsorption on porous carbons

P. J. Reucroft and D. Rivin

Study of wood and bamboo cellulose carbonization process using gamma-irradiation and partial oxidation method in air

Y. Nakayama, T. Ikeda and H. Nakatsuka

Characteristics of fiber-like non- and gamma-irradiated ramie, flax and cotton char

Y. Nakayama, J. Shigematsu, Y. Yamashita and S. Nakahara

Textural characteristics of activated carbon fibers by physical adsorption of gases

B. B. Park, H. B. Shim, S. K. Ryu and B. S. Rhee

Preparation of active carbon from coke by chemical activation

F. F. Prinsloo and S. G. E. de Jager

Structures and adsorption properties of pitch-based activated carbon spheres

W. Qiao, Y. Song, K. Wang, L. Ling, L. Liu, Y. Xu and D. Wu

The adsorption-desorption behavior of pitch-based high specific surface area activated carbons

W. Qiao, Q. Zha, L. Ling and L. Liu

New method for characterization of activated carbons from carbon dioxide adsorption

P. I. Ravikovitch, V. Y. Gusev, C. A. Leon y Leon and A. V. Neimark

Porosity of PAN-based activated carbon fibers

Z. Ryu, J. Zheng and M. Wang

Theoretical study on SPE method using high resolution αs-plot for evaluation of micropore structures of activated carbons

N. Setoyama, T. Suzuki and K. Kaneko

The preliminary study of chemically modified ACF

Q. Yang, J. Zheng and M. Wang

IV-3 - Fibers and Composites

Effect of interfacial carbon layers on the fracture behavior of carbon-carbon composite

S.-S. Tzeng and W.-C. Lin

Research of the toughness of the carbon/carbon (C/C) composite material

H. Liu, B. Ma and X. Huo

Prediction of carbon-carbon composite thermoelastic properties using x-ray diffraction data

B. J. Sullivan

The influence of coal tar pitches on 5D C/C composites obtained by vacuum impregnation/carbonization process

S. Otani, C. Otani, F. G. Ferreira and P. A. Shimizu

Weibull modulus of bi-directional carbon fibre reinforced carbon composites

S. R. Omena-Pina, L. C. Pardini and F. Pionino-Neto

The effect of coal-tar pitch thermal treatment on the mechanical behavior of C/C composites

R. Menéndez, J. J. Fernández, M. Granda, J. Bermejo and J. Bonhomme

Influence of content of coherent agent on the property of carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite

J. Wei, J. Song and L. Liu

A new surface treatment method of carbon fiber--liquid phase-gas phase double effectiveness method (LGDE)

Y. Yang, F. He, M. Wang and B. Zhang

Mechanical properties, porosity and density of unidirectional carbon-carbon composites

S. T. Dimitrijevic

A study of properties of carbon-carbon composites with ceramic powders

S.-J. Park, S.-U. Kim, J. Park and J.-R. Lee

Fatigue crack threshold in pyrolytic carbon: observations from small fatigue-grown cracks

L. Ma and C. Sines

On the reliability of graphite platelets composites

A. Mirhabibi and B. Rand

Dynamic torque characteristics of high performance carbon/carbon brake disk for an advanced aircraft

J. Lee, J.-K. Park, H.-S. Ha, B.-I. Yoon and S.-G. Lee

Prediction of final properties in carbon fibers using as-spun degree of preferred orientation

T. R. McCormick, A. B. Barnes, W. D. Nothwang, F. M. Dauché, C. C. Fain and D. D. Edie

Submicron carbon filament cement-matrix composites

X. Fu and D. D. L. Chung

Recent advances in rapid vapor-phase densification of thick refractory carbon-carbon composites

I. Golecki

IV-4d - Fullerenes and nanotubes

Diamond nanocrystals made from fullerene soot

M. V. Baidakova, V. Y. Davidov, S. V. Kidalov, A. V. Yashin and A. Y. Vul

Earth analogues for carbon cosmic dust

A. Galvez, N. Herlin, C. Reynaud, C. Clinard and J.-N. Rouzaud

Delayed ionization in transition metal-carbon clusters

S. E. Kooi and A. W. Castleman, Jr.

Electron spin resonance study of carbon nanotubes

A. S. Kotosonov and D. V. Shilo

Palladium complexes with fullerene C60: x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetochemistry

A. S. Lobach, Y. M. Shulga, I. N. Ivleva, V. N. Spector and A. A. Ovchinnikov

Anisotropy of momentum density in crystalline C60

M. Marangolo, C. Bellin, J. Frouin, C. Loupias, S. Rabii, S. Erwin, H. Graafsma and A. Kvick

Optical radiation from fullerenes in the gas phase

V. M. Milenin, N. A. Timofeev, S. V. Kidalov, S. V. Kozyrev and A. Y. Vul

The spectroscopic characterisation of soot precursors

P. Minutolo, C. Gambi and A. D 'Alessio

Raman studies of doped single wall carbon nanotube bundles

A. M. Rao, P. C. Eklund, S. Bandow, A. Thess and R. E. Smalley

Analysis of metallocarbohedrene containing soot

B. J. Toleno, J. L. Baling, M. E. Lyn and A. W. Castleman, Jr.

Photoluminescence studies on polymeric forms of solid C60

U. D. Venkateswaran, D. Sanzi, A. M. Rao and P. C. Eklund

Pressure-sensitive resistive sensors from oxygenated C60 films

A. S. Berdinsky, A. V. Okotrub, Y. V. Shevtsov, V. A. Gridchin, L. T. Chadderton, O. A. Gudaev and V. K. Malinovsky

IV-5a - Industrial Applications: Environmental cleanup

Adsorption of melanoidin by activated carbon from cane bagasse

E. C. Bernardo, R. Egashira and J. Kawasaki

Evaluate and compare peanut hulls for the removal of heavy metals from water

P. A. Brown, D. Parresh and S. J. Allen

Removal of petroleum-solvent vapors from the exhaust air of dry cleaning facilities

M. Eic, M. Couturier and M. Jama

Improvement of the adsorptive properties of active cokes by mild oxidation in air

G. Finqueneisel, T. Zimny, A. Albiniak, T. Siemieniewska, D. Vogt and J.V. Weber

The reception of granulated fuel and briquettes from coal-containing waste

E. I. Galpern and L. V. Pashchenko

The investigation of dynamics of sorption processes in the system composite adsorbent-heterogeneous medium

O. A. Glushachenko, N. M. Openko, E. A. Konopliasta and D. Shvetz

The fluorination of charcoal with elemental fluorine

E. W. Hagaman, D. K. Murray and G. D. Del Cul

SCR reactivity of activated carbon from fluidized bed pyrolysis

J. K. Lee and D. Park

A new rate model for the oxic removal of phenol and o-cresol by granulated activated carbon. I. Batch studies

K. F. Loughlin, A. I. Fatehi and N. Abuzaid

Solubility of hydrocarbons in systems water-mineral acid

A. I. Lutsyk, E. S. Rudakov and G. G. Gundilovich

Preparation and characterization of fiber reinforced carbon-silver complex composites

S. M. Manocha, N. B. Patel and L. M. Manocha

Cathodic elimination of copper ion from its aqueous solution by activated and other types of carbon fibers

A. Miyazaki, I. Tomizuka and T. Meguro

The formation conditions of dioxin industrial ejections

L. V. Pashchenko, T. G. Shendrik, V. A. Khazipov and V. I. Saranchuk

Early results of a novel method for manufacturing high yield Macadamia shell activated carbon

M. Sakurai and M. J. Antal

Rate studies on vapor-phase mercury uptake by various activated carbons

R. D. Vidic, J. R. V. Flora, M.-T. Chang and R. C. Thurnau

Wombat tire-derived particles as a high carbon sorbent

D. L. Wertz, R. C. Cummings, J. L. Quin and S. DuBose

Chemical agents for production of activated carbons from extrusion cooked grain products

C.-C. Wu, W. P. Walawender and L. T. Fan

Shungite influence on the water chemistry

A. Z. Zaidenberg

IV-7 - Reactivity

Structural characteristics of SiC synthesized from organosilicon gel by sol-gel method at low temperature

S.-J. Cho, J.-S. Jang, I.-K. Kim, W.-C. Oh and Y.-S. Ko

Effects of sulfur, nickel and vanadium on the air and CO2 reactivity of cokes

T. Eidet, M. Sørlie and J. Thonstad

Carbon crystal structure evolution in combustion by quantitative digital analysis of HRTEM fringe images

H-S. Shim and R. Hurt

Reactive hot pressing of carbonized rice hulls to SiC ceramics with the addition of various metal oxides

M. Komatsu and E. Maeda

The effects of hydrogen on oxygen surface complexes during steam gasification

W. Lu and J. M. Calo

Simulation of oxidation process of pure and boron-doped graphite by MOPAC

X. Ma, O. Wang, L.-Q. Chen, W. Cermignani, C. G. Pantano and H. H. Schobert

Carbon-NOx reaction catalyzed by vanadium oxide

S. Matsumoto, T. Imamura, T. Kobori, K. Inagaki and T. Akahoshi

A DRIFT spectroscopic study of the alkali catalyzed soot and fullerene C60 oxidation

C. Mul, F. Kapteijn and J. A. Moulijn

Catalysed NO and N2O reaction with activated carbon: A kinetic study versus in situ XRD

C. Palma, I. F. Silva, L. Lobo and D. McKee

Role of substitutional boron in the oxidation behavior of carbon

K. Skokova, P. A. Thrower and L. R. Radovic

Increasing reactivity of Illinois coal for use in IGCC processes

D. Tandon, A. A. Lizzio, G. M. K. Abotsi and G. Saha

The fate of nitrogen functionality in carbonaceous materials during pyrolysis and combustion using XANES spectroscopy

Q. Zhu, S. L. Money, A. E. Russell and K. M. Thomas


SESSION 15A - Adsorption and Surface Science: Gas-phase adsorption processes

(S. Eser, Chair)

Dynamics of butane adsorption on activated carbon-fiber composites

M. Jagtoyen, G. Kimber, C. Fowler and F. Derbyshire

Activated carbons prepared from anthracites after chemical treatment

S. B. Lyubchik, J.-N. Rouzaud and F. Béguin

Comparative studies of gas-phase and liquid-phase adsorption processes on active carbons

M. Jaroniec and J. Choma

SESSION 15B - Growth of Carbon: Fullerenes and nanotubes

(J. B. Howard, Chair)

In situ fullerene formation - the evidence presented

A. P. Burden and J. L. Hutchison

Crystal structure of hard phases of C60 and C70

V. D. Blank, N. R. Serebryanaya, G. A. Dubitsky, S. G. Buga and S. N. Sulyanov

Metallic and semiconductor behavior of polymerized C60

T. L. Makarova, A. Y. Vul, V. A. Davydov, L. S. Kashevarova, A. V. Rakhmanina and P. Scharff

SESSION 15C - Industrial Applications: Environmental cleanup

(N. R. Pollack, Chair)

Electrical regeneration of activated carbon using the ELECTROSOLV process

H. Gold, J. McCoy, J. Burke, A. Bonino and M. Scholtens

Novel applications of combined advanced oxidation processes and carbon adsorption for water remediation

E. R. Legg and J. D. Sember

Filter configurations used to adsorb organics onto activated carbon cloth

P. Le Cloirec, C. Brasquet and E. Subrenat

SESSION 15D - Fibers and Composites

(D. C. Nagle, Chair)

High thermal conductivity slurry molded carbon-carbon composites

T. D. Burchell and J. Klett

Utilization of x-ray diffraction characterization data for prediction of carbon-carbon composite thermal conductivities

B. J. Sullivan

Modeling of friction performance in carbon/carbon brake materials

J. G. Pruett

SESSION 16A - Adsorption and Surface Science: Gas-phase adsorption processes

(J. Ritter, Chair)

Sol-gel derived activated carbon as a potential gas phase adsorbent

C. Lin and J. A. Ritter

Mesoporous activated carbons from coal with metal complexes

N. Yoshizawa, Y. Yamada, M. Shiraishi, S. Kojima, H. Tamai and H. Yasuda

Effect of solvent preswelling of coal in the develop of high surface carbons

J. M. Rincón, C. Castro, M. Barajas and W. Klose

Elaboration of activated carbons using T.I. fraction of A240 heat-treated pitch

E. Daguerre, A. Guillot and X. Py

SESSION 16B - Growth of Carbon: Fullerenes and nanotubes

(P. C. Eklund, Chair)

Fullerenic carbon in combustion generated soot

J. B. Howard, K. D. Chowdhury and J. B. Van der Sande

From polyacetylene to carbon nanotubes

R. Heyd, A. Charlier, E. McRae, M.-F. Charlier and R. Moussaddar

Model for interlayer spacing of multiwall carbon nanotubes

X. Sun, H. J. Zeiger, C.-H. Kiang, M. S. Dresselhaus and M. Endo

Gas adsorption by catalytic carbon nanotubes

H. Gaucher, R. J. M. Pellenq, Y. Grillet, S. Bonnamy and F. Béguin

SESSION 16C - Industrial Applications: Environmental cleanup

(N. R. Pollack and N. E. Megonnell, Chairs)

Adsorption and oxidation of sulfur dioxide by active carbons

A. Lisovskii, R. Semiat and C. Aharoni

The removal of sulfur dioxide from various gas streams using Centaur® activated carbon

N. E. Megonnell

Mercury, SO2 and NO removal from flue gas by adsorption on activated carbons

M. A. Wojtowicz, E. Kroo and M. A. Serio

Pilot-scale production and testing of an Illinois coal-derived activated carbon for mercury removal

M. Rostam-Abadi, S. Chen, H.-C. Hsi, M. J. Rood, R. Chang and W. A. Rosenhoover

SESSION 16D - Fibers and Composites

(D. C. Nagle, Chair)

Mechanical behavior of a 2.5D C/C composite

O. Siron, E. Inghels and J. Lamon

Tensile fracture behaviour of unidirectional C/SiC and C/C composites

S. P. Appleyard, X. X. Jiang and B. Rand

Pressure effects of pressure impregnation and carbonization on the properties of carbon/carbon composites

H. J. Joo, I. S. Oh, J. I. Kim, B. J. Jang and D. M. Choi

The significance of sol gel derived interphase on the mechanical properties of C/C composites

V. K. Parashar, S. R. Dhakate and O. P. Bahl

SESSION 17A - Gas-phase Adsorption Processes

(T. Burchell, Chair)

A carbon fiber based monolithic adsorbent for gas separation

T. D. Burchell, R. D. Judkins and M. R. Rogers

Cooling with a sorption open cycle using CO2 as the refrigerant

V. Goetz and S. Follin

Adsorption kinetics on active carbons

N. J. Foley, P. R. Forshaw, K. M. Thomas and P. R. Norman

Study of the hysteresis on the adsorption of VOCs on activated carbon

L. Gales, A. Mendes and C. Costa

Sorption of water by active carbons

C. Aharoni

Nuclear magnetic relaxation study of water and proteins adsorbed in mesoporous activated carbons

S. V. Mikhalovsky and V. V. Strashko

SESSION 17B - Growth of Carbon: Fullerenes and nanotubes

(M. S. Dresselhaus, Chair)

Inclusion of metal into carbon nanotubes prepared in nanochannels of anodic aluminum oxide film

T. Kyotani, T. Toba, M. Kawashima and A. Tomita

Elastic properties of multiwall carbon nanotubes

D. E. Sklovsky, H. Gaucher, S. Bonnamy, F. Béguin and V. A. Nalimova

Raman spectroscopy of single wall carbon nanotube bundle

A. M. Rao, E. Richter, S. Bandow, B. Chase, P. C. Eklund, K. A. Williams, S. Fang, K. R. Subbaswamy, M. Menon, A. Thess, R. E. Smalley, G. Dresselhaus and M. S. Dresselhaus

Diamagnetism of some quasi-two-dimensional graphites and multiwall carbon nanotubes

A. S. Kotosonov and S. V. Kuvshinnikov

Semiconductor-metal transitions in carbon nanotubes

R. Heyd, A. Charlier, E. McRae, M.-F. Charlier and R. Moussaddar

Multishell nanotube structures

F. Pasqualini

SESSION 17C - Industrial Applications: Environmental cleanup

(N. R. Pollack and R. D. Vidic, Chair)

Dynamics of fixed-bed carbon adsorbers for vapor-phase mercury uptake

R. D. Vidic, J. A. Korpiel and W. Liu

Influence of carbon-oxygen surface groups on the adsorption of cobalt from aqueous solutions

D. Aggarwal, M. Goyal and R. C. Bansal

A new rate model for the oxic removal of phenol and o-cresol by granulated activated carbon. II. Column studies

A. I. Fatehi and K. F. Loughlin

Use of carbon molecular sieves for sample enrichment of airborne volatile compounds

W. R. Betz and M. J. Keller

Carbon chars as oxygen and nitric oxide sensors for biomedical applications

R. B. Clarkson, P. Ceroke and B. Odintsov

Removing phosphine gas in air using non-impregnated Centaur® activated carbon

J. D. McNamara

SESSION 17D - Industrial Applications: General

(F. Rusinko, Jr., Chair)

ACR channel brick durability studies

G. B. Neighbour, B. McEnaney and J. Reed

Mechanical properties of engineering plastics based on Pyrograf-III™ carbon fiber

J.-M. Ting, D. J. Burton, R. L. Alig and P. Flem

Effect of specimen characteristics on flexural strength

R. Tiwari, D. R. Ball, D. J. Miller and S. A. Hudgins

Biaxial fatigue strength of a fine-grained isotropic graphite for HTGR

M. Eto and S. Ishiyama

Development of high strength graphite for use in heavily loaded systems

R. Wolf, D. Kehr and J. Metz

Tensile strength of carbons with different textures

F. G. Emmerich