1995 Proceedings – 22nd Biennial Conference

Held at the University of California, San Diego, CA
July 16-21, 1995

Monday, July 17

A1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(M.Jaroniec and B.McEnaney, presiding)

"Adsorption Modelling and Characterization"

An Investigation of the Reliability of Adsorption Measurements in the Ultra Low Pressure Region


Modelling of Gas Adsorption in Slit-like Micropores

M.Jaroniec, M.Heuchel

GCMC Simulation of N2 Adsorption Isotherm of Microporous Carbon: Effect of the Interlayer Spacing

T.Suzuki, K.Kaneko, M.Maddox, K.Gubbins

Porosity Evolution Via Contrast-Matching, Small Angle Neutron Scattering

P.J.Hall, M.M.Antxustegi, J.M.Calo, P.Thiyagarajan

Adsorption Properties of Supported Super-activated Carbon

D.Rivin, C.E. Kendrick

An Ordered Water Molecular Structure in Carbon Micropores

T.Iiyama, K.Nishikawa, T.Otowa, T.Suzuki, K.Kaneko

Estimation of Mesoporous Stucture of Carbon Materials by Macromolecular Porosimetric Method

N.A.Eltekova, Yu.A.Eltekova

A2 - Carbon Fibers

(G. Deshpande, presiding)

The Development of Orientation in Mesophase Pitch During Fiber Formation

J.J.McHugh, D.D.Edie

Effects of Shear on the Microstructures of the Mesophase Pitch Based Carbon Rods and Fibers

S.-H.Yoon, Y.Korai, I.Kato, I.Mochida

Effects of the Lobe-Dimensions of Y- and Cross-Shaped Nozzles on the Transverse Shape and Textures of the Resuitant Carbon Fibers

I.Mochida, N.Takano, H.Oka, S.-H.Yoon, Y.Korai

A Microstructural Study of Carbon Fibers for Space Applications

D.P.Anderson, A.S.Crasto

The Effects of Transverse Microtexture on the Transverse Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in Carbon Fibers

S.-S.Tzeng, R.J.Diefendorf

A3 - Carbonization Chemistry

(R.A.Greinke, presiding)

Effect of Composition on the Glass Transition and Rheological Properties of Pitch

B.Rand, S.C.West, B.Ellis, M.Turpin

Role of Acidic and Basic Fractions in Coal Tars

P.Chambrion, R.Bertau, P.Ehrburger

Characterization of Pitches Using Gel Permeation Chromatography


Preparation of Nitrogen Enriched Pitches from Diazanaphthalenes by the Aid of AlCl3

K.H.An, Y.Korai, I.Mochida

Preparation and Properties of Nongraphitizing Pitches


Organic Iron Compounds as Catalyst Precursors of an Iron Catalyzed Liquid-Phase Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons: I. Anthracene Pyrolysis

M.Braun, J.Kramer, M.Bernhauer, K.J.Hüttinger

Organic Iron Compounds as Catalyst Precursors of an Iron Catalyzed Liquid-Phase Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons: II. Pitch Pyrolysis

M.Braun, J.Kramer, M.Bernhauer, K.J.Huttinger

A4 - Student Competition

(E. A. Heintz, presiding)

X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Wear Debris from Carbon-Carbon Composite Aircraft Brakes

T.J.Hutton, B.McEnaney

Graphite-toughened Carbon Matrix Composites

A.Mirhabibi, B.Rand

CVI Carbon-Carbon Composites: Fiber-Matrix Interaction Effects on Oxidation Resistance

F.A.Quli, P.A.Thrower, L.R.Radovic

Oxidation Behavior of Protected Carbon/Carbon Composites

X.Zhu, Z.Yang, M.Kang

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Boron-Doped Carbons

W.Cermignani, C.G.Pantano

Carbon Filaments as a Porous Reduction Electrode

C.A.Frysz, X.Shui, D.D.L.Chung

B1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(J.Miller and F.Rodriguez-Reinoso, presiding)

"Activated Carbon Synthesis - I"

Activated Carbons by H3PO4 Activation of Wood Mixtures

M. Jagtoyen, H. Black, F.Derbyshire

Influence of the Atmosphere in the Chemical Activation of Wood

H.Benaddi, J.N.Rouzand, J.Conard, D.Legras, F.Beguin

Shaped Activated Carbons by H3PO4 Activation of Wood Mixtures

M.Jagtoyen, H.Black, F.Derbyshire

Preparation and Properties of Pitch Based High Specific Surface Ares Activated Carbon

W.Qiao, Q. Zha, L.Ling, L.Liu

Activation of Carbonized Maize with Carbon Dioxide

W.Klose, H.Wobig

Active Carbon from Straw Waste

J.W.Patrick, M.Streat

C1 - Reactivity and Gasification

(R.Yang and J.Calo, presiding)

Kinetics of Oxygen Chemisorption on Char

E.M. Suuberg, H.Teng, I.Milosavljevic

Flow Injection-Thermal Gravimetric Analysis - Mass Spectrometry: Application to Carbon Combustion/Gasification

K.M.Thomas, J.M.Jones

A High-Resolution TEM Study of Combustion-Induced Changes in Carbon Crystallinity

R.H.Hurt, N.Y.C.Yang

Effect of Film Thickness on Graphitization and Oxidation Behavior of Carbonized Polyimide Films

H.Sano, H.Matsuda, Y.Uchiyama, K.Kobayashi

Combustibility of High-Purity, Nuclear-Grade Graphite


Changes in the Gasification Behavior of Activated Carbons Caused by Incorporated Nitrogen

St.Matzner, H.P.Boehm

The "Inert Gas Effect" on Carbon Reactivity

L.Zhang, J.M.Calo

Nitrogen-doped Carbon-13 Materials as Models for the Study of NOx and N2O Release During Coal Char Combustion

J.M.Jones, K.M.Thomas

B2 - Mesophase Processing and Properties

(L.S.Singer, presiding)

Sintered Carbons from Catalytically Produced Mesophase

M.Braun, K.J.Hüttinger

Effects of Carbon Blacks on the Formation of Anisotropic Meophase Spheres from AR-Isotropic Pitches

S.-H.Yoon, Y.-G.Wang, S.Ishida, Y.Korai, I.Mochida

Preparation of Meso-Carbon Microbeads (MCBs) from AR isotropic Pitches

S.-H.Yoon, S.Ishida, Y.-G.Wang, Y.Korai, I.Mochida

Ferromagnetic Properties of Super Surface Mesocarbon Micro Beads

C.Ishii, K.Kaneko

Mesophase Pitch as Matrix Precursor of Carbon Bonded Magnesia Refractorles

A.U.Vincon, R.Prange, K.J.Huttinger

The Production of Coal-Derived Mesophase Pitch

P.G.Stansberry, J.W.Zondlo, A.H.Stiller, P.M.Khandare

C2 - Mesophase Processing and Properties

(I.Mochida, presiding)

Reaction of Naphthalene Mesophase Pitch with p-Benzoquinone and Its Carbonization

K.S.Yang, Y.A.Kim, S.H.Yoon, I.Mochida

Comparative Study of the Effect of Metal-Based Dispersed Catalysts on the Deep Hydroconversion of a Heavy Oil Residue

F.Lambert, J.Conard, B.Pepin-Donat, S.Bonnamy

Carbonization of an Aromatic Petroleum Residue

M.Martinez, F.Rodriguez-Reinoso, P.Torregrosa, R.Santamaria, E.Romero, C.Gomez de Salazar

Development of Mesophase in Tars Obtained from Petroleum Residues

A.Requena, M.M.Perez

Study on Co-Carbonization of Aromatic Hydrocarbons by the Aid of Superacid

C.Y.Wang, J.M.Zheng, X.Q.Ruan, C.T.Guo

Preparation of Mesophase Pitch from Methylene-Bridged Aromatic Oligomers

L.Song, L.Liu, B.Zhang

Preparation of Meophase Pitch from Naphthalene by the Aid of ZrO2/SO42- Solid Superacid as Catalyst

Z.Hu, L.Ling, L.Liu, B.Zhang

B3 - Physics, including Graphitization

(J.Kaae, presiding)

Graphite Films from Polyimides I. Structural Development

A.Oberlin, C.Bourgerette, M.Inagaki

Graphite Films from Polyimides II. Structural Control

M.Inagaki, T.Takeichi, Y.Hishiyama

Graphite Films from Polyimides III. Properties of Films

Y.Hishiyama, Y.Kaburagi, A.Yoshida

Effect of Cold-Drawing on Graphitization of Polyimide Films

T. Takeichi, Y.Kaburagi, Y.Hishiyama, M.Inagaki

Effect of Boron and Rare Earth Addition on the Graphitization of Polyimide Film

Y.Uchiyama, T.Chikui, H.Sano, K.Kobayashi

Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Aerogels Derived from Different Polymeric Precursors

R.W.Pekala, C.T.Alviso, G.A.M.Reynolds, M.S.Dresselhaus

C3 - Physics, including Graphitization

(J.Kaae, presiding)

Graphitization of Anthracites With the Addition of Transition Metal Organic Compounds

S.M.Zeng, F.Rusinko, Jr., H.H.Schobert, D.P.Struble, W.A.Nystrom

New Data on Anthracite Graphitizability

C.Blanche, J.-N.Rouzaud, D.Dumas

Possible Role of Iron in Graphite Formation

C.Blanche, J.-N.Rouzaud

Graphitization of Petroleum Coke with Concurrent Addition of La2O3 and B in Different La/B Ratios

Y.Uchiyama, S.Araki, H.Sano, K.Kobayashi

Iron Catalyzed Graphitization in the Blast Furnace

W.X.Wang, K.M.Thomas, R.M.Poultney, R.R.Willmers

Texture Characterization of Coke Particles

A.S.Kotosonov, S.V.Kuvshinnikov

Transport Pheomena in PAN-based Carbon Fibers with Different Mechanical Characteristics

K.Matsubara, N.Ohba, K.Kawamura, T.Tsuzuku, K.Sugihara

B4 - Student Competition

(K.C. Krupinski, presiding)

Use of Submicron Diameter Carbon Filaments as a Second Filler between Continuous Carbon Fibers in a Polymer-Matrix Composite for Enhancing the Vibrational Damping Ability and Transverse Modulus

S.W.Hudnut, D.D.L.Chung

Characterization of Boron-Coating Carbon Thin Films (Bcx)

C.E.Crossland, P.A.Thrower

Carbonaceous Deposit Formation on Metal Surfaces from Thermally Stressed Dodecane

J.Li, S.Eser

An "in situ" Investigation into the Behaviour of Irradiated Graphite in Helium Gas

A.P.Burden, J.L.Hutchison

Production of Adsorbent Carbons from Illinois Coal and Scrap Tire for Natural Gas Storage

J.Sun, T.A.Brady, M.Rostam-Abadi, A.A.Lizzio, M.J.Rood

Granular Activated Carbon Regeneration with Advanced Oxidation to Control VOCs

J.S.Dusenbury, F.S.Cannon

C4 - Student Competition

(R.T.K. Baker, presiding)

Production of Large Items of Hollow Ware of Glassy Polymeric Carbon With Uniform Wall Thickness Using Spray Technique

J.H.Fisher, L.R.Holland, G.H.Jenkins, H.Maleki

Organic Vapor Adsorption of Coal- and Wood-Based Chemically Activated Carbons

W.H.Lee, P.J.Reucroft, M.Jagtoyen, F.J.Derbyshire

Adsorption of Inorganic Vapors on Coal- and Wood-Based Chemically Activated Carbons

W.H.Lee, P.J.Reucroft, M.Jagtoyen, F.J.Derbyshire

Surface Chemistry of Cleaned and Chemically Modified Surface Oxidized Carbon Fibers

U.Zielke, W.P.Hoffman, K.J.Hüttinger

13C MAS NMR and XPS Characterization of Nitrogen-Modified Carbons

R.J.J.Jansen, A.Sinnema, H.vanBekkum

DRIFT Analysis of Carbon-Oxygen Species on Printex-U After Catalytic Oxidation in Air, Nitrous Oxide and Ozone

G.Mul, F.Kaptejin, J.A.Moulijn

New Insights on the Mechanism of SO2 Removal by Carbon

J.A.DeBarr, A.A.Lizzio

Characterization of the Carbon Fibre Surface by the Work of Adhesion - pH Diagram

U.Zielke, W.P.Hoffman, K.J.Hüttinger

Tuesday, July 18

D1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(P. Ehrburger and J.Figueiredo, presiding)

Surface Chemistry of Activated Carbons STM Images of Adsorbed Species on Carbon Surfaces

E.J.Hippo, D.Tandon

Surface Oxide Structures on Porous Carbons

S.S.Barton, M.J.B.Evans, J.A.F.MacDonald

The Influence of Surface Modification of BPL Carbons on Aging

S.S.Barton, M.J.B.Evans, J.A.F.MacDonald

Porosity Development Via TPD

L.Zhang, J.M.Calo

Microporous Stucture and Active Surface Area of Synthetic Active Carbon

A.Bagreev, V.V.Strelko, J.Dentzer, J.Lahaye

D2 - Carbon-Carbon Composites

(D.Nagle, presiding)

"Fiber/Matrix Interface"

Role of the Interface and Matrix Structure in the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of CIC Composites

K.Lafdi, A.Chin, C.Bourgette

Modification of the Fibre-Matrix Bonding in a Brittle Carbon-Carbon Composite by Controlled Oxidation

C.Ahearn, B.Rand

Polysiloxane Carbon Fibre Coatings for the Production of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbons with Phenolic Resin as Matrix Precursor

K.-M.Beinborn, K.J.Huttinger

Phenolic Resin Carbon Fibre Coatings for the Production of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbons with Phenolic as Matrix Precursor

M.Muller, K.-M.Beinborn, K.J.Huttinger

Influence of Surface Energetics on the Development of Microstructure in Carbon/Carbon Composites

T.L.Dhami, O.P.Bahl, S.Dhakate

D3 - Reactivity and Gasification

(E.Suuberg, presiding)

On the Kinetics of NO Reduction over Carbon

J.M.Calo, E.M.Suuberg

NO and N2O Decomposition on Activated Carbon

J.Rodriguez-Mirasol, J.R.Pels, F.Kapteijn, J.A.Moulijn

Catalyzed Graphite - NOx Reactions Studied by STM and AFM

X.Chu, L.D.Schmidt

NO Reduction by Activated Carbon. Catalysis by Transition Metals

M.J.Illan-Gomez, A.Linares-Solano, C.Salinas-Martinez de Lecea

A Study on the Carbon/NO Reaction by Using C- and NO-isotopes

H.Orikasa, T.Suzuki, T.Kyotani, A.Tomita, R.R.Martin

D4 - Student Competition

(E.A. Heintz, presiding)

Analysis of the Spinnability of Mesophase Pitch

A.P.Becklund, V.Vemparala, D.D.Edie

Control of Microstructure in Spinning of Mesophase Pitch Fibers

B.Fathollahi, J.L.White

Research on Carbon Fiber of Mesophase Pitch

X.Fan, Z.Shen, W.Chi

Quantification of Structure for High Thermal Conductivity Fibers

K.E.Robinson, D.D.Edie

Strength of Carbon Fibers with Various Gauge Lengths and the Optimum Weibull Moduli

L.Ma, G.Sines



Catalytic Graphitization of Glassy Carbon Matrix in Boron Doped Carbon/Carbon Composites

C.Li, B.Ma, X.Huo, Z.Hao

The Thermal-Press Process for Making 2D C-C Composites

H.Cui, J.Su, J.Wang

Mechanical Behavior of Carbon-Carbon Composites

X.Zhu, Z.Yang, Q.Zhao, H.Li, M.Kang

The Effect of Pitch Air-blowing on the Microstructure and Properties of C/C Composites

R.Menendez, J.J.Fernandez, A.Figueiras, C.Blanco, J.Bermejo, J.Bonhomme, J.Belzunce

Structure and Properties of Carbon Black/Pitch Based Matrices in C/C Composites

R.Menendez, J.J.Fernandez, A.Figueiras, C.Blanco, J.Bermejo, J.Bonhomme, J.Belzunce

Further Studies of the Oxidation Resistance of Carbon-Carbon Composites Prepared by Liquid Phase Impregnation/Carbonization

S.Kokenes, P.A.Thrower, L.R.Radovic


A Morphological Investigation of a Conductive Polymer Composite Resettable Fuse Using Voitage Contrast SEM

A.P.Burden, W.Guo, J.L.Hutchison

Processing and Mechanical Properties of Oxide-Carbon Composites

A.Mirhabibi, B.Rand, D.Hind

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Aluminum Alloys Matrix, the Study of Thermal Expansion and Mechanical Properties by Finite Element Method

V.Martin, F.J.Narciso-Romero, C.Garcia-Cordovilla, E.Louis


Solid State 13C NMR Characterization of Partially Carbonized Pitches and Coals

M.M.Maroto-Valer, J.M.Andresen, C.E.Snape


Control of Mesophase Pitch Properties by Supercritical Fluid Extraction

F.Dauche, G.Bolanos, M.Thies

Fabrication of Fine Grained Carbon/Graphite from Mesophase Microbeads

B.Rand, D.N.Ting


Monolithic Microporous Carbon for Gas Storage

X.Chen, B.McEnaney


Iron Catalyzed Reactivity of Carbon Anodes for Aluminum Electrolysis

T.Eidet, J.Thonstad, M.Sorlie

Substitutional Boron in Carbon Oxidation: Inhibitor or Catalyst?

M.Karra, R.J.Zaldivar, G.S.Rellick, P.A.Thrower, L.R.Radovic


The Effect of Coke Quality in the Production of SiC

F.J.Narciso-Romero, P.Santa-Blasco


Deactivation of ASC Carbon Upon Adsorption of Cyanogen Chloride

E.Biron, R.Stavisky

Preparation and Properties of Pitch Based Activated Carbon Spheres

L.Liu, W.Qiao, K.WL.Ling, Y.Matsmura, S.Wang

Study of Wood Carbonization and Graphitization Process Using Chemicals and High Press

I.Souma, K.Niwa, K.Yamaguti, Y.Nakayama

Carbonization and Surface Characteristics of T-Irradiated Bamboo Cellulose

Y.Nakayama, Y.Koezuka, H.Yamasaki, K.Fujita, K.Hosokawa

Carbonization and Surface Characteristics of γ-Irradiated Polyphenylene Ether and Nylon-MXD6

Y.Nakayama, K.Hori, K.Ishihara, T.Umemura, K.Hoskawa

Modification of Fiber Carbon Materials for Improvement of Their Capacity to Remove Sulphur Compounds from Gas-Air Mixtures

S.S.Stavitskaya, V.I.Davydov

Equilibria and Kinetics of Hydrocarbons Adsorption from Water Solutions by Active Carbons

N.A.Eltekova, Yu.A.Eltekova

HPLC Study of Adsorption Thermodynamics on Carbon


Structures and Properties of Microporous Carbon Films

M.Sato, K.Yamamoto, K.Kaneko

Chars from Low Rank Coal Hydropyrolysis in Swept Fixed Bed Reactor

A.M.Mastral, M.J.Perez-Surio, M.S.Callen, R.Murillo

Influences of Preparation Conditions of ACF on Catalytic Activity for SO2 Removal

J.-Y.Kim, I.Hong, J.G.Lee

Benzene Adsorption on Microporous Carbons of Controlled Structural Properties

K.P.Gadkaree, J.Choma, M.Jaroniec

Evaluation of the Specific Surface Area and Total Porosity of Active Carbons by Thegravimetry

D.Pan, M.Jaroniec, J.Klinik

Adsorption and Desorption of H20 over Activated Carbon Fibers

Y.Kawabuchi, S.Kawano, I.Mochida

Surface Modification of Activated Carbon Cloth - Influence on Metal Ions Adsorption

M.Polovina, B.Babic, B.Kaludjerovic, S.Stojanovic

The Characteristics of Cu-Cr-Ag Impregnated Carbonaceous Adsorbents

H.Jin, S.Y.Jeong, J.K.Suh, O.Y.Kwon, S.-J.Park, J.M.Lee, S.-K.Ryu

Characteristic Comparison of PAN- and Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers Activated with Carbon Dioxide

B.B.Park, Y.S.Lee, H.B.Shim, S.-K.Ryu, B.-S.Rhee

Meso and Macroporosity Evolution of Activated Carbons from Eucalyptus Wood

N.Tancredi, J.J.Rodriquez, T.Cordero

Activation of Eucalyptus Wood Char: Pyrolysis Temperature and Previous Operation Conditions Influence

N.Tancredi, J.J.Rodriquez, T.Cordero

Elimination of Copper Ion From its Dilute Solution by Activated Carbon Fiber Under Applied Electrical Potentials

I.Tomizuka, A.Miyazaki, M.Okamoto, T.Meguro, A.Chiba

Removal of Chromium (VI) from Wastewater with a Packed Bed of Activated Carbon Fibers

S.K.Ryu, J.W.Shim, H.H.Jung, W.Z.Oh, C.H.Jung

Adsorption of Chromium Ions in Decontamination Liquid Waste on Activated Carbon Fibers

C.H.Jung, H.H.Jung, W.Z.Oh, S.-K.Ryu, B.S.Rhee

Contact of H2SO4 Solutions with Activated Carbon. A Study of the Samples

V.Gomez-Serrano, M.Acedo-Ramos, A.J.Lopez-Peinado

Composites Based on Porous Modified Carbon Fibres and Mineral Adsorbents, Their Properties and Applications

V.I.Davydov, S.Stavitskaya, N.V.Gerasimenko, T.P.Petrenko, S.G.Korvyakov

Characterization of the Microporous Structure of Synthetic Active Carbons by S.A.X.S.

N.Cohaut, A.Bagreev, J.M.Guet

Analysis of the N2/77 K and CO2/273 K Adsorption Data of Activated Carbons by the Simplex Flexible Method

A.Marcilla-Gomis, A.N.Garcia-Contes, J.M.Martin-Martinez

An Improved Method for Evaluating the Active Surface Area of Solid Carbons

C.A.Leon y Leon,D.

Effects of Activated Carbon Surface Groups on the Adsorption of Nitrobenzene and Aniline

I.F.Silva, L.R.Radovic

Efficiency of Organic Vapor Fiitering Half Mask Against Acetone as a Function of the Air Flow Pattern

M.Jovasevic, B.Stojanovic, M.Polovina, B.Kaludjerovic


Influence of the Surface Characteristics of Activated-Carbon Supports on the Dispersion of Deposited Palladium and Platinum

M.Gurrath, T.Kuretzky, H.P.Boehm, L.O.Okhlopkova, A.S.Lisitsyn, V.A.Likholobov

Catalytic Activity of Surface Modified PAN-ACF for the Dehydrochlorination of 1,2-Dichloroethane

I.Mochida, C.Sotowa, Y.Watanabe, S.Yatsunami

The Ability of Pitch Based Activated Carbon Fiber to Remove SO2

I.Mochida, K.Kuroda, Y.Kawabuchi, S.Kawano, Y.Matsumura, M.Yoshikawa

Surface and Adsorption Characterisics of Activated Carbon Fibers Treated with Ozone in Aqueous Solutions

C.G.Kim, J.K.Lee, S.-K.Ryu, O.S.Yoon


Dynamics of Surface Oxygen Complexes During Carbon Gasification with Oxygen

Q.Zhuang, T.Kyotani, A.Tomita

Modeling of Kinetics of Carbon Pore Structure Formation by Steam Activation

A.Bagreev, Yu.Tarasenki, A.Ledovskikh

TG-MS Study of Several Graphite Oxides in Helium and Hydrogen

C.Hontoria-Lucas, M.L.Rojas-Cervantes, R.M.Martin-Aranda, F.Carrasco-Marin, J.D.Lopez-Gonzales, A.J.Lopez-Peinado

Influence of Coal Rank and Air Preoxidation upon Char Reactivity

J.J.Pis, G.de la Puente, E.Fuente, A.Moran, J.M.Rivas

Study by Thermal Analysis (TG-MS, DTA) of Carbothermal Reduction of SiC from Rice Husks Catalyzed by Fe, Co or Ni

F.J.Narciso-Romero, F.Rodriquez-Reinoso, F.Kapteijn, B.Linde

Effect of NH3 Treatment on the Catalytic Oxidation of Carbon Catalysed by Cu and Mo

M.C.Palma, I.F.Silva, P.Lodewyckx, L.S.Lobo

Carbon Oxidation Catalysed by the Eutectic Alloy MoO3-V2O5, In Situ X-ray Diffraction Versus Kinetics

M.C.Palma, I.F.Silva, L.S.Lobo

The Relationship Between the Microporosity of Cokes and Their Resistance and Carboxyreactivity

J.Medek, Z.Weishauptova

E1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(N.Eltekova and P.Reucroft, presiding)

"Liquid Phase Adsorption - I"

Interaction of Graphitic Carbons With Sulphur Containing Compounds


Selective Adsorption of Platinum and Mercury Compounds on Graphitic Carbons


Activated Carbon Adsorbents for the Removal of Chromium from Aqueous Solutions

R.C.Bansal, D.Aggarwal, B.C.Kaistha

Electrochemical and Chemical Sorption of Lithium Ions onto Activated Carbons from Aqueous Solution

A.Seron, H.Benaddi, E.Frackowiak, F.Beguin

Adsorption of Tannic acid and Gallic Acid by Active Carbons

R.C.Bansal, M.Goyal, B.Randhawa

F1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(J.Byrne and M.Jagtoyen, presiding)

"Activated Carbon Synthesis - II"

Micropore Size Distributions of Activated Carbons Prepared with Carbon Dioxide and Steam

M.T. Gonzalez, A.Sepulveda-Escribano, M.Molina-Sabio, F.Rodriguez-Reinoso

Selective Porosity Development by Calcium Catalyzed Carbon Gasification

D.Ribes-Perez, M.C.Roman-Martinez, D.Cazorla-Amoros, A.Linares-Solano

Effects of Silicon Carbide Formation on the True Density of a Biomass Carbon


Steam and CO2 Activation of Bituminous Coal in a Fluidized Bed Reactor

B.Serrano-Talavera, M.J.Munoz-Guillena, A.Linares-Solano, C.Salinas-Martinez de Lecea

Characterization of Pore Structure of Turkish Coals and Their Chars Obtained by Carbonizations and CO2 Activation

I.G. Senel, H.Yucel, G.Guruz

Porous Carbon Prepared from Polymer Blend Films

H.Hatori, Y.Yamada, Y.Iimura, M.Shiraishi, T.Kimura

"Gas Phase Adsorption"

Adsorption Mechanism of Supercritical Methane

K.Murata, K.Kaneko

Radon Adsorption in Activated Carbon by Open and Closed Systems

H.Nagao, Y.Nakayama, T.Sasanaga, Y.Okada, E.Tanaka, K.Hosokawa

E2 - Reactivity and Gasification

(F.Kapteijn, presiding)

Influence of Nitrogen Content of Carbons on their Autoxidation Behavior

J.Spengler, H.P.Boehm

Thermodynamic Consideration on Oxidation of Carbon/B4C/SiC/ZrB2 Composite in Moist Air at Elevated Temperature

H.Sano, Y.Uchiyama, K.Kobayashi

Effect of Activated Carbon as Support of Palladium Catalysts for the Hydrogenolysis of CCL2F2 (CFC-12) into CH2F2 (HFC-32)

A.Wiersma, E.J.A.X. van de Sandt, H.van Bekkum, M.Makkee, J.A.Moulijn

Effect of Iron on the Evolution of Nitrogen Species During the Combustion of Model Carbons

Q.Zhu, K.A.Grant, K.M.Thomas

Carbon Oxidation Mechanisms: Examples of Macroscopic Complementarity Principle?

L.R.Radovic, M.Karra, K.Skokova

F2 - Carbon-Carbon Composites

(B.Sullivan, presiding)

"C/C Composite Property"

Structure and Properties of Carbon Foams Derived from Pitch and Phenolic Precursors

J.W.Hager, A.K.Roy, D.P.Anderson

Improving Method Of Thermal Anisotropy of Carbon/Carbon Composite

H.B.Shim, Y.S.Lee, B.B.Park, B.-S.Rhee

The Addition of Inorganic Compounds on the Matrix Microstructure and Shear Strength of C/C Composites

E.Yasuda, Y.Hotta, S.M.Park, J.Ariyoshi, T.Akatsu, Y.Tanabe

Matrix Carbon Characteristics in Relation to the Strength of Pitch Based Carbon-Carbon Composites

P.D.Matzinos, J.W.Patrick, A.Walker

Effective Stiffness of Microcracked Components in 3D Carbon-Carbon Composites


Implementation of Statistical Methods in Analysis of 3D C/C Composite Mechanical Properties

H.Weisshaus, O.Bialik

Carbon-Carbon Composites made of High Modulus Graphite Fibres

S.Blazewicz, J.Blocki, J.Chlopek, J.Godlewski, J.Michalowski, M.Stodulski

E3 - Vapor-Deposited Carbons

(J.Hager, presiding)

Nickel Coated Carbon Filaments for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

X.Shui, D.D.L.Chung

Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers for Electromagnetic Scattering and Absorption

R.L.Jacobsen, M.L.Lake, T.Resetar-Racine, R.W.Alexander, Jr.

Thin Paper Based on Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber

J.R.Guth, D.W.Hart, J.-M.Ting

Improved Form of Vapor-Grown Carbon Fiber


Processing of VGCF-Thermoplastic Composites with Aligned Extruded Tapes

D.Dutta, M.Husband, D.Ciminelli, J.W.Hager

F3 - Vapor-Deposited Carbons

(G.G.Tibbetts, presiding)

Mechanical Properties of Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Composites

J.-M.Ting, J.R.Guth

Chemistry and Kinetics of Pyrocarbon Deposition in the Low Temperature Regime

A.Becker, K.J.Hüttinger

Formation of Highly-Oriented Graphite Film by Chemical Vapor Deposition Method

M.Yudasaka, R.Kikuchi, T.Matsui, Y.Ohki, E.Ota, S.Yoshimura

Behaviour of Iron and Iron-Cobalt Catalysts During Carbon Filament Deposition

S.Herreyre, P.Gadelle, J.M.M.Millet, P.Moral, G.A.Martin

Evidence of sp3 Bonding in Vapor Grown Carbon Fibers

D.P.Anderson, J.-M.Ting, M.L.Lake, R.L.Alig

Preparation of Vapor-Grown Biomimetic Carbon Fibers with Fractal-Root Structure

H.M.Cheng, G.B.Zhen, Z.H.Shen, R.H.Zhang, B.L.Zhou

The Production of Carbon fibers from Light Paraffins in the Gas Phase

S.R.Mukai, T.Masuda, T.Harada, K.Hashimoto

Growing Carbon Fibers with an Improved Gas Formulation Containing Ammonia

G.C.Tibbetts, R.L.Alig, D.W.Gorkiewicz

E4 - Student Competition

(K.C. Krupinski, presiding)

Carbon Fibres from Succinic Acid Modified PAN Precursor

J.Mittal, R.B.Mathur, O.P.Bahl, P.Sivaram

In-Situ and Ambient 1H NMR Relaxation Measurements on Thermally-Treated Coal and Pitch

J.M.Andersen, M.M.Maroto-Valer, C.E.Snape

Elastic Behavior of Mesophase Pitch

O.Fleurot, D.D.Edie, J.J.McHugh

Kinetics of Mesophase Formation from Petroleum and Coal Derived Pitches

P.M.Khandare, J.W.Zondlo, A.H.Stiller, P.G.Stansberry

Anodic Oxidation of Graphite in ZnCl2 - Aqueous Solutions

J.Mittal, R.B.Mathur, O.P.Bahl, P.Sivaram

F4 - Student Competition

(R.T.K.Baker, presiding)

CO/CO2 Ratio in the Products of the Carbon-Oxygen Reaction

K.Skokova, L.R.Radovic

Hydrogen Inhibition in Steam Gasification of Saran and Coal Char

M.G.Lussier, Z.Zhand, D.J.Miller

Subsequent Reactivity of Coal Char in the Presence of Bimetallic Catalysts

D.Tandon, E.J.Hippo

Soot Oxidation Catalyzed by a Cu/K/Mo/Cl Catayst: Evaluation of the Chemistry and Performance of the Ca

G.Mul, J.P.A.Neeft, F.Kapteijn, M.Makkee, J.A.Moulijn

Interaction of Surface Oxidized Carbon Fibres with High-Temperature Thermoplastics

U.Zielke, W.P.Hoffman, K.J.Hüttinger

Carbonized Wood - A Precursor for Advanced Ceramics

C.Byrne, D.C.Nagle

Carbon Filaments as a Conductive Additive in MnO2 Electrodes

C.A.Frysz, X.Shui, D.D.L.Chung

Wednesday, July 19

G1 - Surface Science

(A.Groszek, presiding)

The Effect of Char "Age" as Revealed by Thermal Desorption Spectra

W.Lu, J.M.Calo

XPS Study on the Evolution of Nitrogen Functionalities in Chars Prepared from Model Compounds

F.Kapteijn, J.-R.Pels, J.A.Mouiijn, Q.Zhu, K.M.Thomas

High Surface Area Silicon Carbide as Catalyst Support

R.Moene, Th.Vergunst, M.Makkee, J.A.Moulijn

Crotonaldehyde Hydrogenation over Bimetallic Pt-Sn Catalysts Supported on Pregraphitized Carbon Black

F.Coloma, A.Sepulveda-Escribano, F.Rodriguez-Reinoso

Catalytic Dehydrochiorination of 1,2-Dichloroethane into Vinyl Chloride over PAN-ACF

I.Mochida, C.Sotowa, Y.Watanabe, S.Yatsunami

Texture Effect in Activated Carbon Based HDS Catalysts

J.Laine, F.Severino, M.Labady, S.Yunes

Catalytic Properties of Polymer-Pyrolyzed Active Carbons in Redox Reactions

S.V.Mikhalovsky, Yu.P.Zaitsev, V.M.Lukianchuk, V.B.Volkov, V.A.Zazhigalov, A.M.Puziy

G2 - Carbon Fibers

(J.NewelI, presiding)

Diamagnetism of Pitch-based Carbon Fibers

K.Kawamura, T.Katsuramaki

Diffusion of Oxygen Into Pitch

L.S.Singer, S.Mitchell

The Stabilization of Large Diameter Mesophase Pitch Fibers in Pure Oxygen at Low Temperature

Y.Lu, L.Liu, Q.Zha, W.Dong, Y.Matsumura, S.Wang

Density Changes in Carbon Fibers Induced by Hot Stretching

D.H.Isaac, S.Ozbek

Effect of the Adhesion Between Carbon Fibers with Non-Circluar Cross Sections and SiC Coating on Their Mechanical Properties and Oxidation Durability

G.Emig, N.Popovska, B.-S.Rhee, D.D.Edie

High Thermal Conductivity Panels from Mesophase Pitch Fibers

J.B.Barr, D.H.Hecht, C.D.Levan

Surface Characterization of Circular and Ribbon Shaped Carbon Fibers

M.C.Paiva, C.A.Bernardo, J.McHugh, D.D.Edie

G3 - Fullerenes and Nanotubes

(I.Mochida, presiding)

Formation of Carbon Nano-Tube by Using Anodic Alumina Film as Template

T.Kyotani, L.Tsai, A.Tomita

Evidence for Glide and Rotation Defects Observed in Well-Ordered Graphite Fibers (VGCF)

M.Endo, K.Takeuchi, K.Takahashi, K.Oshida, M.S.Dresselhaus, G.Dresselhaus

Atomic Structure of Coiled Carbon Nanotubes


Resistivity of Samples Containing Nanotubes

R.Heyd, A.Charlier, E.McRae, J.F.Mareche, M.F.Charlier

Electrical Resistivity of a Carbon Nanotube

L.Langer, V.Bayot, J.-P.Issi, L.Stockman, C.VanHaesendonck, Y.Bruynseraede, J.P.Heremans, C.H.Olk

Nanotubes: Bending and Filling

R.S.Ruoff, D.C.Lorents, R.Laduca, S.Awadalla, S.Weathersby, K.Parvin, S.Subramoney

G4 - Industrial Applications and Products

(G.R. Romanoski, presiding)

Conducting Polymer - Carbon Black Composites

W.A.Wampler, C.Wei, S.Basak, K.Rajeshwar

Research and Development on a Petroleum Coke-Water Slurry as a Fuel

K.Yano, K.Tanabe

Electromechanical Wear Properties of MetaVCarbon Composite Sliders

S.Kubo, H.Tsuchiya, K.Kato

Effect of Carbonizing Temperatures on Charcoal Properties as Advanced Materials

S.Ishihara, K.Nishimiya, K.Yamane, I.Ide

Statistical Strength of CVD PyC


Microstructural Observation of Pure Pyrolytic Carbons for Heart Valves

J.L.Kaae, J.L.Ely, A.D.Haubold, A.S.Schwartz

Development of Low Surface Area Char for Cleanup of Incinerator Flue Gas

A.A.Lizzo, J.A.DeBarr, C.W.Kruse

H1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(W.Klose and J.Patrick, presiding)

"Applications of Activated Carbon"

Non-Linear Kinetics of Sorption of Oxygen and Nitrogen Mixtures in Carbon Molecular Sieves

Y.Trifonov, T.Golden

Mercury and Sulfur Dioxide Sorption on Carbons from Low-Rank Coals

E.S.Olson, B.C.Young, R.C.Timpe

The Influence of Humidity on the Adsorption Capacity for Organic Vapours of an Activated Carbon: A Mathematical Model

P.Lodewyckx, J.Beirlant

Assessment of Catalyst-Containing Coal - Water Slurry Formulations

G.Saha, K.B.Bota, G.M.K.Abotsi

I1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(G.Kimber and A.Linares-Solano, presiding)

"Activated Carbon Fibers - I"

Dimensional Change of Isotropic Pitch-based Fiber During Activation

D.Gondy, D.D.Edie, P.Ehrburger

Ribbon-like Activated Carbon Fibers

Y.Q.Fei, F.Derbyshire

Characterization of Pitch-based Carbon Fibres

T.J.Mays, J.Howell, L.King, B.McEnaney, D.D.Edie

A Comparative Study on Activation Rate of Activated Carbon Fibers

Y.Q.Fei, F.Derbyshire

Study on the Pitch-Based Activated Carbon Fibers

Q.Chang, T.Liu, X.Cai

Methane Storage in Activated Carbon Fibers

J.Alcaniz-Monge, D.Cazorla-Amoros, A.Linares-Solano, A.Oya

Carbon Composites from PreActivated Carbon Fibers

G.M.Kimber, F.J.Derbyshire, M.Jagtoyen, Y.Q.Fei

Modification of Pores Over Molecular Sieving Carbon and Activated Carbon Fiber

Y.Kawabuchi, S.Kawano, I.Mochida

H2 - Mesophase Processing and Properties

(R.T.Lewis, presiding)

Optical Texture Characterization of Calcined Petroleum Cokes by Image Analysis

S.M.Zeng, S.Eser

Micro-Structural Study of Commercial Needle Cokes

S.-H.Yoon, Y.Korai, I.Mochida

Evaluation of Coker Feedatocks by Quantifying the Fine Mosaic Texture in Laboratory-Produced Coke

T.Hiroshima, T.Tano, O.Fujinaka, K.Higashi, T.Oyama, E.Kitajima

Relationships Between Molecular Composition of FCC Decant Oils and Mesophase Development

Y.Liu, S.Eser

I2 - Carbon Fibers

(D.Edie, presiding)

A Series of Axial Nano-scale Microstructures In the Graphitized Fiber Inherited from Liquid Crystal Mesophase Pitch

I.Mochida, S.-H.Yoon, Y.Korai, K.Yokogawa, S.Fukuyama, M.Yoshimura

An Initial Evaluation of Poly(Vinylacetylene) as A Carbon Fibre Precursor

A.Mavinkurve, S.Visser, A.J.Pennings

A Kinetic Model for the Carbonization of PBO Fiber

J.A.Newell, D.D.Edie, E.L.Fuller, Jr.

Characterization and Ion Incorporation of Electrosynthesized Carbonaceous Fibers

B.K.Chinh, M.J.Shane, M.J.Sailor

Fiber Formation from Coal Tar Pitch Modified with P-Benzoquinone

D.J.Lee, C.Kim, K.S.Yang

AR Mesophase Pitch Prepared by Co-Carbonization of Methyl-Naphthalene and Naphthalene with Aid of HF/BF3 as Catalyst

S.-H.Yoon, H.Oka, N.Takano, Y.Korai, I.Mochida, T.Kojima, M.Komatsu

Preparation of Carbon Fibers Derived from Quinoline & Isoquinoline Pitches by the Aid of HF/BF3

K.H.An, Y.Korai, I.Mochida, T.Yoshimura

The Tensile Failure Mechanism of Carbon Fibers

Z.Xu, H.Liu, Y.Su, H.Zhang

H3 - Fullerenes and Nanotubes

(J.-P.Issi, presiding)

The Carbonization Behavior of Fullerenes

I.Mochida, M.Egashira, K.Dakeshita, S.-H.Yoon, Y.Korai

Characterization of Electrode Deposits Formed During the Carbon-Arc Evaporation of Graphite

J.M.Jones, R.P.Malcolm, K.M.Thomas, S.H.Bottrell

Enhanced Magnetic Properties in Cobalt-doped Carbon Nanotubes

K.Lafdi, A.Chin, N.Ali, E.Daguerre, J.F.Despres

Novel Nanoparticles of Carbon

S.Subramoney, J.G.Lavin, R.S.Ruoff, D.C.Lorents, R.Malhotra

I3 - Physics, including Graphitization

(J.Kaae, presiding)

Diamagnetic Susceptibility of Rhombohedral Graphite

K.Kawamura, M.Iwamoto

Negative Magnetoresistance and Thermoelectric Power of Pyrocarbon

K.Matsubara, Y.Sakurai, K.Kawamura, T.Tsuzuku, K.Sugihara

Negative Magnetoresistance Along the c- and a-Axes of Pyrocarbon - Theory


c-axis Magnetoresistance of Graphite

K.Sugihara, Y.Sakurai, T.Tsuzuku

Anomalous Galvanomagnetic Properties of Kish Graphite at 77 K

Y.Kaburagi, Y.Hishiyama

Superconducting Proximity Effect in Nb/KG Complex Films


Energy of Diamond and Graphite Nanoparticles


H4 - Composites: Matrices other than Carbon

(J. Glatz, presiding)

Interfacial Effects in Ultra-High Modulus Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers/Polycarbonate Composites

M.C.Paiva, M.Nardin, C.A.Bernardo, J.Schultz

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Bismaleimide Composites

J.R.Lee, S.-J.Park, H.Jin, S.-K.Ryu, M.C.Paiva

Low-Drying-Shrinkage Concrete Containing Carbon Fibers and Its Applications in Structure Repair

P.-W.Chen, X.Fu, D.D.L.Chung

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete as an Intrinsically Smart Concrete for Damage Assessment During Dynamic Loading

P.-W.Chen, D.D.L.Chung

I4 - Composites: Matrices other than Carbon

(J. Glatz, presiding)

Mesostructure and Conductivity of Carbon Black Filled Polymers

P.Hanusse, T.Meraoumia, F.Carmona

Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Ceramics Composites by CVI

Y.S.Lee, H.J.Yang, S.K.Ryu, B.-S.Rhee, G.Emig, N.Poppvska

Carbon/Silicon Carbide Multilayers to be Used as Interface

C.Broillard, X.Bourrat, R.Naslain

Carbon Fiber Polymer-Matrix Composites as Strain and Damage Sensors

X.Wang, D.D.L.Chung

Industrial Applications and Products

(T.D. Burchell, presiding)

Rheological Characterization of Standard and Cut-Back Anode Pitches

M.Eie, M.Sorlie, K.Torklep

Influence of Additives on the Viscosity of Coal Tar Pitch and Pitch/Filler-Mixtures for Soderberg Electrodes

J.O.Roszinski, A.Vatland, M.Dastol, K.J.Hüttinger

Interfaces Between Coke Constituents

C.Barriocanal, S.Hanson, J.W.Patrick, A.Walker

Investigation of the Physical Properties of Pennsylvania Anthracities

S.M.Zeng, F.Rusinko, Jr., H.H.Schobert, D.P.Struble, W.A.Nystrom

Thursday, July 20

J1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(C.Kruse and L.Radovic, presiding)

"Activated Carbon Fibers - II"

Preparation and Evaluation of Deodorant Activated Carbon Fiber

M.Nakahara, Y.Abe, A.Oya, R.Imamura, D.Cazorla-Amoros, C.Salinas-Martinez de Lecea

Treatment of Basic Dye Wastes with Activated Carbon Fabrics


Oxidation/Desorption Treatment of Carbon to Enhance Its Adsorptive/Catalytic Properties

C.W.Kruse, A.A.Lizzio, C.A.Feizoulof, J.A.DeBarr, M.Fatemi

TPD of Activated Carbon Materials for Catalytic Applications

J.L.Figueiredo, J.J.M.Orfao, M.M.A.Freitas, M.F.R.Pereira

Role of Structural Nitrogen in Red-Ox Processes on Surface of Active Carbons


J2 - Carbon-Carbon Composites

(J.Sheehan, presiding)

"Oxidation Protection"

Oxidation Inhibited BCx: Chemistry and Structure

C.T. Hach, S.E.Hill, L.E.Jones

Effects of Boron Doping and Boron Coating on Oxidation Behavior of Carbon-Carbon Composite

K.Kobayashi, K.Nakayama, H.Sano, Y.Uchiyama

Phase Changes in Polymeric Precursor Oxidation Protection Coatings for Carbon-Carbon

D.P.Anderson, A.S.Gurney

Antioxidation of Carbon/Carbon Composite by a Coupling of SiC Gradient with Zircon Overcoating

O.Yamamoto, T.Sasmoto, M.Inagaki

Kinetics and Mechanisms for Oxidation of Carbon/Carbon Composite Materials by Water Vapor (800°-1300°C)

E.L.Fuller,Jr., J.P.Strizak, M.R.Rogers

J3 - Carbonization Chemistry

(R.A.Greinke, presiding)

Reaction of Coal Tar Pitch with p-Benzoquinone and Its Carbonization

K.S.Yang, C.Kim, J.H.Choi, H.Kumagai, Y.Sanada

Thermal Analysis Studies of the Cure Behavior of the Resin Binder in a Carbonaceous Cement

O.L.Adrianowycz, R.T.Lewis

Synthesis of Highly Oxidative Stable Carbon Materials from Boron Containing Polydyne Precursor

T.C.Chung, M.Chasmawala, R.Hu

Multi-Staged Carbonization of Aramid Fibers

S.H.Yoon, B.-C.Kim, Y.Korai, I.Mochida

Textural Analogy Between Boron Nitride Whites and Thermal Carbon Blacks

K.Lafdi, A.Oberlin

J4 - Battery Applications for Carbons

(G.Blomgren, presiding)

The Carbon-Lithium Negative Electrode: An Outstanding Electrochemical Behaviour

R.Yazami, M.Deschamps

Lithium Storage Behavior for Various Kinds of Carbon as Negative Electrode of Lithium Ion Batteries

M.Endo, T.Takahashi, I.Rahim, A.Takamuku, J.Nakamura

Characteristics of Disordered Carbon Materials as Negative Electrodes for Lithium Secondary Batteries

Y.Takahashi, H.Sakamoto, J.Ohishi, K.Kanno, Y.Miki, T.Higashiizumi, M.Yoshimura, K.Shibahara

Lithium Intercalation into Carbons Made From Commercial Precursors

R.S.McMillan, Z.X.Shu, J.J.Murray, I.Davidson

Designer Carbons as Potential Anodes for Lithium Secondary Batteries

R.E.Winans, K.A.Carrado, P.Thiyagarajan, G.Sandi, J.E.Hunt, G.W.Zajac



Studies on "Mesophase" - Pitch-based Carbon Fibers Heat-Treated at 3200° C by Field Emission GunType Scanning Electron Microscope

A.Yoshida, Y.Hishiyama

SEM Observations of Thermal Oxidation Protection of Carbon Fiber by Phosphoric Acid Coating

D.Cho, H.S.Ha, Y.S.Lim, B.I.Yoon

High Temperature Thermal and Mechanical Properties of High Tensile Carbon Single Filaments

P.Delhaes, M.Trinquecoste, J.L.Carlier, A.Derre, P.Chadeyron

A Rapid Test for Measuring the Oxidation Resistance of Carbon Fibers


Influence of Surface Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Pitch-based Carbon Fibers and CFRP

H.Tadokoro, H.Kimura, K.Kubomura


Structure Characterization of Carbon-Carbon Composite Components by Electron Spin Resonance

A.S.Kotosonov, S.A.Kupriyanov, A.P.Kaznacheev

A Preliminary Investigation on Quantitative Evaluation of the Interfacial Bond Properties in Carbon-Carbon Composites

J.S.Wang, Y.D.Huang, G.W.Huang, Z.H.Xu, C.L.Yang, T.G.Wang

Carbon Fiber Carbon Composites for Catalyst Supports

J.W.Klett, T.D.Burchell

A New High Property Thermal Insulation in High Temperature

H.Deng, X.Huo, B.Ma, Z.Hao

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Carbon-Carbon Composites Using Pulsed Video Thermography

D.T.Marx, R.P.Brady, M.R.Kulkarni

Relation of Fiber Contact Arrays to Carbonization Shrinkage

J.Jortner, S.W.Yurgartis


Improvement of Thermal Oxidation Protection of Surface-Coated Carbon Fiber/Phenolic Towpregs and Composites

D.Cho, H.S.Ha, Y.S.Lim, B.I.Yoon, K.S.Kim

Chemical Resistivity of Some SiC/Graphite Composites in Acidic and Basic Conditions

Y.Nakayama, K.Fujita, E.Kunimoto, K.Okamoto, H.Hirano, K.Hosokawa

Fatigue Behavior of Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK

D.H.Isaac, N.Zhou, W.J.Evans

Comparison of the Effect of an Oxygen Plasma Treatment on Different Types of Carbon Fibers

M.C.Paiva, M.A.Montes-Moran, A.Cuesta, A.Cuesta, A.Martinez-Alons, J.M.D.Tascon, C.A.Bernardo


Porous Surface Layer in Furan Resin-Derived Carbon

E.Yasuda, S.M.Park, T.Akatsu, Y.Tanabe, M.Kakihana

Study of the Behaviour of Petroleum Coke as an Additive in Cokemaking

J.A.Menendez, R.Alvarez, M.A.Diez, M.D.Casal, E.Fuente, J.J.Pis

Effect of Stabilization on Properties and Microstructure of Carbon Films

T.-H.Ko, C.H.Chen


Preparation of Anisotropicflsotropic Pitch and Carbon Fiber from NCC-PFO

M.-S.Kim, J.-S.Hwang, C.-H.Lee, K.-H.Cho, C.-J.Kim, S.-K.Ryu, B.S.Rhee

Modification of Carbonization Properties of Coal Tar Pitch with Quinoline Entrained Supercritical Toluene

C.J.Kim, Y.S.Lee, H.B.Shim, S.-K.Ryu, B.-S.Rhee

Characterization of Coal-Tar Pitch During the Carbonization

Y.S.Lim, I.S.Park, B.I.Yoon


Preparation of Vapor Grown Carbon Fibres by Floating Catalyst Method

X.Chen, A.Li, L.Liu, S.Qian

Local Order and Structural Properties of Carbon-Boron-Nitrogen Solid Solutions

L.Filipozzi, A.Derre, A.Marchand, J.Conard

STM Observations of a Grain Boundary on HOPG

C.Daulan, A.Derre, S.Flandrois, J.C.Roux, H.Saadaoui


Nanotubes' Band Theory

R.Moussaddar, R.Heyd, A.Charlier, M.F.Charlier

The Characterization and Utilization of Fullerene Soot

I.Mochida, M.Egashira, H.Koura, D.-H.Jung, S.-H.Yoon, Y.Korai, J.Crelling

Nanotubes and Naoencapsulates Made the Old-Fashioned Way

P.E.Nolan, J.Jiao, M.J.Schabel, A.H.Cutler, S.Seraphin, D.C.Lynch

Pathways and Kinetics of Polycyclic Carbon Clusters Conversion to Fullerenes

V.A.Schweig, A.L.Alexandrov, Y.N.Morokov, V.M.Bedanov

MINDO/3 Study of Interaction of Small Carbon Clusters

V.A.Schweigert, A.L.AlexandY.N.Morokov, V.M.Bedanov


Dipolar Lattice Energy of KC24(THF)x

A.Charlier, M.F.Charlier, A.Laurent, F.Foureson, R.Setton

A Reaction of Li-Graphite Intercalation Compounds under Gas Atmospheres and TCharacteristic Analysis

W.-C.Oh, S.-J.Cho, Y.-J.Choi, M.-K.Kim, Y.-S.Ko

Temperature Dependence of the Intercalation of Bromine into Pitch-based Fibers

J.R.Gaier, J.R.T.Bunch, W.C.Hardebeck

Optimiztion of the Iron III Chloride Intercalation of Graphite Fibers

J.R.Gaier, J.A.Walker, Y.R.Yoder


Highly Crystallized Graphite Films Prepared by High Temperature Heat Treatment from Carbonized Aromatic Polyimide Films

Y.Kaburagi, Y.Hishiyama

ESR Behavior of Pitch Carbon


The Deformation of Electrode Graphite

N.V.Negutorov, V.G.Artelnykh

Acoustic Properties of Pitch-Carbon Composition

N.V.Negutorov, V.V.Mochalov, V.J.Bondarchuk

Precise Interference Dilatometer for Determination of CTE of Carbon Materials

V.I.Shuvalov, V.V.Mochalov, G.Kh.Tagabilev

Change of the Fractal Dimentions Due to Plasma-Wall Interaction

N.Nishino, M.Tanaka, Fukunaga


Carbon Molecular Sieves Modified by Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin

J.Qiu, B.Qu, X.Wang, S.Guo

Relation Between CTE of Cokes With Their X-ray Diffraction Measurements

B.Huo, X.Pan, M.Teng

Highly Porous Silicon Carbide Produced by Siliconizing Carbon Preforms

Y.Aoki, B.McEnaney

Effect of Type of Tar Oil on the Characteristics of Carbons Based on Mesocarbon Microbeads

G.Bhatia, R.K.Aggarwal, N.Punjabi, O.P.Bahl

Development of High Density Graphite from Pitch-Based SeIf-Sintering Carbon Powder

G.Bhatia, R.K.Aggarwal, O.P.Bahl

High-Temperature Bonding of Parts Made of Carbon and Carbon-Ceramic Materials

G.A.Kravetskii, L.T.Anikin, A.V.Demin, G.Butyrin

Antioxidative Protective Coatings for Carbon Materials

G.A.Kravetskii, V.I.Kostikov, A.V.Demin, V.V.Rodionova, M.I.Yakushin, A.I.Gordeev

To the Problem of Graphite Electrode Consumption during Steel Smelting

G.D.Apalkova, V.V.Mochalov

The Study of Thermal Stresses in Graphite Electrodes Operating in the Electric Arc Steel Furnaces

V.G.Artelnykh, G.D.Apalkova

The Utilization of Indonesian Briquetted Petroleum Coke for Foundry

T.I.Pudiyanto, S.Nurlatifah

Evaporation and Vapour Characterization of Low-PAH Anode Binders

M.Eie, M.Sorlie, H.A.Oye

Correcting the Thread Standards for Graphite Electrodes by Using Equations of Thread Profiles


K1 - Adsorption and Porous Carbons

(R.Bansal and A.Groszek, presiding)

"Liquid Phase Adsorption - II"

Peculiarities of Adsorption of Gold and Silver from Cyanide Solutions

V.V.Strelko, V.V.Dudarenko

Adsorption of Strontium on Carbon-Mineral Adsorbents

A.M.Puziy, V.V.Strelko, N.T.Kartel

Adsorption of Nitro Compounds from Aqueous Solutions on Activated Carbons

P.Aggarwal, K.Misra, S.K.Kapoor, A.K.Bhalla, R.C.Bansal

Adsorption of Phenol by Activated Carbons

B.C.Kaistha, M.Goyal

Adsorption of Human Serum Albumin onto Mesoporous Active Carbon and Carbon Black

S.V.Mikhalovsky, M.P.Levchenko, E.A.Fesenko, R.G.A.Faragher, A.W.Lloyd

K2 - Carbon-Carbon Composites

(W.Shih, presiding)

"C/C Application"

Analysis and Design of Carbon-Carbon Constraining Cores for Thermal Management of Electronic Components

B.J.Sullivan, W.C.Riley

Unidirectional Carbon/Carbon for Ion Engine Optics

D.K.Brown, C.E.Garner, J.Mueller

Friction Performance of a Series of Pitch Matrix Carbon-Carbon Composites

N.Murdie, D.E.Hayes, V.I.Kostikov, V.V.Kulakov

The Effect of Carbon Fiber Heat Treatment on the Frictional Properties of Carbon-Carbon Composites

H.S.Park, J.H.Park, K.S.Kim

Designed Experiment in Anti-Oxidation Systems for Carbon-Carbon Composites

T.B.Walker, L.A.Booker

K3 - Diamond

(Y.Wang, presiding)

Structural Features of Diamond Grown at Lower Temperatures


Diamond Deposition on Thin Paper Based on Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber

J.-M.Ting, J.R.Guth

Highly Oriented Diamond Growth on Silicon Substrates

Y.Wang, J.C.Angus

Diamond Deposited Carbon Materials

J.-M.Ting, M.L.Lake

Adsorption on Modified Synthetic Diamond Powders

V.B.Volkov, G.P.Bogatyreva

K4 - Intercalation

(C.-C.Hung, presiding)

Fabrication of Iron Containing Carbon Materials from Graphite Fluoride


Magnetic Properties of Iron-Bearing Graphite Fibers

R.Ferrante, D.A.Odeens, P.A.Walters, P.D.Hambourger, C.-C.Hung

Optomechanical Switching Using Intercalated Graphite

M.S.Salib, A.Petrou, D.D.L.Chung

Effect of Intercalation on the Ionizing Radiation Shielding of Graphite Fiber Composites

J.R.Gaier, J.R.T.Bunch, M.L.Davidson

Processes and Products of the Reaction Between Graphite Fluoride and a Few Selected Metal Halide Salts


L1 - Surface Science

(R.P.Bansal, presiding)

Analysis of the Atomic-Level Surface Structure of Carbon Black Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

E.B.Sebok, C.R.Herd

Kinetic Study on the H2SO4 Recovery Desulfurization Over PAN-ACF and Its Analysis

I.Mochida, K.Kuroda, S.Kisamori, S.Kawano

Surface Modification of Carbon Fiber by Photosensitizer

T.Yoshikawa, A.Kojima, S.Otani, E.Yasuda, R.Akaba

Reductive Sorption of Noble Metals by Active Carbons

Yu.Tarasenko, A.Bagreev, V.Strelko

Carbons with Specific Adsorptive Ability Towards Hemoglobin

V.V.Strelko, N.Koval, O.N.Bakalinskaya, S.Smorgorghevsky

Immobilization of Amines, Aminoacid & Proteins on the Carbon Surface

O.N.Bakalinskaya, V.V.Strelko, N.M.Koval, N.T.Kartel

L2 - Carbon-Carbon Composites

(R.J.Diefendorf, presiding)

Mesophase Pitches as Matrix Precursors of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbons

V.Liedtke, K.J.Hüttinger

Fabrication of Carbon/Carbon Composites by Press Carbonization

S.-M.Oh, Y.-D.Park

CVI Densification of Carbon-Carbon Composites

Z.Duan, J.Don

Kinetic Modeling of Isothermal CVI Process

W.C.Choi, I.H.Oh, K.S.Kim

Pyrocarbon Infiltration by Pulse-CVI

X.Bourrat, P.Dupel, R.Pailler, R.Naslain

Carbon-Carbon Composites by Pulse Vapor Infiltration

H.D.Park, H.J.Jeong, M.S.Kim, J.D.Lee

Forced Flow-Thermal Gradient Chemical Vapor Infiltration for Carbon-Carbon Composites: Modeling and Experiment

T.L.Starr, W.J.Lackey, S.Vaidyaraman

Rapid Densification of Inductively-Heated Carbon-Carbon by Novel Thermal-Gradient, Isobaric Vapor Infiltration

I.Golecki, R.C.Morris, D.Narasimhan, N.Clements

L3 - Industrial Application and Products

(T.D.Burchell, presiding)

Effects of Oxidation on the Strength of C/C Composites for GT-MHR Control Rods


Recent R & D of C/C Composite Control Rod for HTGRs

S.Ishiyama, M.Eto

Lateral Compressive Strength of Graphite Fuel Elements


Fracture Behavior of Small Flaws in H-451 and IG-11 Graphite


Modelling and Strength of Neutron Irradiated Graphite


Development and Study of the New Russian Carbon-Based Materials for Fusion Application

T.A.Burtseva, I.V.Mazul, N.N.Shipkov, V.A.Sokolov, M.I.Persin, O.K.Chugunov

Characterization of High Thermal Conductivity Carbon Materials

T.Oku, A.Kurumada, T.Sogabe, T.Hiroka

Reduction in Thermal Conductivity Due to Neutron Irradiation

L.L.Snead, T.D.Burchell

L4 - Battery Applications for Carbons

(M.Endo, presiding)

Electrochemical Intercalation of Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite


Improving the Electrochemical Performance of Carbon Filaments by Solvent Cleansing

X.Shui, C.A.Frysz, D.D.L.Chung

Modification of Carbonaceous Materials for Li Ion Batteries

X.Chu, K.Kinoshita

Changes in Electrochemical Behavior of Polymeric Carbon Induced by Varying Heat-Treatment

H.Maleki, C.M.A.Brett, G.M.Jenkins

Low Temperature Carbon Fluoride for High Power Lithium Batteries

P.Hany, R.Yazami, A.Hamwi

Materials Approach to Study Supercapacitor Performance

K.Lafdi, J.Clay

Porous Activated Carbons and Electric Double Layer Capacitance